The Obama Administration has made America a wide open target for would-be terrorists. This Administration’s essentially open border policy combined with its flaccid military response to terror, its embrace of the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, Iran, and its unwillingness to identify and declare war against the true enemy, radical Islamic terrorism, has created an environment hospitable to the growth of radical Islam and to radical Islamists murder of Americans. Hillary Clinton offers no stark break with that shameful past. Indeed, she condoned the very policies responsible for America’s decline while serving as Secretary of State. Throughout the campaign, she has wooed the far left wing of her party and select minorities on promises to maintain the very Obama Administration policies responsible for making America vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

Donald Trump remains the only candidate committed to a dramatic break with Obama appeasement with radical Islam and its principal state sponsor, Iran. Trump would reinvigorate the military, using all necessary force to eradicate radical Islamic terrorists around the world, would secure the borders and would severely limit immigration into the United States from those countries from which radical Islamic terrorists hail. He means to ramp up the intelligence and military campaigns against radical Islamic terror by ferreting out and destroying radical Islamists wherever they may be.

The recent terrorist incidents in New York and New Jersey make apparent just how vulnerable we are under the current Administration. Those incidents underscore the need for a break with that failed past and the need for new leadership that puts the interests of the United States first and does not apologize for the nation but demands respect for it around the world (and enforces those demands with decisive military action).

The election of Hillary Clinton sends a clear signal to our enemies that America will continue along the self-destructive path of reductionism championed by Obama. They know Hillary to be the very person responsible for misleading the nation as to the true source of the Benghazi terrorist attacks; the very person who failed to defend American lives in Benghazi when the U.S. diplomatic compound was under attack; the very person who, to keep her corrupt private dealings secret, placed all email correspondence to her office on a highly vulnerable private server, including top secret correspondence; and the very person who has joined Obama in favoring the deal with Iran that funds Iran’s sponsorship of terror and hastens the day when Iran obtains nuclear weapons. Hillary Clinton is thus viewed as weak and reliably inconsistent in defending America’s interests, the ideal choice for radical Islamic terrorists.

The election of Donald Trump sends an equally clear signal to our enemies that America will no longer continue along the self-destructive path of reductionism championed by Obama. They know he will invest heavily in expanding the power and extent of the American military. They know that he will view as a personal assault any attack on Americans lives or interests and will respond swiftly and decisively with overwhelming force to irradicate not just those who instigated the attack but all those who provided aid, comfort, and support for the attackers. They know he will do whatever it takes to annihilate radical Islam, including seeking a declaration of war against radical Islamic terrorists, thus making radical Islam the official enemy of the United States and the official target of the United States military. They know he will secure the nation’s borders and repudiate the deal with Iran, condemning that state sponsor of terror in no uncertain terms. They also fear Trump because they cannot predict what methods he will use in ferreting out terror and destroying it.

They also know that Trump has neither the corrupt history of Clinton in public office nor her willingness to permit the sacrifice of American blood for personal convenience. Trump’s commitment to protecting the interests of the United States is unwavering, and he will defend those interests consistently and zealously, and they know that well.

This election is thus pivotal not only because it will determine who will sit on the Supreme Court and the direction of the court for decades, will determine whether American enterprise will be unleashed from job killing and innovation stifling regulations and taxation, but also because it will send a message to the world concerning whether the American empire will continue to abandon defense of its own interests and whether the people of the United States have voted in favor of a move from a defensive, limited engagement against radical Islamic terrorist assaults to an offensive battle to annihilate radical Islamic terrorists wherever they may be.

© 2016 Jonathan W. Emord – All Rights Reserved


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