The 1965 Immigration Reform Act, forced into law by former Senator Teddy Kennedy—continues to work its destructive trickery across the American landscape 53 years later—and counting.

It forced Americans to absorb 1.2 to 1.5 million legal third world immigrants onto this land annually without any understanding of the environmental, sociological, linguistic and cultural impacts upon U.S. citizens.  Adding 130,000,000 people to this country since 1965, its environmental, quality of life and standard of living consequences compound annually.  The sociological impacts of adding hundreds of different cultures surface in every city across America.

That one Congressional Act, expects to add another 100,000,000 (million) immigrants by 2050—a scant 32 years from now.  Yet, not a single governor, mayor or city council across America’s landscape offers a whisper as to the consequences already being played out in communities across this great land.  One U.S. Senator, Tom Cotton from Arkansas sees the final result, and introduced a bill to cut all immigration in half.  But his bill languishes in committee like other bills trying to stop chain-migration and diversity visas.

Incredible money and power brokers fight to keep the immigrant flow at full spigot.

All the while, contentious race relations degrade with every evening news report in every city affected by immigration.  Educational systems flounder with hundreds of languages, cultures and world views.  Our infrastructure decays out from under our noses while we pay trillions of dollars for immigrant food, housing, medical and educational care.  The EBT card remains the golden ticket to insure immigrants enjoy welfare for the rest of their lives—while not contributing anything for their own upkeep as Americans.

All the while, California features miles and miles of tent cities.  Immigrant families from Mexico live in storage lockers and cardboard shacks on the outskirts of Los Angeles.  Chicago, Illinois features more killings annually than any other city in America.  Denver features 173 different languages in its public school system. Miami, Minneapolis and Detroit feature Moslem immigrants attempting to install Sharia Law into their communities—totally contrary to U.S. Constitutional Law.

America today, averages 23 to 27 honor killings of their women annually via Moslem immigrants and 500,000 cases of female genital mutilation—here in America.  (Source: Ed O’Callihan, Asst Attorney, Homeland Security, February 2, 2018, White House press conference.)

All the while, MS 13 gangs distribute $50 billion annually in drugs to our kids across 48 states—resulting in 13 teen drug overdose deaths 24/7.  Deep state mafia dons command billions in drug money.  We pay with our kids’ lives and billions for drug rehab.  But most of our Congressional members fight to keep the borders open for drug transport.

Do you know what creates a third world country?  Lack of laws!  In fact, corruption becomes a mechanism for upholding the power brokers of a third world country.  Leaders insure that the public lacks an educational system to create ‘thinking and active’ citizens. Nothing worse to third world leaders than an educated population.

The United States Educational System Degrading Quickly

This story shows the power of corruption in Texas.  US Census Bureau experts project Texas adding 10 million more people by 2050 or sooner.  Additionally, Texas will become a new Mexican-Latino-Hispanic majority by 2050 or sooner.

“I’ve communicated with you in the past month or so, and I wanted to be sure to thank you for your article concerning illegal aliens and the Muslims that will never become Americanized,” she said. “Everything you wrote in your article is so very true and I couldn’t agree with you more. I wish that every American could read your article.

“I was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas during the early 40’s. At that time, Corpus had few Mexican citizens and our population was probably between 75,000-100,000 people. When I first started school, I remember that Spanish was not allowed to be spoken on the school grounds. The high school I attended and graduated from had very few Mexicans in attendance. Due to the increase in population over the years, more schools have been built.

“After leaving the area soon after graduation, I returned years later. I now live 45 minutes away from Corpus.  During my four years that I’ve lived here, I have seen major changes. The population in Corpus has now grown to over 300,000 and the majority are now predominantly Mexicans.

“I have noticed there are more inter-racial marriages between Anglos and Mexicans. I do know there was a lot of prejudice among the Anglos against Mexicans in our community, but not to any extent at that time with most kids going to high school. The present majority of high school students where I graduated are Mexicans. The majority of the city council is composed of Mexicans. Anglos have become the minority in Corpus.

“La Raza is now a permanent fixture and sponsors many activities for the young!  Our once conservative newspaper employs a very liberal editor and staff and they are one of the most liberal newspapers of any city in this area. (The editor is constantly hammering our President.)

“I am now in the minority. The Mexican mafia now occupies the city. There are numerous shootings, killings, robberies, wife or girlfriend beatings or killings and drug related crimes.

“It is the liberal groups such as LaRaza that have stirred up and promoted the protests for the Mexicans living here illegally. This happened not long ago in a smaller town in my area, where the business owners and illegals they employed were all arrested. Thank you, ICE agents!

“Years ago, I remember that La Raza made a statement that in the years ahead, they would take back Texas by expanding their Mexican population. I am seeing their promise come to fruition. Their philosophy sounds much like the Muslim philosophy!

“In the small town where I live, I have seen many Mexicans who I know are illegal aliens who cannot speak one word of English. Many work in local restaurants serving and handling our food. I know, too, that many Mexican families are harboring these illegals in our towns across Texas. I know they bring to us TB and other diseases that—as you have stated — are unchecked at the border.

“I think the most important message that I would like to communicate concerns a recent video I viewed on YouTube. It was about the immigrants who have flooded England. This video pretty much summed up things that will come about in the US if we don’t control our borders and deport those who are here illegally.

“What struck me most about this video was what an older English couple had to say—with the flood of immigrants to their country, they felt they had lost their “sense of their country”— their “sense of being English”. This couple had nothing in common with their neighbors. They wanted to leave their home they had occupied for many years to go live where they could find other English people with whom they shared commonalities.  I think this is what is most feared by those who recognize the truth about illegal immigration.  The fear of their sense of “being American” is slowly diluting Americans by illegal or the Muslim population.

“I know like many do that this is the goal of the liberal left and Globalist. If we do not expel these illegal aliens and Muslims in our country soon, this is exactly what all of us will experience in the near future. Frankly, I am for closing our border completely.  I really think that time has come. We now have a full house!

“I agree as you have pointed out in your article, that the deportation of 20 million illegals would save Americans a lot of expenses that has been foisted on the American taxpayers. I can honest say I am sick to death of these lying people and the hold they have on our country. They and our liberal media are like a vicious cancerous growth spreading poison throughout our country.

“We desperately need the wall built and the deportation of the millions of illegal aliens as well as the Muslims that do not wish to assimilate in our country. It is my prayer that not only will God protect our President and family, but for Him to guide the people of our country to have the wisdom to vote these liberals out of office. I pray He breaks up the stranglehold they have on our country.”

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