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Dear NWV Readers,

As promised, this is an update about my daughter-in-law’s, Tiffany, cancer treatment progress at the Hope4Cancer clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.

She is now back home again and baby Keira is so excited, she wants to cuddle with her mom all the time. Daddy, Sten, is happy to have his wife back! It’s wonderful to have her home again. Every three months, for a whole year, she will return to the clinic for a weekend of treatment and further testing and then return to continue treatment at home.

We are very excited to report that after three weeks of treatment, her breast tumor has already shrunk a little! What a blessing! Needless to say we are all getting a little relief. In the letter below, Tiffany tells her story of the emotions she went through when first finding out she had breast cancer, her experience with seeing various conventional doctors and how she finally decided on the integrative way of treatment. I think you will find it very enlightening and highly recommend you pass it on to someone you know in the same situation.

You may follow her journey in beating breast cancer on or on your smart phone. Her user name is: newborn living. You have to download the app on your smart phone. This way you can see it in real time. She will continue posting on Instagram and through her year long treatment.  You may also communicate with Tiffany via email at  and NWV will also continue with periodic updates.

Again, thank you so much for your support!

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The following letter was written and posted by Tiffany Kerwin on her Go-Fund-Me page.


Why I Choose An Integrative Approach To Fight Breast Cancer

By Tiffany Kerwin

Hi Everyone,

First, let’s talk about the role of fear. When you hear the words “you have cancer”, your whole world gets flipped upside down, your emotions go sky high, mental chaos ensues and you barely hear the words spoken after that.

Physically your body seizes, cortisol floods your body, fight or flight kicks in, your heart races and drops to your feet and ultimately you’re in a complete state of shock.

It’s impossible to have a clear thought, suddenly your body starts shaking and the tears pour out like a waterfall.

Nothing will ever prepare you for the words “you have cancer”.

The first few weeks are a blur. Suddenly you have a million things on your schedule, doctors visits, scans, poking, prodding, white coats, clip boards… all you really hear is Charlie Brown’s teacher. You know, the inaudible “blah blah blah”.

Fear sits with you, looming over you. Ultimately dictating what you will do… IF you let it! You CANNOT make life altering decisions based on heightened emotions and fear… yet conventional doctors capitalize on this and it’s why we “believe” that surgery, chemo and radiation are the only way. (Not to mention how they down talk holistic care… again this is what they’re taught and rarely do they do their own research to know for sure and don’t get me started on the “studies” they quote to “prove” their point)

For me, I knew I needed to sit on these emotions, let the shock take its course, BUT I also knew I could not live in that space. Clear, precise action needed to be taken. FEAR had no place here!

Denial crept in for a little bit after all my blood tests kept coming back normal. “If the blood panels show I’m good, then I must be cancer free, it’s benign” is what I kept telling myself.

Then, we got final results and it was Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma AKA Breast Cancer  well, sh*t, so much for benign.

My husband and I knew we had to take action quickly. For me and my research brain, my task was to learn everything I could about ALL treatments.

I needed to know everything about conventional, integrative and straight up natural treatments. The more I could gather, the better to make an INFORMED decision. Everything the doctors told me, I would research. I didn’t just take their word for it. (Read that last sentence again)

I reached out to patients from different clinics asking about their Diagnosis, stages, what treatments they had done, and how their journey was to date.

I prayed. I listened. I sat on all the information I could. Friends sent me what they had learned (I had a team researching without knowing it) and then it came down to decision week.

I had “final” interviews with all the doctors in one week. We gave ourselves a deadline to make a decision on our course of  action by Sunday night of that week.

But here’s what sealed the deal for me to go with integrative medicine. It’s the best of both worlds. If you have been following me, you’ll know that I believe that there should be a beautiful synergy between conventional and holistic practices. As it gives you the full picture of what’s going on as well as having the resources to take care of all your needs.

In that week, when I sat with the oncologist, I looked him directly in the eye and asked him “ while you will be pumping me full of toxins with chemo, what will you be doing to help support my body and build my immune system and keep my liver, kidneys and overall health up to par?”

His response, “Well, I think what your husband and you are doing is really great.” (we had been doing a lot of holistic therapies to help build my body’s natural abilities to heal) but he offered nothing outside of his empty response. (“Typical!”, I thought to myself)

When I asked him if he had done any other research and education outside of conventional practices, he tried to dodge the question and essentially ended up trying to say not to go into debt with holistic practices and that conventional practices were “proven”. Followed by his pride in all the conferences he’d been to, etc, blah blah blah.

Every time I tried to talk about a holistic approach, he would nod his head “ok” and then he would change the topic and get back to “chemo is the way, followed by surgery and radiation to make sure we get it all.”

At this point I had learned enough to know that chemo doesn’t kill the cancer stem cells. It in fact exacerbates them!! In the long run, it makes the cancer stem cell stronger and more aggressive, which is partly why there is such a high recurrence within a few years. Not to mention why chemo is less effective next time because the stem cell got smarter and stronger, building a stronger resistance to treatment. (Remind me: why would I want to do this?)

What they’re doing with chemo is killing cancer cells (which is good) BUT they’re not getting to the root cause (bad)!. They’re not killing circulating tumor cells (CTCs)  [look up “Truth About Cancer” for deeper resources on this and cancer info] which is why cancer is “coming back”. Once they see the cancer is “gone” they tell patients they’re in remission. But more often than not, those CTCs are still there, waiting for their next opportunity to grow again.

Therein lies the problem… conventional doctors are treating ONE aspect. They are not looking at the WHOLE picture. They’re treating the disease, not the person. That’s an issue. A really big one!

So, when I asked how we would treat me as a whole and support my body while simultaneously poisoning it (let’s call a spade a spade here) How could I possibly work with a Doctor who didn’t have the whole picture of body, mind and soul? He didn’t understand how all three are integrated and affect each other.

The fact is you cannot separate any of them, every psychological reaction creates a physiological reaction! That’s the straight truth. Psychology 101.

How could I work with someone who thought science was smarter than the innate ability the body has to heal when given the right support??

I knew right then and there that integrative was the way to go. Not to mention every time he would talk about the cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach sent my insides SCREAMING.

After consulting with Hope 4 Cancer, speaking to their patients online, and reading through Dr. Tony’s book, it was an obvious choice!

All this to say, YOU have to be your own advocate. You need to interview your doctors, question everything, do your research before you sit down with them.  EDUCATE yourself! Make a list of questions, and hard ones too!

Ask ALL of the questions. This is YOUR body. This is your LIFE! Listen to your intuition! If it doesn’t feel right, honor that and explore WHY it doesn’t feel right. You owe it to yourself to understand. Without knowledge how can you make an informed decision?

The sad truth is, conventional doctors aren’t taught about health. They are taught about emergency and extreme situations. They are taught about SICK care. And we need that, don’t get me wrong, but that should be the minority of the time, not the majority! There is far TOO much medical intervention happening!

Pregnancy and birth is a perfect example of that. Women are created for childbirth, but conventional medicine has brainwashed us into thinking we “need” intervention to avoid complications. The truth is those interventions are creating HIGHER risks! Pitocin is one of the worst things you could give a woman. It doesn’t induce labor, 9/10 it prolongs it and puts stress on the mother and unborn child, often times leading to C-section.. something that could be totally avoided!

Now, I don’t want to demonize all conventional doctors. There are some that are waking up to the broader picture of health and doing the research and there absolutely IS a time and place for intervention. But we have a long ways to go until we reach that point of more open minded, progressive practitioners on a broader scale… who are looking at you as WHOLE!

I want to encourage you to step up and do the research. Seriously, this is your life! This is the difference between life or death!!

Cross your t’s, dot your i’s and feel good when you lay your head down at night that you are making an informed decision and that you are at peace! ♥

Do not let fear override you. Pray!  Seek wise counsel. Get hands on prayer, ask for healing. Trust that God wants health, healing and joy for you!

His will is NOT sickness, fear or death. That’s why he died on the cross to SAVE us! I have worked through quite a bit of spiritual and emotional work (and more to go) and I can confirm what the Bible says:

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” -Ephesians 6:12 NIV

Friends, there IS freedom! There IS healing! We are over-comers! We are fighting a battle against the enemy. He attacks us in so many ways everyday. There are spirits of infirmity. It’s all through the New Testament. Jesus healed the sick, cast out demons of sickness. Look it up.

You CAN do this. You CAN overcome whatever your obstacle is with Jesus! ♥ But you also have to do your part. Educate. Research. Learn. Ask. In all things, Pray.

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