This will be my last chance to plead with my NewsWithViews readers to vote for Donald Trump for president and to try to convince their families and friends to do the same.

If you’re still not resolved to vote for Trump after several hundred thousand Hillary Clinton State Dept. emails turned up where they shouldn’t—this time in Anthony Weiner’s laptop, the one he used for sending lewd pictures of himself to teenage girls—then here are a few more points to ponder. If you really need them, after this.

If you think America really needs to teach the lesson that “Crime does pay, and how!” then by all means, don’t vote for Donald Trump. Let Criminal Clinton be rewarded with the highest office in the land, where she’ll be able to commit bigger and even more lucrative crimes.

If you think a political campaign that hires and coaches thugs to initiate violence at the other candidate’s rallies should be rewarded with the White House, then sit this one out, or vote third-party, or even vote for Clinton. Just don’t vote for Trump.

If you think America needs the kind of chaos, crime, and violence that wide-open Muslim immigration has brought to Germany and France, well, Hillary’s your gal. Don’t vote for Trump.

If you love the idea of open borders for America, with free stuff, amnesty, and even voting rights for everyone who comes here illegally, don’t vote for Trump.

If you think “journalists,” aka “presstitutes,” should be rewarded for taking money from the Democrat Party, actively coordinating their “news coverage” with the Clinton campaign, then please don’t vote for Trump—you’ll rob them of their payoff.

If you believe the Justice Department’s proper role in government is to shield law-breaking officeholders from being held accountable, then don’t vote for Donald Trump. Attorney General Loretta Lynch has already had a lot of practice keeping Hillary out of jail. Why break up a winning combo?

And if you think it’s also the Justice Department’s job to “investigate” persons for being skeptical of Global Warming, don’t vote for Trump. Those “investigations” are on the Democrat platform, not his.

If you think the freedom of religion enshrined in the First Amendment should be replaced by some Clintonian flim-flam called “freedom of worship,” don’t vote for Trump. As near as we can decipher it, “freedom of worship” means you can still exercise your religion wherever the government can’t get at it—inside the four walls of your church, for instance, until they come after it in there. And don’t think they won’t, because in some cases, they already have. But if that’s the kind of thing that appeals to you, then by all means let Clinton have the White House. Don’t try to stop her with a vote for Trump.

If you think Obamacare should just go on and on, and your insurance premiums go up and up, until the whole damned thing implodes and then the corrupt and power-hungry vandals who made the mess in the first place throw up their hands and say the only answer left is for them to control, and own, each and every aspect of your healthcare—well, then, Trump is not your candidate.

And if you’re convinced the government needs more and more of your money, bigger and more intrusive powers to meddle with your life, all because an army of proven liars insists they need it to Save The Planet from imaginary Man-Made Climate Change, then whatever you do, don’t vote for Trump. Who needs an air conditioner or a refrigerator anyhow?

If you think the private-jets-and-mansions crowd should have the power to tell you where and how to live, and tax you for it, make sure you don’t vote for Trump.

Finally, if you believe the goons from Black Lives Matter, and assorted labor unions, ought to be rewarded for their crimes with free passes to the Lincoln Bedroom, then don’t for Trump. You don’t want to disappoint George Soros, do you?

If you’ve got it in for America and you hate your country for being so slow to take up communism, this election’s got to be very simple for you.

Just don’t vote for Trump.

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