by Lex Greene

Because today’s Marxist Democrats are determined to disarm all American Citizens in order to protect themselves from a real constitutional insurgency by angry American Citizens someday, it’s critical that American Citizens gain a complete understanding of what Democrats mean when they seek to outlaw the private personal possession of all “assault weapons.”

According to the ATF (Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms), and drawing from existing federal and state law definitions, the term “assault weapon” refers primarily to semi-automatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns that are able to accept detachable magazines. 

Of course, across the spectrum of numerous federal, state, and local definitions, there really isn’t a single definition of assault weapon. Some jurisdictions even define revolving cylinder shotguns as assault weapons. Others may even include basic revolvers in their definition of assault weapon. 

So, first and foremost, when discussing the subject of “assault weapons,” it’s important to realize that really, there is no common or clear definition of what an assault weapon is. What constitutes an assault weapon, is actually in the eye of the beholder.

In all honestly and reality though, there is really only one reasonable definition for “assault weapon.” Any item which can be used as a “weapon” to “assault” another human being, is technically, by reasonable definition, an “assault weapon.” Since only one bullet is necessary to assault another human being, anything capable of firing just one projectile can reasonably be considered an “assault weapon.”

Indeed, many other items available in daily life can be used as a “weapon” to “assault” people too. It doesn’t have to be a gun of any type. Knives work, any sharp object works, a ball bat works, explosive materials work, bio and chemical compounds work, drugs work, rope works, wire works, most farm tools make fantastic “assault weapons,” the list is endless.

Many well trained individuals can be an assault weapon as well. So, what exactly are they trying to outlaw?

If it’s true that Democrats seek to outlaw all assault weapons to prevent human beings from assaulting one another, then they will have to outlaw an endless list of things that people use to assault other human beings.

Before we start trying to single in on one appropriate definition of an assault weapon, let’s take a close look at gun deaths in the USA over many years now. We can’t begin to find a solution to a problem unless we first identify the real problem.


  1. Politics seems to have a directly associated cause and effect. As an example, gun deaths in the USA peaked for the first time during the Clinton Presidency in 1993. It hit a 30-year low in 2001 under the G.W. Bush Presidency and then peaked again throughout the Obama years, to hit a high in 2016. Gun deaths dropped again during the Trump administration and since the start of the Biden/Harris administration, has set all-time record highs never before seen in the USA. I won’t speculate as to why, but clearly, politics plays an important part here.
  2. Most shooting in the USA are at the hand of people between the age of 20 and 34.
  3. 62.4% of USA gun deaths are suicides. 37.6% are homicides. 
  4. 64.3% of people killed by a gun are white, 24.1% are black and 11.6% are something other.
  5. 81.8% of all USA gun deaths take place in major cities, mostly about ten major cities, all of them heavily controlled by democrat politicians and democrat voters.
  6. 81.4% of all gun deaths in the USA are by handgun. 7.7% are by a blunt object. 5.3% are by shotgun. 4.4% are by some type of rifle and 1.2% are by some other type of gun, most likely, an AR-15 or AK-47. 

So, democrats have once again, misidentified the real problem and come up with the wrong solution.

Our suicide problem is double the size of our homicide problem in the USA and clearly, politics has everything in the world to do with it. Suicide and homicide rates increase under democrat political leadership, both nationally and especially in the democrat controlled major metro centers.

Year-to-date, just since Biden and Harris seized federal power, homicide rates have skyrocketed…

  • Up 800% in Portland
  • Up 225% in New York City
  • Up 132% in Oakland
  • Up 113% in Minneapolis
  • Up 50% in Austin
  • Up 26% in LA

And what do all of these cities and states have in common? They are all controlled by democrats and they all represent some of the most extreme gun control laws in the country. 

Whites are dying at a rate three-times that of blacks, or any other color. Almost no one is killed outside the ten largest cities in the country, all of them controlled by democrat voters and politicians, so clearly, democrats are a major problem, statistically speaking.

And last but not least, AR-15s and AK-47s are the absolute LEAST of the problem when it comes to gun deaths in the USA, with 94.4% of all violent deaths in the USA committed by a handgun, a blunt object, or a shotgun, ARs and AKs have seldom shown up in any homicide stats. Even most “mass shootings” have not been carried out using these particular rifles.

If we can’t accurately assess the problem, there is no way to arrive at a proper solution. 

In a recent Senate confirmation hearing for prospective ATF Chief Davis H. Chipman was asked by Sen. Kennedy to define “assault weapon” and he simply couldn’t or wouldn’t do so. Yet, Chipman openly supports banning something he can’t even define! Chipman couldn’t correctly define “law abiding Citizen” either.

Most important is the fact that no gun of any kind has ever killed anyone. In every case, whether suicide or homicide, a person actually did the killing, not the weapon. As we can see in the actual facts presented, the weapon of choice is almost entirely irrelevant. When someone decided to kill, either themselves or someone else, they can easily find a manner in which to do it, with or without a gun.

Last, no one on earth has ever killed as many innocent people as governments do all over the world, including in the USA. 

Clearly, we don’t have a gun problem in America, certainly not an AR or AK problem. The stats tell us the truth…we have a democrat problem.

The greatest threat to human life isn’t an AR-15 or AK-47 or any other type of gun. It’s government… especially democrats in democrat controlled areas of the country!

And THAT explains why governments want to disarm their Citizens… especially global Marxist politicians.




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