By Laurie Roth

As the liberal Judges, including the politically frightened and persuaded Supreme Court, weigh in only as cowards, Trump moves his ship ‘American Winner’ around the legal, DEM, and lying sewage floating all around him and plans his official win.  It will be done.  He and American, legal voters just have to continue praying, believing and walking into Trump’s plan.

It seems that the Supreme Court already ruled in 1997 in Foster v Love, that all ballots received after midnight on election day are to be thrown out. Hark, how soon they forget the Constitution and the law, even their own rulings and succumb to political pressure and threats from elections criminals.

I used to respect at least in a measured way, the Supreme Court, but not anymore.  They are legal and moral coward, turning down the Pennsylvania and TX law suit with almost half the country signed on.  Their bogus statement, even in the face of mountains of federal crime voting evidence about ‘no standing’ i only points to fear of reprisals and threats from the deranged left.

Maybe the Supreme Court should put some big boy pants on and stand like the rest of us trying to tell the truth and stand against the evil left.  I have a family also, struggle in many ways and don’t have money or lawyers in the closet, but what forms in my American, patriot gut is to yell at the DEMS, media and threats…. “Bring it.”  God gives us our strength and courage to stand against evil, so no one should waste time worrying…. stand taller and fight.

President Trump has the ruling from the Supreme court in 1997 saying that all ballots are to be thrown out on election day after midnight.  In addition, many are strongly stating that President Trump should invoke the 1807 Insurrection Act and use the military to stop the growing election fraud and frankly DEM COUP.  Epoch Times, attorney Lin Wood and a growing list of supporters are also recommending this.

I recently wrote that Trump should consider using the 1976 Emergency Powers Act, last used by President Bush in 2001, but it has the breath and power to be used legally by the President regarding any national emergency.  How is an ignored mountain of evidence fraud in all the swing states, flipping the win from Trump to Biden and nullifying millions of legal votes, not a national emergency that must be remedied and fixed?

Another ‘herd’ of elephants in the room, ignored by media and seemingly our ‘soon to leave’ Attorney general, Bill Bar, is the mountain of proof pointing strongly to treason by Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and his brother.  From Hunter’s laptop and initial investigations and witnesses we know that Hunter was the point man doing shady, big money deals, using Daddy Joe’s name and VP position as power.  He was paid millions through Hunter to give favor to our enemies and other countries.  How was this vivid TREASON not exposed and Joe and Hunter Biden not already arrested for Treason?  Maybe Bill Bar was too busy Christmas shopping and afraid as the Supreme Court seems to be.  Trump and his real top legal officials should and could arrest Joe Biden and Hunter…very soon.  America must not have a man who has gleefully committed treason in the white house.  Maybe they could paint his cell white so he would feel closer to the oval office.

Trump’s Christmas stocking of wins

1997 previous ruling by the Supreme Court ruling in Foster v Love, where they said that on election day, all ballots after midnight must be thrown out.  That would mean that all the votes in question after midnight on November 3rd in the swing states must not be counted.  That would give Trump a legal win in all swing states.

Declare the 1976 Emergency Powers Act and call the real election results as of November 3rd at midnight (backing the former Supreme Court ruling).

As hero General Flynn suggests, invoke the 1807 Insurrection Act due to proven foreign influence boldly trying to steal this Presidential election.

We are all in Constitutional, legal and freedom fox holes, fighting the leftist and media deep state enemies that plan to take America down, destroy it and build it back reflecting only their evil and agenda.

America has a few words for the DEMS, corrupt Biden clan, media and other traitors. Trump will bring you down.  Trump will also be President for another 4 years, and quickly arrest all those who intend to attack American cities after they realize they have lost.  Stand with me, pray, believe and lay down for no one.

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