By Laurie Roth, Ph.D

We are in a war zone as we speak.  Listen to the video link while you still can and it is up.  Trump and the military are taking our country back and arresting the treasonous Deep State Players and all those who instigated the stolen election.  The print and TV media are playing their hands, most hosts and writers, vomiting forth their careful, conservative yet speculating sound bites of defeat.  They have aligned with the anti-America, anti-Trump and anti-truth treason squad.

Check out this video from the Italian Supreme Court, admitting the Leonardo satellite was used to literally steal the massive win from Trump and give it to Biden.  Arrests have been made and part of the testimony obtained so far stated that people from the U.S.  directed those involved with the Leonardo satellite to steal votes from Trump.  It is all proven with the person arrested on the Italian side is in custody and singing like a bird.

As I have said in my last few articles, hearing from so many of you wanting to take me out and shut me up. I thank you for exercising your freedom of speech and speaking your mind to me, but you really are wrong and must do just one thing right now.  Decide whether you will be on the side of Treason, evil and the Election stealing crime family, or decide to stand for America, the truth, law, our Constitution and Trump.  The decision is yours but remember our actions have consequences.

A treasonous coup was attempted, funded, planned here and abroad to take down our Patriot and honorable President Donald Trump.  This is after the leftist organizers and controllers saw a massive win in the making.  However, God, America and Trump weren’t going to have it and weren’t planning to eat the cow dung the leftist, treason brigade were forcing upon us all.

The battles are now and the victory is in the hands of President Trump and America.  Proof of all kinds of ‘Deep State’ crime is in hand.  It is not too late….so get ready for the right kind of ‘shock and Awe’ as evil and treasonous players are consumed.  Have food, medicine, water and gas on hand and stay out of the way.  Don’t settle for ‘I hope we will see victory.’  No, ‘Victory is already ours.’  Celebrate and pray. Watch God, our military and Trump free America from the Deep State criminal cartel and this historic Election theft.

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