The MUHAJAROUN: Sharia-compliant muslims who make a hijira [holy trip] into the lands of the non-believers in preparation for armed conflict in the host country. This is a core Islamic step in creating the world Caliphate. See this link: Hijrah: Migration for the Cause of Allah


Outside of “we need to look at amnesty” and “a pathway to citizenship” immigration was a barely bubbling back burner issue that wasn’t discussed in polite company – That is till Donald Trump descended from the ramparts via an escalator. TRUMP-BOOMMMM!!!!

Suddenly immigration was front burner, and hot! REALLY hot…..

And somewhere between rapists, legals, bigots, citizens, xenophobes, rights, terrorism, Christians, the Religion of Peace, taxpayers, walls, drugs, America, and vetting – Well, the dam broke, and out poured thousands of internet articles delineating hundreds of thousands of opinions all thanks to Trump.

Finally we could discuss illegals and terrorism. IT WAS OKAY.

You didn’t need to like or defend the Iraq war or the Afghani war or any involvement whatsoever in the Middle East. You could think it was a good idea to develop our own gas and oil – and coal. You didn’t have to hug a Mexican. And throw out ObamaCare while you’re at it.

The Saudis weren’t our friends despite their ties to the Bushes. Carlyle Group for investments, anyone? And American women do not wear burkas and hijabs. But they do go to school, drive cars, go out shopping together, and do not need to tolerate domestic abuse.

Recent Vivid Examples of how Trump Changed the Net Narrative:

A September 13, 2016 article from Understanding the Threat (UTT) “Islamic Movement in US Preparing for Battle” cited some very chilling observations.

“There exists in the US a significant jihadi movement led primarily by the Muslim Brotherhood.

“There are over 2400 Islamic Centers/Mosques in America…” In the US the
“’nucleus’ for the Islamic Movement is the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)…

“Mosques and Islamic organizations are being built near key infrastructure facilities, military bases, … [Many] taxi cab drivers at the largest airports in the U.S. are Muslim…” There are “Sharia-compliant Muslim TSA officers…

“Muslims are purchasing hotels, Quick Marts, and 7-11 style stores with gas stations, and a majority of major hotels in cities across the U.S. have a manager or assistant manager who is a Muslim…..

“Jihadis have penetrated U.S. federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies giving them access to sensitive intelligence systems, while simultaneously they have shut down real threat-based training inside these same agencies under the guise factual/truth-based training is ‘offensive to Muslims.’” [Emphasis added.]

And there’s much more in the article.

Do you really think you’d have found this article pre-Trump?

Over at The Religion of Peace (TROP) site you will find, among a host of other things, the List of Islamic Terror Attacks. The page linked here includes the last 30 days.

It lists 158 Islamic attacks in 34 countries, in which 1,283 people were killed and 1698 injured. That’s just the last thirty days.

The Religion of Peace archives go all the way back to post-9/11.

Do you think this would have gotten play pre-Trump?

And from Mike Adams’ (the Health Ranger) at, dateline September 18, 2016 the title: The bombings begin… Risk of massive false flag event skyrockets as desperate establishment plots to derail Trump, halt the election or change the narrative.

Here are excerpts from Mike Adams’ article: “In New York City, 29 people were injured by an improvised explosive device placed in a dumpster and detonated with such force that it blew out the windows of nearby buildings.

“A second explosive device of similar design was also located just blocks away. But that wasn’t the only bomb: Another bomb was detonated in New Jersey, as reports:

“The Manhattan blast came hours after a pipe bomb exploded in Seaside Park, New Jersey, shortly before thousands of runners were due to participate in a charity 5K race to benefit Marines and sailors.

“On top of the bombings, yet another radical Muslim terrorist went on a stabbing rampage at a Minnesota mall, screaming about Allah as he stabbed people…”

Mike Adams also noted that the person responsible in New York City was a disgruntled Gay but that turns out not to have been true. The perpetrator believed to be responsible for both NY and NJ is a naturalized Afghani named Ahmad Khan Rahami, who hates Gays and America.

Did Mike Adams feature jihadi muslims before Trump blasted open the door?

Ray Starmann, at U.S. Defense Watch has an article titled The U.S. Navy is Heading to the Bottom of the Sea. It depicts Political Correctness gone over the cliff, (or off the plank) citing PC feel-good goals over military competency.

Here’s are excerpts: “In all fairness to Dunford [four-star Marine General Joseph Dunford, Chair of the Joint Chiefs], he tried to stop Ray Mabus [Secretary of the Navy] from integrating women into Marine combat arms units. But, Mabus brushed him off like a house fly and Dunford quickly saw the light; cooperate or cooperate.

“Instead of continuing the lie of women successfully integrating into the combat arms, why doesn’t Dunford do the right thing and just resign under protest?

“Why don’t any of them?

“In the midst of all of this social engineering insanity, the Joint Chiefs informed Congress last week that, the United States military is not ready to confront a peer-level threat such as Russia or China in a high-end conflict.

“You think?

“How can you be ready to fight wars when your number one priority is flying diapers out to carriers [a navy female recently gave birth on a carrier] and ensuring the rights of cross dressers aren’t infringed upon?

“Ash Carter [Secretary of Defense] and Ray Mabus’ priorities are so out of whack it’s almost frightening.

“Everything that comes out of their mouths has to do with diversity, LGBT rights, gender neutral lexicons or sensitivity training.

“The US military is just about at the point of no return. It’s being attacked by budget cuts, readiness issues and social engineering. Meanwhile our enemies probe our weaknesses, which are just about everywhere now.”

Have you heard Trump on vital matters of military preparedness? (Did you ever once hear him mention diapers…?)

And this link dated September 2016 by Walid Shoebat at relentlessly pursues details of Muslim atrocities against Christians, [caution: this link is often very graphic], against children, and the non-believers in general: rapes, usually multiple, including small children; disembowelings; dismemberment; beheadings (adults and children alike), and other grisly and gross barbarous savagery.

Did much of anyone read this ongoing horror Before Trump?

And finally let’s include Helen Raleigh over at with an article dated September 17, 2016 titled “Three Steps to Deal With Illegal Immigration in the U.S. And Citizenship Isn’t One of Them.”

She cites some interesting facts, among them that a sizable portion of legal immigrants do NOT pursue citizenship and that legal immigrants from Mexico have the lowest citizenship rate, at 36%.

She deduces that as citizenship is not the motivating factor for many, then a pathway to citizenship is not the solution. She noted also that there are 140,000 fewer Mexicans in the U.S. in 2014 than there were in 2009.

Abbreviated, these are her three suggested steps:

Step 1. Illegal immigrants who can show they currently are employed and with no criminal record should be granted temporary work visas after they pay a fine… But because a work visa is not an immigration visa, the visa holders will still be considered non-resident aliens and therefore will not have access to federal means-tested welfare benefits. The work visa will be good for three years and can be renewed as long as the applicant is employed.

Step 2. If illegal immigrants have brought their families with them, they ought to pay a fine for their families too… Since a visitor visa is also a non-immigration visa, these visa holders will not have access to federal means-tested welfare benefits either…

Step 3. Any illegal immigrant who has a criminal record, including creating a false identity or using a fraudulent Social Security number, will be deported immediately and will not be eligible to apply for any U.S. visa for five years.

Her points are exceptionally well taken and worthy of review by people in high places who are familiar with the issues of immigration and visas.

Would this conversation have gotten off the page without the force of Trump?

Update: This link is a well defined overview of recent terrorist attacks here in the U.S. by Joe Ragonese on U.S. Defense Watch.


Would you believe that banner ran across the top of an internet Walmart ad? It did. I saw it on 9-18-16.

Of course, it was heralding the bevy of NFL products for sale at Walmart but still – with Colin Kaepernick disrespecting America, those words take on added significance. And I don’t think it was accidental.

I have a wonderful solution to this 28-year old little boy tempest in a teapot. First, you sit him down one-on-one for a solid hour all by his little self with Ronnie Lott, former 49er Safety, #42. (Shown here Jan-30-2014)

Ronnie Lott could concentrate his sizable energies on explaining to Colin the meaning of the word R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Ronnie Lott lived for respect. Ronnie Lott played for respect. He’s an expert on the topic. So were his performances….

Second, someone in management needs to grow a Trump-sized brass set and perform a much needed 49er Colinectomy. [Removal of the Colin.]
End of tempest.

God Bless America! Land of the Free! Land that I Love! Stand Beside Her!

Love Her. Respect Her. Or Leave.


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