by Lee Duigon

There are two things we need to know about COVID, but whose questions can be heard in the middle of a stampede?

Why this should have even been a stampede leads us to the first question. What is so uniquely terrible about this virus that it forces governments to take extreme measures whose like we’ve never seen before?

I remember the polio epidemic from my childhood, and any number of flu scares, some of which were much deadlier than COVID-19. But I don’t remember any lockdowns, I don’t remember any wholesale cancellation of ordinary personal liberty, and I certainly don’t remember any “mandates.”

Why haven’t we had our president sit down in front of the TV camera and say, “My fellow Americans, here’s why we have to do these things we’ve never done before…”? And if the president doesn’t know why, and if there’s no one else who can tell us—then why in the world should we be expected to comply? Aren’t we entitled to some reasons? What makes this the scariest disease ever?

Unless you’re already sick with something else, or saddled with some other medical condition that puts you at high risk, the survival rate for this disease is over 99 percent. For that we let the government herd us around like livestock? For that we had to sacrifice our family holidays, church services, workouts at the gym, and more? To say nothing of a censorship regime that’s butchered our First Amendment rights.

And that’s America. By contrast, Australia has dived headfirst into a full Soviet Union makeover. The state of South Australia is going to use high technology to keep tabs on all its, er, “citizens.” They’ll subject you to random checks on your whereabouts, via your cell phone; and if you don’t text the government within 15 minutes of receiving the message, they’ll sic the cops on you. And they brag about it, too. Red China’s got nothing on Australia.

I’m not saying that there is no COVID. I’m saying we’re entitled to some reasons for these freakin’ mandates—something rather more cogent and persuasive than just “to keep you safe.”

The other question that demands an answer is this. If these new “vaccines”—which might be more accurately called “experimental gene therapy undertaken with no information as to long-term effects”—are so good, so effective, so safe—then why are so many healthcare professionals refusing to be vaccinated, even at the cost of their jobs?

Our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. assure us that it’s only a handful of malcontents who only want to rock the boat; but since when do noozies tell the truth? Heaven help us if we listen to them! When a credentialed doctor or a nurse would rather give up his livelihood than get a shot, we ought to sit up and take notice. We’re also being told that this could lead to a serious manpower shortage in our hospitals and clinics. Either one nooze report or the other must be dead wrong.

We are tempted to ask, “How much of this is really necessary?” Is this an experiment in global government, to see what they have to do to force everybody in the world to do as they say? We’ve never before seen such a world-wide campaign to control all the people, everywhere. One gets the impression that the globalists were waiting for it—waiting for some excuse to crack down on us.

We must dig in and declare: no answers, no compliance. Government is already too big, too intrusive, too enamored of visions of control. It needs to be trimmed back before it suffocates us altogether. We do not want to live in some globalists’ crack-brained vision of “The Hunger Games.”

No answers, no compliance. We really must insist on that.

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