By JB Williams

President Trump is filling his fans full of hope at his ongoing record rallies, but is it false hope based upon a false premise?

In the first five-minutes of his rally speech in Georgia over the weekend, Trump said two things that I found to be somewhat amazing… first, that “we will take back Congress in 2022, and the White House in 2024” …followed by “we won’t even have a country by then.”  These seem like mutually exclusive ideas to me!

Knowing full-well that the last remotely legitimate election in America was in 2016, and that the 2020 elections were rotten with massive fraud in all fifty states, Trump seems willing to mislead his fans into thinking 2022 and 2024 will somehow miraculously be better. A hope recently proven hopeless, in the California recall election of Gavin Newsom, also rotten with the same massive fraud.

In April 2016, I co-wrote and released a book foretelling the future in TRUMPED: The New American Revolution to save America. As that book was being written, Trump was only at 1% in the GOP primary polls. It remains a FIVE STAR rated book still today, often selling at double the original price. (NEW signed copies are available at for a $25 donation. Mark TRUMPED in the subject box to receive your copy)

Personally, I’m not a fan of any politician and today, I know that 100% of the Democrat Party is anti-American, while two-thirds of the Republican Party is as well. Still, I also know that politics is a team sport, which means, if you don’t play the game on one of the two national teams, you’re not even in the game.

I also know that if we lack the power to control the direction of our political party of choice, then we certainly lack the power to control the direction of our entire country. To think otherwise is a mere fantasy, just like expecting legitimate elections in 2022 and 2024…without overturning 2020.

The only way America will ever see another legitimate election is to overturn the fraudulent elections of 2020. There is no other way. We would have bank robberies on every corner every day if there were no consequences for robbing banks. Unless there are severe consequences for election fraud, massive election fraud is our new norm!

So, as President Trump seems willing to allow 2020 to stand, how does he think we can win in 2022 and 2024, unless he plans to out-cheat the anti-American democrats…? And personally, I think his second statement is the true statement – at our current direction and rate of decline, we won’t even have a country, much less elections, by then!

I find it highly disappointing that the man who was supposed to “drain the swamp” and “save the USA” was drained by the swamp, allowing a totally fraudulent administration to run roughshod over America for the past nine-months…totally free from any consequences!

Further, Pelosi’s House just passed an overt assault on all active and former military personnel in HB 4350, which makes every dissenting current or past service member guilty of “violent extremism” if they dare to speak out against the maniacal tyranny flooding out of Biden’s D.C. regime these days.

Unfortunately, 135 House Republicans joined House Marxists in passing HB 4350, many of them Republicans we elected to stop the utter destruction happening at the hands of global Marxists in total control of the Democrat Party (and all of D.C.) today.

Where’s the foundation for HOPE in any of this?

Trump openly admits that “we may not have a country by 2022 or 2024,” but askes us to place our faith in future fraudulent elections regardless. Meanwhile, he’s raising funds for more Republicans, like the 135 that just voted with Nancy Pelosi on HB 4350, among other anti-American bills rushed through congress to destroy what’s left of our Constitutional Republic.

This is all quite troubling to me, a great disappointment from President Trump. But even worse is the mindless blind fans who somehow, find hope in all of this nonsense. No man is worthy of blind faith. That’s the purpose for “In God We Trust!”

But even those of us who place our faith in God alone understand that once the prayers were raised up, David still had to pick up that rock to slay Goliath…

To be sure, Trump has huge star-power with millions of Americans, and many fans as a result. But how did they lose touch with the reality that Trump left office peacefully, after having won the election in 2020?

How did they lose touch with the reality that unless we overturn 2020, we will never have another legitimate election ever again?

And, why on earth is President Trump leading this insanity? Is he still following advice from the same people responsible for removing him from the Oval Office?

If you figure it out, let me know!

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