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Americans dislike the concept of “piling on.”  We even have rules to prevent it in sporting events like football.

Liberal Democrats do not understand this concept.

It’s pretty easy to identify piling on in a football game.  In politics it’s more difficult – until the public has been so badly abused it reaches a tipping point and just stops believing anything anyone says.  It is part of the reason people who have supported President Trump remain loyal.  They understand the concept of piling on… your enemies do it when they’re losing and need to injure an important player on the other team to have a chance for victory… if you call that victory.

On Fox News last Wednesday, former Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH ) told the American people how close they are to losing their Republic.  He said the “deep state” within the bureaucracy is trying to “destroy Donald Trump’s presidency.”

The former Ohio Democrat Congressman is right and should be applauded for taking a stand against the strategies being used against Trump.  He loves his country. God bless him!

For those of you who do not understand just how serious the ramifications of what the Democrats and their partners in crime, the deep state and the mainstream media, are doing, do a little research about Argentina and Venezuela.  Both were thriving nations ready to take their place on the world economic stage until socialism got a toe-hole in their economies.  In only a few years, Venezuela has become a nation that cannot afford to keep electricity or toilet paper available to its citizens (who are also going hungry).

If we lose our Republic, don’t think you’ll sleep through it because you won’t.

Liberal Democrats look foolish and don’t seem to have even a slight degree of humility that enables them to see their own childish behavior.  Republicans look like they don’t know how to spell the word loyalty or best interests of the people.  They certainly do not support this Republican President.  They look like what they are:  Compromised politicians who should never be re-elected to office.

Politicians like Senator John McCain make the rest of us wonder if the voters of Arizona are suffering from mental disorders associated with old age… they re-elected the liberal Republican.  Are they familiar with the word “recall?”

My Number One Rule in the 2018 elections will be:  Did you defend Donald Trump when he was being attacked?  If the answer is “no,” I will vote against you, regardless of who your opponent is.  I hope readers will join me.

Voters want a guy named Donald Trump to drain the swamp but re-elect to office one of the biggest alligators who lives in it.  Same comment to South Carolinians who support Senator Lindsey Graham who never saw a microphone he didn’t love (whether or not he has something meaningful to say).

There is no doubt that Donald Trump has a lot of political lessons to learn. There is no doubt that President Trump doesn’t have the kind of temperament that easily succumbs to being told that he, now “the most powerful man in the world,” has a very large learning curve and that he’s not handling it well.  His unskilled political behavior just might cost him the Presidency. Should we lose him, we also lose our country… all because President Trump doesn’t know he doesn’t know some things.

If the thought of that doesn’t make you pick up your phone or write a letter to your Republican elected officials and tell them to defend our President, you are part of the problem.

I don’t know who is advising President Trump… news accounts make it sound like his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, fills that role.  Whoever it is, it is the wrong person. Hopefully, Donald Trump will realize this before the media, intelligence community, and liberal Democrats take him down.

The person advising him obviously has no insight into the difference between getting things done in the private sector versus the political arena.  Or they are afraid to say “Mr. President, you’re behaving like someone who knows what they’re doing and you do not.  To prove the accuracy of my words, I ask you to look at your results thus far.”  Or, they have a hidden agenda.

President Donald Trump’s actions — especially internationally — get an A.  President Donald Trump’s political skills, his ability to communicate effectively and understand how to get his legislative agenda passed get a D.

Do the Democrats understand that their anti-American behavior will come back to them ten-fold?

Do the Republicans understand their lack of support for their party’s President will stand as the reason for the failure of their political party?  They are so afraid of what will happen in the 2018 elections, they do nothing — which is precisely the wrong thing to do when observing the mood of voters at this point in time.

I don’t know about you, but both rat packs disgust me.

We have business strategies versus government manipulation.  We have a President who is spectacularly successful in the world of business – specifically real estate development and contracting – but who is an obvious neophyte in the world of politics.  On the one hand his followers need to be loyal to him but on the other they do not have to accept his personal behavior which, thus far, has provided more ammunition to his political enemies than Obama gave Isis when he withdrew our troops early from Iraq.  Tell him how you feel!

We have intelligence services that even a schlump like Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) admitted publicly will cut anyone’s legs off at the knees if they cross them… it has been affectionately named the “Deep State.”  You and I are paying the salaries of those who are trying to win a bloodless coup.  Do you not realize that is far worse than anything played out on the stage of the USSR in its worst days?

There is little if any doubt that certain elements of our very costly intelligence community – and it is huge, not just a few agencies like the FBI, CIA, Naval Intelligence, and on and on – will not hesitate to use information gathered on public or private citizens if it suits their needs.  It has been known since the days of J. Edgar Hoover that the FBI holds in a very secret place highly secret information about anyone who serves in government and uses that information to manipulate politicians.

The question then becomes, what are the needs of the Deep State?  What is it they want from the politicians they manipulate with hidden information about them?  What do “they” want so badly that they are willing to put the security of their entire nation at risk to get it?

Based on performance, the answers seem pretty simple.  It appears they want total control over you and over me.  They want access to easy drugs worldwide (even if it means supporting a war in Afghanistan so they have access to the poppy fields), the ability to ship drugs wherever they wish, the ability to launder the money that results from the drugs that kill so many American youths, to kill whomever gets in their way with no legal problems, and just a few other small things.  In other words, they want you to pay their salaries while they screw the nation and enslave you… and they want us to be quiet while they do it.

Just six months ago, people were crowding into Trump campaign rallies shouting “Drain the swamp!”

Are those people so naïve that they thought Donald Trump could, wearing white boots and white hat, walk into a huge mud pit filled with snakes, crocodiles and psychopaths and not get dirty?  Are they so naïve as to believe that those who hold corrupted power and so abused it that people elected Donald Trump will give that power away without fighting with every weapon they possess?  It will cost them trillions of dollars to let the new President keep his promise – to let him drain the swamp.  They will use any weapon — any weapon — to succeed.

Are people so naïve that they do not realize how deeply imbedded in very ugly personal behavior and crimes those who live in the swamp are?  Do people not realize that we have been supporting the very intelligence agencies that seek information to compromise those in positions of power so they can manipulate their behavior and gain outcomes they want – outcomes that are abusive to the people?

So we now have Robert Mueller as Special Counsel in charge of the FBI’s investigation into the “Russia matter.”

In truth, Robert Mueller should disqualify himself from serving as Special Counsel in this investigation.  He has a huge conflict of interest.

Robert Mueller worked as Comey’s mentor and Comey views Mueller as his protégé.  The two were very close… both threatened to resign because of the warrantless wiretapping that involved then-Attorney General John Ashcroft in 2004.

As Gregg Jarrett of Fox News pointed out in an article last week, “The law governing the special counsel (28 CFR 600.7) specifically prohibits him from serving if he has a conflict of interest in the case.  The rule has been interpreted to mean that even the appearance of a conflict is sufficient for disqualification.”

Most conservatives became suspicious of the wisdom of this appointment when Democrats all rallied around Mueller, raving about what a great decision this was.  Combine this with the consideration of former Democrat later Independent Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut to be FBI Director and it makes one wonder if President Trump is trying to find a way to get himself impeached.

Will any investigation include Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s turning over to Russia access to about 30 percent of America’s plutonium?  For those who don’t know, plutonium is the metal required to make nuclear weapons.

Will Mueller’s investigation include Hillary’s unlawful email problems… especially the Top Secret, Secret and Classified emails identified by James Comey as having been sent from Huma Abedin’s computer to her husband, sexual predator Anthony Weiner, who pled “guilty” to obscenity charges in court last week?  We’ll see.  President Bill Clinton appointed Mueller to become a U.S. Attorney in the Northern California District (San Francisco) in 1998.

I remember Robert Mueller.  As I listened to Fox News reporters extol Mueller’s virtues today, I couldn’t help but remember that he was originally appointed FBI Director by President George W. Bush and that 9-11 happened just 8 days after his appointment on 9/4/2001.  He was in charge of the FBI on 9-11.  He was also in charge of the FBI a day later when a plane full of Saudi citizens related to Osama bin Laden were flown safely from America back to Saudi shores.

He just sounds perfect for this job, doesn’t he?   No wonder the Democrats love him!

As we listen to testimony from intelligence operatives, we need to keep in mind what two things make them successful: 1)  The ability to lie very well; and, 2) perform whatever actions are required with no pangs of conscience.

We need to remember the tactics being used against President Trump come from a swamp filled with powerful politicians who learned well from the Clintons.  When you want to get rid of someone who has you in a corner, tell the world a big lie… one that will resonate, and one with which you are familiar (because you did what you’re telling the world they did).

Most of us who worked to get Donald Trump elected feel strongly about what is happening to the man the swamp is trying to drain.  We wish he had less need to talk about himself but love his willingness to do the work – the very dirty work for which he takes a lot of flak – that needs to be done.

All we can do is maintain our loyalty, disbelieve anything that is said about President Trump, and pray that God truly has mercy on those who may be misguided at times but whose desire to do good for their nation outweighs their occasional recklessness.

We can also pray that Robert Mueller recognizes his conflict of interest and the negative reaction that will result on any investigation he does.

We can also pray that President Trump does ten-minutes of research on Joe Lieberman before appointing him as FBI Director and that he stops listening to the advice of the person who suggested he make such a ridiculous appointment.

We all understand the need to keep our enemies closer than our friends, but this appointment doesn’t just keep an enemy closer, it gives him a knife.

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