Hillary, Obama, the leftist controlled media and anti Trump liberals are doing academy award performances with their melt downs and scream fests. If I was to describe the never ending blame, cry, hiss and Soros backed hit scenes, I would think the leftist – anti Trumpers are doing a remake of two movies that we are forced to watch – the morphing together of Ground Hog Day and One flew over the Cuckoos Nest.

The mainstream news graces us with the stories of Ivy League professors desperately concerned over the sea of College kids coming in to see them. They are drowning in their own tears because Trump was elected. “It is the end of the Constitution and Democracy.” “It is the end of the country and the beginning of tyranny.” Wildly, we are supposed to drop everything and face the tear filled Trump crises our country is now in. How can Trump and his supporters just ignore the lake of tears, tears and more tears?

As a trained counselor and Ph.D. My advice to all the poor losers, whiners and criers of all shapes and sizes is to all line up, hold hands and cry together into a deep basin, Trump supporters will even dig. They can then cry their brains out and fill up the huge basin, feeding their need for power because their lake of tears can then be released to flow into the Trump Dam and be released in controlled and perfect fashion to flow down through the towns and valleys giving energy to the people to create jobs, heat homes and water crops.

Just as the Hillary and Obama left unravel and melt as the Wicked Witch of the East in Wizard of Oz, the vast majority of Americans know that what we just saw was a bold miracle of God offering up mercy, grace and healing for America with Trump’s unprecedented victory and landslide. Americans felt like ‘Lazarus’ being raised from the dead under the transformation horrors and betrayals of Obama. America knew that Hillary would be the same…no, worse. We were finally tired of smelling death all around us and wiping our own tears.

Now the Hillary, Obama and Anti Trump left can scream, cry and cry themselves to sleep. They should keep crying but lean into the Trump basin so the tears can be used in the Trump dam of opportunity.

Trump is such a dangerous and very bad man. Even before he is in the White House he negotiated with Carrier, saving 1000 jobs in Indiana. Naturally, the Obama white house and leftists can’t have this bold success by Trump growing steam when it makes Obama and Hillary look bad. So we hear Obama’s mouth piece screaming something absurd like ‘Trump needs to do this 804 more times before he can talk about Obama’s record.’ I hate to say it since Obama, Hillary and the left are so mentally and emotionally compromised, but Trump with his integrity, courage, heart and actions already passed ‘804 times’ before Obama and Hillary even blinked today. He is fulfilling his promises and already acting on behalf of Americans and workers before he is even in office. Blink a few more times Obama and Hillary…Hark…’there were 804 more positive things Trump just did and tweeted us about.

© 2016 Dr. Laurie Roth – All Rights Reserved

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