Donald Trump’s stunning defeat vanquished the politics of self over country, of public corruption over the rule of law, and of American decline over American exceptionalism. His program for American economic, military, and political restoration promises to expand opportunity, protect the nation, and reignite economic growth. Through bills to achieve business and personal tax reductions, deregulation, elimination of Obamacare, restoration of the American military, vigorous prosecution and destruction of radical Islamic terrorism, and the establishment of meaningful border security, Donald Trump aims in his first hundred days to unlock the extraordinary potential of free enterprise, rebuild the national defense, and end widespread corruption.

President-elect Trump’s plans for the transition to this bold new era are now being perfected. The changes planned and promised are momentous. They will save America from the movement of the Obama Administration to reduce American stature in the world, compel purchase of health insurance mandated by the federal government, tax and regulate all productive elements of our society, and diminish and neglect the nation’s military and border defenses.

There could be no greater proof of American disgust with the corrupt, self-interested politics of Washington than the rejection of Hillary Clinton and the policies of Barack Obama by a majority of the electorate on November 8. There could be no greater proof of the love still harbored by those same Americans for their country than the popular rejection of the Clinton candidacy in favor of Donald Trump. We are witnessing the start of a new era of American majesty and grandeur, an American apotheosis.

Through a Trump presidency with a government no longer divided (Republicans holding the House and Senate), there is the precious opportunity to restore the foundations of American greatness: limited government, free enterprise, and a strong national defense. There is the hope that yet again the United States will prove itself a city upon a hill, as John Winthrop first put it in his 1630 admonition to members of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

This time, unlike past elections, a revolution is afoot. A startling Brexit-like break with a bureaucratic past has taken place. The new President is beholden neither to the old guard nor to specific financial interests. He can lead without those old tethers, and he can overcome obstacles with an appeal directly to the American people.

He will be told that compromise is the order of the day. He will be told that a gracious victor must build bridges with the opposition that entail concessions that water down and sacrifice key elements in his agenda. He must resist those efforts and he must put forth a bold legislative initiative that favors passage of those measures that will bring to fruition the promises made in his campaign. There must be a border wall. There must be tax deductions for business and individuals. There must be an end to Obamacare. There must be an end to the horrible deal with Iran. There must be an option for veterans to obtain medical care from private hospitals.

There must be an investment in revitalizing the American military, ensuring that it has the best available means to accomplish the goal of destroying radical Islamic terrorism. There must be a declaration of war against radical Islamic terror. There must be an elimination of the administrative state in favor of a return to direct legislation.

There must be an elimination of the Department of Education and a return of education initiatives to the states. There must be a justice appointed to the Supreme Court who is dedicated to upholding the ideological foundations that define the limited government meaning and rights protective meaning of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

It is a tall order. It requires an unwavering commitment. Now President-elect Donald Trump has his moment in history to make an unprecedented difference that will secure America’s place in the world as a bastion of freedom and free enterprise.

© 2016 Jonathan W. Emord – All Rights Reserved

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