“Greed is a fat demon with a small mouth and whatever you feed it is never enough.” —Janwillem van de Wetering

Teneo and Ed Rollins

Teneo was actually founded by Hillary’s former ambassador to Ireland, Declan Kelly, and Bill Clinton’s former aide, Doug Band. Even Huma Abedin, Hillary’s closest aide, has worked for Teneo. The founders of Teneo have profited by their close affiliations with the Clintons. Guess who is promoting this unauthorized Trump PAC via email?

Dominionist/Reconstructionist Gary DeMar

A good friend of mine with a sharp eye, scrolled the email she received from Ed Rollins’ Great America PAC. What she found at the bottom of the email was very telling.

Copyright © 2016. PatriotUpdate.com is a member of Liberty Alliance (address). All rights reserved.

147 Ponderosa Trail | Dallas, GA 30132

The Dallas Georgia address belongs to Gary DeMar of American Vision. Here is the leadership of Liberty Alliance, and virtually all of them are Dominionists/Reconstructionists (D/R). Note that Gary DeMar of American Vision is on the Liberty Alliance board. Scroll down the page to see their member sites and partners.

Google map the address at the bottom of the email. Then Google the address itself in a search engine. Then google it with “American Vision” and/or “Gary DeMar.” This address has come up on dozens of campaign email literature this past year and some smart researchers have tracked it to this 147 Ponderosa Trail, which is the SAME ADDRESS as Gary DeMar’s headquarters.

For a while DeMar was hard-core pro-Cruz, but it appears he has switched now. What concerns me the most is that this 147 Ponderosa Trail is the repository of all of DATABANKING going on — anyone who presses reply, or donate, is then part of DeMar’s LISTS! This is building a Reconstructionist empire, and bet me Ed Rollins and gang have gotten the lists of a great many groups of people.

Other DeMar promoted Email Websites

Clash Daily – Note, Steve Deace and Mark Levin, both supporters of Dominionist Ted Cruz, and both support a Constitutional Convention with Cruz.

Patriot Depot – Note the request for funds from Ted Cruz for President.

TedCruz.org – Note, Patriot Update and Liberty Alliance at the bottom of page. 

Patriot Update – member of Liberty Alliance and also promoting Rubio.

Patriot Update – And here’s more datamining with a presidential primary survey by none other than Reince Priebus, Chairman of the RNC.


There are far too many websites to list, although if you’ll click on the leadership of Liberty Alliance and scroll to “member sites,” you’ll see the many websites affiliated with D/R Gary Demar’s American Vision address. Liberty Alliance promotes fellow Reconstructionists/Dominionist websites and people, Eagle Rising, Godfather Politics, Political Outcast, and dozens and dozens more.

Thanks to some vigilant researchers, and you two gals know who you are, now everyone will know the various sites which are emailed and promoted by Liberty Alliance. One needs only to look at the address of 147 Ponderosa Trail, in Dallas, Georgia, or for Patriot Depot and Liberty Alliance at the bottom of the email, to know you’re in a website promoted by D/R Gary DeMar.

Gary DeMar’s Liberty Alliance is promoting Ed Rollins unauthorized Great America PAC via email, and to lists garnered in various ways. They even have the anti-Common Core lists from Glenn Beck and David Barton, so I’m sure you’ll see one of Rollins’ emails in your inbox. When you do, you’ll now know who is sending and promoting it.

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