By Lex Greene

October 12, 2022

In politics today, things are seldom what they seem. Some things might be though, like the sudden timing of Tulsi Gabbards urgent leap from the sinking Socialist Democrat Party ship, while hundreds of other rats are jumping off as fast as they can.

On February 21, 2022, Tulsi’s name still appeared on Klaus Schwab’s WEF Young Global Leaders list, which was collected and reported by HERE, with over 7000 views. Less than a month later, her name was scrubbed from the list of Young Global Leaders on the WEF web site, reported HERE.

For quite some time now, Gabbard has been saying a lot of things that seem on the surface, to align with Republican Party Platform positions. Yet, she remained a member of the Socialist Democrat Party until 30-days out from a mid-term election cycle that pretty much everyone agrees, may totally destroy America’s socialist democrats. That’s when Tulsi finally decided to jump ship…along with others.

Now, I don’t claim to know what’s in Tulsi’s heart or mind, or what this recent leap from the DNC really means, and no one else knows either, except Tulsi, or maybe her political handlers. But she sure wouldn’t be the first democrat to run for office as a Republican or Independent, that wasn’t really Republican, Independent, or conservative. This is what we now call “RINOs” in the Republican Party, pretend conservatives in speech, but not in practice after elected.

One thing is certain, when political firebrand President Trump answered the call of the people to enter the sewer of politics in 2015, causing an all-out open global assault on everyone and everything that bears the Trump name, he unified an AMERICA FIRST movement that had been swelling up for years. That movement may have now become the most powerful political movement in the USA and even the world, as people rise up against their failed socialist governments all over the globe.

Even card-carrying communist Bernie Sanders is now openly attacking his Democrat Party for going “so far left” that no sane person can vote for any democrat or socialist in 2022. Since Obama’s Biden regime seized power in January 2021, the USA has been racing downhill like a snowball headed for hell, as my ole buddy Merle once said

Maybe Gabbard has simply read the tea leaves. With record inflation, supply line shortages, the deepest divisions in U.S. history, O’Biden wars on every corner, rising violence in U.S. cities, and her party leadership labeling more than half of the country “terrorists, extremists, insurrectionists” and calling to “eliminate” everyone who holds a different political point of view, can anyone with even half a mind claim this insanity now? Seems Tulsi can’t any longer.

Forty-two years ago, it was Ronald Reagan who first made it popular to jump from his lifelong democrat party and join the GOP, claiming that the party had left him long ago. He ran democrat failure Jimmy Carter from office in a landslide and made millions proud to be American again. But he also launched the idea of an all-inclusive “BIG TENT” republican party, which is now half full of democrats (aka RINOs).

Many have left the democrat party since for the same reasons. But many have left the GOP too, as RINOs gained an ever growing presence within the GOP, in great part, due to democrats jumping parties, or just running on republican tickets in deep RED districts, where a democrat has no chance. That’s about 90% of the voting precincts in the country.

There are no “blue states” in the USA, just a handful of blue cities. Democrats win elections once they control major population centers. Even New York, Illinois and California are mostly RED states. But their voters are outnumbered by the massive voting power in their major cities, nearly all of which are democrat controlled and in rapid decline. Texas too now…

The thing about “facts” is they stand on their own side, and they don’t care if you like them or not. To say that “facts” are a stubborn thing is a gross understatement. Hating them won’t change a thing. Ignoring them will cause your own demise.

Because democrats have such a long distinguished history of lying to gain power, going back more than a hundred years, creating mass-divisions everywhere they can, and turning on their own as fast as they turn on their opponents, we simply cannot take anything for granted, or at face value today. We must question everyone and everything.

To be certain, politics is a TEAM sport and if you are not part of a winning TEAM, you’re not really in the sport at all. The single largest voting bloc in the USA today claims “independent” status. But most are not actually “independent.” They just can’t stand to be publicly associated with any political party today, because on some level, they are all full of corruption.

Has Tulsi truly had a sudden political epiphany? Is she really abandoning her lifelong democrat party belief system? Or is she really still a Young Global Leader for Klaus Schwab and his demonic Great Reset underway globally?

I don’t know the answer to this question, and most likely, neither do you. But she did endorse Joe Biden in 2020…and she is a Klaus Schwab trained “global leader,” whether she still appears on their web site or not.

Right now, would be the worst time in history to make such a mistake. In less than 30-days, The People will have a chance to wipe out the tyrannical totalitarian leadership in DC and beyond, creating our own AMERICA FIRST reset. If we don’t pay close attention and get it right, there’s no one to blame but ourselves.

Fool me once, shame on you! But twice, shame on me!

You see, political campaigns are not about “Making America Great Again.” Political campaigns are solely about raising money and garnering votes. Most politicians know what you want to hear, so that’s what they will tell you, not intending to do it, but just to extract your money and gain your vote. After they raise the money and gain your vote, their top priority is to be re-elected, not because they deserve to be, but because they are an incumbent now, hard to remove from office.

If the DOJ investigated every member of government who has become wealthy via “insider trading” in the market, or international money laundering like the Bidens, we would have no one left in government…which is why the DOJ looks the other way and focuses on what you did wrong instead.

I too agree with much of what Tulsi is saying lately, and I too hope she means every word of it. But I won’t risk the future of freedom and liberty on it! Will you?

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