As I think back over the past year – the past 7 years, to be more precise – we have lost the most important commodity possible: Truth.

Veritas. Truth. It’s been missing in action for a long time.

One symptom of lost truth is what Republican Presidential candidates refer to as “political correctness.” The only reason political correctness exists is so people can avoid truth. It is why we have no meaningful laws in our courtrooms. It is behind much of the post traumatic stress suffered by so many of our soldiers. They have no idea about government corruption until they serve their country and find the government cares more about the lives of the enemy than its own warriors and veterans.

A few months ago, I wrote an article stating the political establishment has no idea how badly it had damaged America by making it apparent the government cannot be trusted to act in the public, rather than the political, interest. The anger we see towards the political establishment in the current election is a mere reflection of that anger – and it is only the tip of an iceberg.

Political correctness has brought the American public to the brink of revolt (which is a bad idea… the other side controls all of the weapons of war). The loss of truth has caused a social upheaval that has wreaked havoc in the hearts of people worldwide and does harm far beyond our shores. What is political correctness if not accepting as truth various opinions your common sense tells you are not true? That is what Donald Trump (University of Pennsylvania) sees so clearly and what he very capably tells the American public. He has common sense and a lack of fear of the crowd from Yale… the skull and bonesmen.

Knowing what we know about the Skull and Bones club at Yale, why would we ever even think of electing to office anyone who graduated from that school? (By the way, only two Presidential candidates are Yale grads: Dr. Ben Carson and Hillary Clinton… and neither were skull and bonesmen).

What do we know about Yale graduates?

We know Prescott Bush was a Yale skull and bonesman… class of 1917. We know E. Roland Harriman was part of the same class as Bush – 1917. We know Averill Harriman was Roland’s brother and we know Prescott Bush and Averill formed an American investment bank and that they funded the Nazis during World War II. Though their banks were taken from them because of the treason they perpetrated against us, neither was prosecuted – and their losses from the confiscation of their property weren’t really losses because the money was returned to them. The lack of prosecution is a big red flag that these two men were not operating independently.

Some people say the treachery against America started with F. Trubee Davison who graduated from Yale a year after Bush and Harriman… 1918. Yes, Trubee was also a skull and bonesman. He became Assistant U.S. Secretary of War, a State Representative in New York, and, after World War II, the first Personnel Director at the newly-formed CIA. Prescott Bush, a former OSS chief, was heavily involved in structuring the CIA and Prescott’s son, George Herbert Walker Bush, became the Agency’s 11th Director just prior to becoming Vice President of the United States.

Ronald Reagan rejected G.H.W. Bush (a Yale grad and skull and bonesman – so is his son, George W.) as his running mate in the 1980 election. The same Republican National Committee that is working so hard today to make you want Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio (neither went to Yale) and to reject electable conservative candidates insisted Reagan accept Bush or do without funds to take the Presidency from Jimmy Carter.

Within months of becoming President of the United States, an assassination attempt badly disabled Reagan. Bill O’Reilly documents this well-researched fact in his book, Killing Reagan. Many of the decisions pushed through the Congress came from Bush, not Reagan. Yes. I refer specifically to the Contra dirty laundry, guns for oil, guns for drugs, the drug routes and air landing sites, etc.. Bill Clinton is a good friend of G.H.W. Bush and the family. Ollie North, now with Fox News, worked for G.H.W. Bush, not President Reagan.

The loss of truth did not begin with the Obama administration. It merely became more apparent during the past 7 years. It began long ago, largely with the Rothschild era, but it has been carried on enthusiastically by those who think of themselves as progressive. It boggles the brain that so many people who think they are intellectually superior to the average American can watch the social order being dragged back to the cave post haste and think their ideas and ideals are “progressive.” What they are doing could not be more regressive!

Being educated has little to do with common sense. Being knowledgeable is quite different from being informed and/or educated. Knowledge requires hands-on experience implementing information and seeing whether it benefits or harms the objective to be achieved. One cannot gain wisdom from ideas and philosophy about what ought to work. That comes only from experience… and from there common sense derives.

We have let them steal our common sense. We didn’t fight very hard to keep it.

When people motivated by power close in on their objective of exercising total world power, they become careless in their arrogance. What pleasure does power offer, after all, if one must wear it with humility… quietly like a shadow sneaking through the darkness? Power brings wealth, but wealth can be boring. There are only so many things you can buy, so many trips you can take, so many cruises on which you can embark… eventually a wealthy ego wants to be recognized for achievements it probably did little to achieve. That is what has happened during the past 7 years. Arrogance now reigns supreme.

Does listening to truth-based common sense make you a racist or a homophone or a religious zealot? No. There is nothing racist or homophobic or religious about the truth and that is the greatest lesson we should all learn from 2015.

Is political correctness everyone else’s fault? No. It is the fault of people who are afraid of being thought racist or homophobic or religious fanatics. When your common sense tells you that you are not a homophobe, stand up at your next school board meeting and object to teachers who want your third graders to be told how wonderful the homosexual lifestyle is. Those who think you are homophobic or anti-religious or racist in the obvious face of opposing logic are the ones with a problem, not you. Do your research and object on reasons of common sense, not opinion.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind about truth (which is merely a set of facts that provides evidence of the existence of truth):

1. To find truth you must have a deep and abiding desire for it and when you find it, test it (gain experience) to verify it.
2. Recognize that many things are not what they seem to be. Others want to convince you that what they say is true so you will support their message of untruth. They will use deceit to achieve that goal. Trust but verify.
3. Question your own assumptions and premises as strongly as you question those of others who disagree with you.
4. Truth is like an onion. It is often buried beneath several layers. The deeper it is buried, the more important it is to strip away that which covers it. Those who have dark secrets cover their lies with layers of deception. The greater the deception, the deeper is the cover. That should explain why so many political candidates convince people they will support conservative causes, then vote liberal or neo-conservative (RINOs). Too few layers of the truth onion were peeled back.
5. Truth has nothing to do with “feelings” or “emotions.” Just because something feels right or good doesn’t make it true. Base your views on facts and objective reality. In this day and age of misinformation and disinformation, it is critical to look at ALL facts, not just those that support your opinions.
6. Require all people (including yourself) to be accountable for their lies and opinions because people are hurt when untruths are used to achieve an objective. Being accountable doesn’t mean saying “I’m sorry.” It means paying for and correcting problems lies create. It’s called “justice.”
7. Challenge the motives of those in positions of power – that includes politicians, teachers, nurses, policemen, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, etc. The powerless are often attracted to positions of power (though the great majority choose their careers for the right reasons). When they do something that doesn’t make sense, question it. Never fear asking your doctor to read you the side effects of any prescribed medication, for example.
8. Welcome dissent. Debate and responding to criticism sharpens your mind. Don’t argue; rather, discuss. Passion is okay; anger is not.
9. To be humble does not mean lying down and letting others use you as a doormat. It means keeping an open mind. An expert who closes his/her mind to changes in their area of expertise loses the status of “expert.” Be clear in defining the words you use.

If more of us would just stop letting fear motivate us, political correctness would be quickly sent to the woodshed.

It is time for us to give common sense the respect it is due. Remember, though, that common sense is based on a perception of truth That is why returning to a truth-based society is so important. Without truth, there is no sane concept of common sense. Without truth and common sense, we cannot get rid of political correctness.

Why fight if you can live without fighting?

If you don’t fight (and I do not refer here to a lawless revolt against authority), you’ll lose your freedom and live life as a slave. If that’s what you want for you and your kids, okay… but don’t complain about the chains that come with lost freedom. You asked for it.

2016 Marilyn M. Barnewall – All Rights Reserved

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