The American people voted President Donald Trump into the White House with a simple hope: work for our citizens, drain the swamp of career corrupt politicians, stop illegal immigration and regain jobs for American citizens instead of employing China’s people for their benefit.

If you look at the entire picture of voting Americans, Trump won by a landslide of counties.  He lost in heavily welfare-prone democratic strongholds like Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles and Detroit.  But Americans voted for a huge change!

The reasons he won:  the American people grew sick and tired of the media feeding them “fake news”, non-action on illegal immigration, terrorist attacks from Moslem immigrants, senselessness of diversity and chain-migration swamping the country with welfare recipient, $20 trillion debt, deteriorating race relations, forever Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and the unsustainable Obama health care.

Americans hated being forced to absorb endless “refugees” from Africa and the Middle East while U.S. Veterans suffered homelessness, joblessness and drug addiction.  One in six American children face hunger issues while food banks suffer empty shelves.  The once great city of Chicago became a killing zone where African-Americans—out of work, out of wedlock and out of hope—shot each other up at 3,000 gun fights in 2016.

Trump promised to build a wall along the Mexican border to stop $50 billion in drugs and 500,000 annually in illegal aliens. He promised to stop Moslem immigration from terrorist countries.  He promised to replace Obamacare before it suffered bankruptcy.  He promised to bring back jobs from bad trade agreements.

Since Trump began, the mainstream media does everything in its power to degrade, denigrate and insult President Donald Trump.

Morning Joe Scarborough and his sidekick Mika Brzezinski, along with Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and Jonathan Karl commit every kind of journalist bias to embarrass Trump, degrade him and even question his mental balance.

How about the mental acuity of former George W. Bush for lying to the American people about weapons of mass destruction that killed 4,100 of our finest soldiers as well as put another 12,000 of them in various states of wheelchairs and prosthetic legs and arms?    What about his ability to start wars that continue to waste lives in Iraq and Afghanistan to the tune of $5 to $7 trillion?   Anyone ever question the sanity of those choices?

How about importing terrorists via chain-migration and diversity visas that kill our citizens?   Why does our U.S. Congress think it’s okay to use us for collateral damage at the San Bernardino Christmas Party, Orlando Nightclub massacre, Boston Marathon Moslem bombers, St. Cloud knife attacks, Ohio State car killers and New York City Moslem chain migrant running over people on bike paths?    Who maintains our U.S. Congress enjoys better mental balance in the face of such violence that they caused?

We face an opioid drug epidemic killing Americans by the thousands and continue watching $50 billion in drugs arriving across our southern borders from Mexico annually.  But Congress complains about an $18 billion Wall?  What kind of mental imbalance does that illustrate for Senator Charles Schumer of New York or Representative Nancy Pelosi or Senator Mitch McConnell?

Instead of the vitriolic treatment of our president, how about moving Congress to solve America’s problems?   How about solutions and actions to change this country toward betterment of its citizens? How about vacating the Middle East instead of continued death and destruction of our own soldiers?  What about bringing redundant jobs into the inner cities to match the illiteracy rates of the people in the projects?  How about some dignity and paychecks for millions of minority citizens?

What’s going on in the media and government today: toxic, venomous and useless.

Personally, I don’t want any more Moslems imported into this country to kill my friends and family.  I don’t want to see fellow citizens without jobs when everything at Home Depot and Kohl’s and Target Stores arrives from China, India and Bangladesh.  I’m sick of paying out trillions of dollars for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan when that money could be put to work employing our citizens in infrastructure rebuilding.  That same money of $5 to $7 trillion could pay all our health care costs!

What are your two U.S. senators doing?  Mine in Colorado: Corey Gardner (R) and Michael Bennet (D) continue to do NOTHING to stop the drugs and illegals from violating our borders.  They’ve done nothing to push for E-Verify that would stop millions of Mexicans from crashing our borders for jobs by illegal employers.   They’ve done nothing to stop the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  They’ve done nothing to bring jobs back to America.

When I visited their offices in 2013 to bring all immigration down to less than 100,000 annually instead of 1.7 million, they heard my 30-minute presentation, then thanked me, and did nothing!  Oh, correction: Bennet, along with his “Gang of Eight” for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, doubled legal immigration to 2.1 million annually to flood our country even faster with his bill S744.  Did he use any common sense or intelligence to create that amnesty or add THAT many more immigrants?

The actions of Congress and the Federal Justice System show me that a whole bunch of people in Washington DC lack mental balance.  What’s more pathetic: we pay them exorbitant salaries to get absolutely nothing accomplished.

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