The Left is having conniptions over a report by The New York Times that the Trump administration is thinking of adopting a narrower interpretation of “gender” in order to enforce Title IX of the federal Civil Rights Act in a manner befitting rational beings.

They’re having a kazoo over it. “Flagrant acts of evil” by “anti-equality extremists,” they call it: a measure that “seeks to erase the identity of transgender Americans.” This new Cherished Minority, they claim, embraces “1.4 million transgender Americans.” I don’t know who counted them. But if 1.4 million people say they’re Napoleon Bonaparte, does that mean we now have 1.4 million Napoleon Americans?

There is no such thing as “transgender.” There are only deluded persons who say they are transgender.

We should have seen this coming. In all my life, I’ve never seen anything like the fervor with which the Left is promoting “transgender.” As if their very lives depended on it.

Why? What purpose does it serve? Search me.

Back in February, the Minnesota High School League board passed something called the Model Gender Identity Participation in MSHSL. They cited a “study” that claims “more teens identify as transgender” than anybody thought.

“Nearly 3 percent” of teens, the, uh, study claims, “identify” as some sex other than the one they were “assigned at birth.” Assigned? Assigned by whom? Another alleged “survey” sort of “showed” there are more than 80,000 teens in Minnesota’s high schools drinking the transgender Kool-Ade.

Gushes one of the high mucky-mucks involved, “Youth are rejecting this binary thinking” (translation: reality) “and are asking adults to keep up.” I think I’ll pass on that.

And of course it has nothing at all to do with the schools hammering the kids with transgender propaganda every day for years and years, nothing to do with neglected young people discovering “gender identification” as a sure-fire way to get attention from adults who would otherwise ignore them, nothing at all to do with the Left’s societal re-engineering agenda—oh, no, nothing to do with any of that.

Like anybody else, teens seek approval and validation—mostly from each other, but also from adults. They want to do what’s trending, they want to run with the pack. If suddenly the “educators” and noozies changed their tune 180 degrees, and insisted with equal fervor that there is no “transgender identity” after all, and pounded it into the students’ heads every day at school—well, presto! Before much time went by, those 80,000 teens in Minnesota wouldn’t be calling themselves transgender anymore.

Apply a simple rule of thumb: What if everybody did it? What would happen to the human race if everybody decided to be transgender—complete with surgical mutilation and heavy doses of the wrong hormones?

The human race would go extinct—just as it would if everybody did any of the other things that the Left says we ought to do, and be proud of doing: like being homosexual, or having an abortion.

And on top if it all, we have a major political force, the Democrat Party, lauding and celebrating the whole transgender folly, pushing it, cheering it on, with help from all sorts of Big Important People from movie stars to the owners of professional sports franchises: think “Gay Day” at your local baseball stadium.

Let the Bible, and King Solomon, have the final word:

“There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death” (Proverbs 14:12—and again, 16:25).

It’s the only proverb that the Bible posts twice. And with good reason.

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