If President Trump cites “loyalty” as being above the concerns of the nation, this must end because this is not business, it’s politics about which he seems very cagy. I have no doubt that the President meant “Loyalty” to our Constitution.

Unfortunately, I doubt that either of the people you suggested will get the nod. Calista Gingrich has just been nominated to be the new ambassador to the Vatican. If she’s approved by the Senate, I think Newt would obviously join her there.

Sununu would be great if he was younger. However, he seems to enjoy being a commentator, but I doubt he’d accept being chief of staff to he was chief of staff to Ronald Reagan. I fear he’d have trouble doing the job because the political paradigm has shifted dramatically. He would find it hard to keep Trump under control and away from the latter’s Twitter account. Tweets not reviewed by his communications should be deleted before he starts typing.

Perhaps at this crucial time, Herman Cain and Karl Rove should be on the list—not ideal, but a lot better than Priebus. Plus, as far as I know, Cain would be the first black Chief of Staff. Also, Deputy FBI Director of the New York office Jim Kallstroemin is plenty tough and because he comes from New York, they’d be simpatico. Rudi Giuliani would also be ideal, but I don’t think he’d accept the job. He’s too powerful to do it. Trump needs someone who will devise a plan and make Trump stick with it. As I have stated in the past, Presidents don’t run the country, Chiefs of Staff do. We have to think way outside the box on this pick.

What he needs is someone like Dick Cheney, someone who stares down the press via the press secretary and keeps Trump under control. In fact, all external communications (including, most of all, his damn tweets—they’re sophomoric, change messages and talking points, manifest as implied threats, and, as I see it, is the number one method of communications that must be stopped. They make him look petty, defensive and childish, and, worst of all, way too thin skinned. Any and all tweets MUST go through the communications team, and if Trump remains incorrigible about Twitter or continues making statements that undercut his communications team’s well-crafted messages, they should resign en masse.

Whomever does get the nod will have to be tough as nails and not fearful of the press, the left-wingers in Congress and the anarchists. He must also engage in crisis management on the president’s behalf, such as addressing “fake news” as soon as it comes out. He should work closely with a politically savvy and highly experienced communication team.

Kimberly Gilfoyle was under consideration to become the new spokesperson, but blew her chances when she talked about her being considered too much on The Five, so Trump is pissed at her in a major way.

Frankly, in my view, Judge Jeanine Pirro would make a sensational press secretary or chief of staff, but I seriously doubt she’d leave Fox.

Her star is rising there. Besides, Trump needs seasoned political pros as both chief of staff and members of the communications team. I would love to see either Dana Loesch of the Blaze or Laura Ingraham to be press secretary. He seems to be calmed better by females.

He also needs to fire his congressional liaison, who has done a lousy job of getting the Republican caucus behind the president’s agenda.

There is much to be addressed in this article, and a new Chief of Staff and director of communications is critical. That’s about 75% of the battle right there, although I’d love to see him fire any cabinet members who came from Goldman Sachs. He has far, far too many Sachs’ people in the cabinet and sub-cabinet posts.

Trump needs to have the most qualified men and women in his administration.

Folks: Make America Great Again. Just a slogan, the people of failure shout back. Failure knows only failure. To these people, the Obama-Hillary team who have failed us for nearly eight years in every aspect of our lives, failure is not only normal, it is inevitable.

The list of their failures for the loser team is so long and glaring that I hardly need to repeat them all here. So, here’s just a few to remind those who are in denial or have a vested interest in keeping the failing system in place.

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