By Lex Greene

April 6, 2022

Sometimes the truth hurts, but it’s still truth alone, that can set us free.

Women once held the most important position on earth, the job of raising the next generation of decent Citizens capable and deserving of freedom, liberty, and self-governance. Safely carrying an infant to full term and giving birth to a healthy child is where the job begins. I’m not sure the job really ever ends after that. Once a mother, always a mother.

But coming out of WWII, when many mothers left home to work outside the home, as many fathers were sent away to war, the USA changed and as the fruit from that tree has proven since, not for the better. For the past few generations, many children have been left to raise themselves, or left to the “village” for raising, as more and more kids became latchkey kids, often raised by an electronic babysitter, the TV, video games and social media.

The result is what we see in cities across the USA today, drug addiction, school shootings, vandalism, looting, arson, gang violence and increasing suicide. Especially after the past two years of COVID scams and fatal medical mandates, younger generations are struggling to see anything positive in their futures.

Roe v. Wade (1973) has taught every child since, that human life has no value. The life of a human being is easily discarded for mere convenience of the mother. Over 70-million innocent defenseless Natural Born Americans have been murdered in the womb since.

Although the taking of an innocent life of another human being (not in self-defense) is the definition of “murder,” somehow, this particular form of murder has been widely accepted as “a mother’s right.” That child in the womb belongs to the father as much as the mother. But this is not what most women have been misled to believe.

I used to believe that women were much smarter than men, until they decided they wanted to be men. I used to believe that women were much better than men, until I saw millions of women murdering their own children in the womb.

LET THIS SINK IN…American women have killed more innocent American children since 1973 than people killed by American men in all wars combined since 1776!

Somewhere along the way, women bought into the false notion that their value is only based upon their level of formal education and the career choices they make. Full-time mothers have been looked down upon for many years now, as if their contribution to society has little or no value, when in fact, there is no more important job on earth than that of a mother.

Of course, taxation reaching and surpassing the 50% of income mark has a lot to do with households needing two incomes to survive. Still, the greatest value any woman could ever hold is the value of a mother, responsible for raising the next generation of decent human beings. Without this person, there will be no decent human beings, no decent society, and sooner or later, that will cause the breakup of the traditional family and the total collapse of any free society.

In short, as goes motherhood, so goes the nation! No generation will ever be any better than the mothers who raised them.

Women make up approximately 52% of the USA population, men 48%. As that translates in elections, women have consistently had a higher voter turnout rate than men in recent elections, approximately 63% female voter turnout as compared to 59% voter turnout among men.

Women have a 4% voter advantage over men just based upon population share alone. But because they also tend to have a higher voter turnout than men, they can largely control the outcome of pretty much every election.

Making matters even worse for the USA, women have voted overwhelmingly “democratic socialist” for years now, largely due to their support of “abortion privileges.” It’s NOT a “right.” No one has a right to extinguish the innocent life of another human being for mere personal convenience.

Recent voting trends by gender show that 50% of men tend to vote Republican, and 42% Democratic Socialist. But women tend to vote 56% Democratic Socialist and only 38% Republican. (Source)

In all three election categories, women are largely in control of the future of America.

  • 52% of the USA population
  • A higher voter turnout rate, 63% female, 59% male
  • Overwhelming democratic socialist trend, 56% of women voters, with only 38% voting for freedom and liberty, Republican

Women have tended to vote heavily democratic socialist ever since Roe v. Wade, almost as if it’s the only issue on the ballot in every election. Women won’t like being blamed for the ongoing utter demise of our country, but they are in control.

Women voters put Bill Clinton in office for two terms, despite all of the criminality, sexual misconduct, and impeachment. Women voters put Barack Obama (from Kenya) in office for two terms, despite fake birth records and a totally blank resume. Women voters almost put Hillary Clinton in office in 2016 and put Joe Biden in office in 2020.

All three, Clinton, Obama and Biden have nearly totally destroyed the USA and none of them would have ever been in office if not for the female vote.

Now, today the USA is on fire, and so is most of the world. Klaus Schwab (WEF), the UN, NATO, IMF, WHO and Biden administration have set our country on course for total collapse. The COVID19 Global Marxist Reset is well underway, and millions of Americans are trying to figure out what they can do about it, before there is nothing, they can do about it.

To save this country, freedom, liberty, sovereignty, security, and a promising future for our young, peacefully…we will have to win the November 2022 elections by vast margins. To do that, it will require women voters to wise up real fast!

  • We will have to find a way to STOP the kinds of election fraud that happened in 2020.
  • But even then, if we have an honest and transparent election process, we will still lose this country unless women voters wise up fast.

I’m a male, which means what I have to say to women doesn’t mean much. To get women to wake up and wise up in time to save freedom for all, women who are already awake and wise must speak up and reach out to women who need to be shaken awake.

Only women can cause other women to wise up today. The truth hurts, but it’s the only way to save this country and we are fast running out of time and opportunity to do it.

God Bless the GREAT mothers of this country, who fight harder to protect their young than most neutered men will today. It’s these women who must enlist the help of all other women, or this country is doomed to fall.

By the way, Roe v. Wade didn’t “legalize abortion.” First, the case wasn’t about a mothers right to kill her offspring, it was about a wife’s autonomy relative her husband. Second, courts can’t make laws, only Congress can do that.

Corrupt leftist courts have only “interpreted” Roe v. Wade to “legalize abortion” as a mothers alleged right. It’s still murder according to any laws passed by Congress.

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