For decades, I delved into all sorts of Islamic books, read them and made notes of them. I contemplated, profoundly researched, spoke with some high-level Islamic scholars, tried to find a small hole, something that would lead me to believe that it is a possible to either put the genie back into the bottle or, somehow, erase the elements of violence within Islam. But each time, I ran into a wall. How could this be? Like hundreds of others before me, I too realized, without violence, fear, anxiety and blood, Islam would slowly weaken and eventually die.

There are some brave activists who are currently working hard to somehow erase a few Suras and make a new Quran that is free from violence. While their intentions are honorable, they basically try to make a new religion out of old one with no divine authority that was, supposedly, bestowed upon Muhammad to launch his religion. This is impossible.

My efforts to find a solution to reform Islam is not about prosperity, it is about the survival of the human race and the ability for all non-Islamic ideologies to survive. However, in the absence of evangelism and without the ability to reveal the peace-loving belief to the Muslim world, people just don’t wake up and suddenly denounce it. Does a seed grow in less than fertile ground?  Those who are brave are the ones who enable personal conversion, not those who justify Islamic slavery by alluding to salvation in nations possessed by evil.

Our Western politicians who actively aid and support Islamic regimes, are in fact doing a disservice to humanity, but try to please the Islamist bedfellows and use them as pawns. In the not too distant past, it was the socialist evils of Nazism and Communism that also used Muslim hatred to further their goals.  Apparently evil wears many masks.

For one, millions of professionally paid agents of this chauvinistic male-serving, women-enslaving fraud, all of them men, are busy around the clock and all over the world promoting the “religion of peace” by any and all means that seem to work. Often, customizing what they claim to be the word for word of Allah to suit their objectives.

They keep the fraud going and make it thrive so that these unscrupulous agents, the mullahs and imams, can keep on leading their charmed lives on the back of the ignorant masses. A huge factor working in their favor is the people’s death anxiety and the concern about what becomes of them after they die. The Islam fraud addresses this paramount existential dread craftily and with great success. You do as Allah commands and you will end up in immortal life in his unimaginably glorious and sensuous paradise. You fail to do so and your abode is the indescribably horrific hell from which you shall never escape.

Huge promises of goodies both in this as well as the next world are reserved for men including pleasure objects, women. Four wives and as many concubines as a man desires and can afford. What do women get, if they are servile to men and satisfy them? They will be also admitted to paradise. No specific goodies for them there. Perhaps even there they must continue to service men’s lust. Not a bad fraud launched by Muhammad and perpetrated by hook or crook by a bunch of his savage follower men.

Another factor that keeps Muslims from leaving Islam en mass, is the notion of apostasy. Whereas the practice of slavery enslaves the body, the dogma of apostasy ensnares the mind. Whereas slavery is a shameful practice of the past, some shameless religionists still use the doctrine of apostasy to intimidate and severely punish people who elect to choose their own belief.

The notion of apostasy is best understood within the overall Islamic dogma. Islam forms a binding covenant with the believer. Once a person is Muslim, he and his issue are considered Muslim forever. In this covenant, Islam promises to bestow its beneficence on the faithful conditional on the person’s total and unquestioned surrender to it in all matters. Some of the rewards offered by Islam to the truly obedient believer, particularly privileged males, are of this world as well as a great deal more promised to him in the next. If a Muslim faithful does not reap the rewards of his devotion in this world, Islam assures him of his inestimably cherished and limitless compounded rewards in the next world.

Islam demands subjugation of the individual’s will to that of Allah and permeates the thinking, the actions and the speech of Muslims by prefacing commitments they make contingent on the will of God (inshallah).

Whoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him’ – Sahih Al-Bukhari (9:57).

Islam is the greatest gift that Muhammad bequeathed on charlatan men to exploit the masses of fools. For as long as there are donkeys, there are those who would ride them, is a Persian metaphor that explains why the cast of Muslim clergies are so intent at keeping the donkeys they have and doing all they can to get more donkeys with fresh legs and strong backs to continue with their joyride.

Final Analysis

If a reform should ever occur within Islam, the Islamic religious high authorities can play a critical role in steering the masses toward or away from hatred and violence. This is the only solution. The late Pope’s public pronouncement, for instance, absolving the Jews as the Christ killers has reduced anti-Semitism among rank and file Christians. Fatwas—religious decrees—by Islamic Muftis and Ayatollahs carry considerable weight with their respective followers. It is my opinion that President Trump has the power to pressure these high ranking Islamic religious authorities to make a decree to remove the hatred and violence towards the Jews, Christians and non-believers from their holy books.

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