By Frosty Wooldridge

June 9, 2022

From the history books, December 7, 1941 became the tipping point for the United States to respond to the massacre at Pearl Harbor with the destruction of the Pacific Fleet. The Japanese killed over 3,000 service men and women.  They destroyed 20 big ships and 300 airplanes.  They crippled America’s defense capabilities.  The next day, we entered World War II.

Two years ago, car-jacker, women abuser, felon and porno star George Floyd’s death created a black backlash that saw cities burned, people killed, and $2 billion in damages in metro areas across America.  From the violent summer of 2020, Americans were forced to deal with racial violence, racism and police brutality.  We’re still up to our eyeballs in racial conflict as you watch “The View” or Joy Reid on CNN.  It’s my guess that it hasn’t been solved in the last 50 years, and it’s going to be a mainstay of national news for the next 50 years.  Why haven’t we found solutions? Answer: because there aren’t any.

On May 24, 2022, 19 children and two teachers suffered death at the hands of an AR 15 automatic weapon in the hands of an 18-year-old emotionally deranged youth named Salvador Ramos.  It is a date that will live in infamy for all parents and school children.

Why are the Uvalde killings different than Sandy Hook, Buffalo, New York Tops Grocery Store, Columbine High School, Virginia Tech massacre, Gainesville, Georgia church shootings, University of Texas tower shooting, King Soopers killings by a Muslim immigrant in Boulder, Colorado, and a growing list of extraordinary killings by young people?

Like December 7th, our elected leaders in Washington DC and/or governors in every state must take steps to enact laws that keep, or at least, slow down the availability of automatic weapons and keep such killing machines out of the hands of emotionally disturbed youth.

But no matter how many laws we enact to prevent guns from being sold to just about anyone with a credit card or cash, what about underlying causes of massacres on the streets of America?

Actor Mathew McConaughey gave a compelling speech at a White House press conference on June 6, 2022.  It’s 21 minutes long and well worth watching:


Ironically, if not insanely, McConaughey’s fame on the silver screen came from action-films where he shot, blew up and blasted away at the bad guys.  He killed with dedicated violence.

If you’ve ever watched Criminal Minds on TV, you and your kids watch the most deranged, demented, insanely violent and horrifically monstrous killers in America.  That series must have inspired numerous nutcases to go out into the world to torture innocent people.

By following NCIS in Washington DC or NCIS in Los Angeles or NCIS in New York City, you might note that everything is settled with guns, rifles and grenades. Violence, fistfights, beatings and snipers.

The FBI shows women killing men, killing other bad guys, and blasting away at the terrorists.  The directors show women in very violent roles to give “equity of violence” on the part of women to be equal to men. In real life, you would never see that degree of female violence portrayed on the silver screen.

Look at these shows to give you an idea of what our teens watch 24/7: The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Oz, Sons of Anarchy…and the list is endless.  Violence with guns solves everything.

On any given day, a teenager can connect with the “dark side” of sexual violence across the planet! They can access S & M, revolting violence toward women, and never ending streams of sickening human behavior.

If you watch Wide World of Wrestling, you see monster men and really nasty, brutish women—bash, smash, butt heads, slam and literally beat the living hell out of each other every night of the year.  The crowds cheer with a crescendo of screaming, name-calling and total hysteria, demanding more deadly violence to bring their opponents to certain death.

Have you walked into a video arcade at your local mall lately?  Virtually every computer game allows teens to maim, bomb, murder, firebomb, behead, crush into a pile of blood, and shoot automatic weapons that splatter guts all over the screen.  They can do the same with their own computers.  Why are you shocked that Uvalde, Texas Robb Elementary School became the next Sandy Hook or Columbine?

What have our elected leaders done since Sandy Hook to prevent another Uvalde, Texas massacre?  Answer: nothing!

What Are We Doing To Our Children?

On any given weekend in Chicago, 40 to 50 African-Americans shoot one another in the streets, in homes and at parties.  Gangs kill each other for drug turf.  The same thing happens in St. Louis, LA, San Francisco, New York City, Detroit, Denver and Miami.

Why is that?  Is it possible that 7 out of 10 Black children lack fathers and live with their mother on welfare?  Is it possible that their poverty, illiteracy and mutual misery can only be solved by drugs?

As to the Latino youth Salvador Ramos, what type of mental health or sociological unhealth did he exhibit before he massacred those kids?  Who read his social media accounts and said nothing? Was anybody listening to him, watching him, or helping him? Apparently not!

Unfortunately, there are thousands of troubled kids like him.  They lack connection to family, friends and community.   Their emotional plight offers fertile grounds for the next Uvalde massacre.

Last year, 105,000 American youths overdosed on fentanyl, heroin, opioids and other drugs.  Why?  How do you travel such a known route to self-destruction?   Of course, why does the president of the United States facilitate those drugs being poured into our country?  That ongoing nightmare really blows my mind.  Why? Because those same open borders will cause another 105,000 overdose drug deaths in 2022.

Obviously, we’re rearing thousands of lost or troubled minds in America. Some self-medicate and others massacre children or people at a King Soopers grocery store.

In other words, no one addresses the root causes of violence in America.  In fact, you would find total opposition to banning violent movies, violent TV programs, violent video games, violent wrestling, violent pornographic videos, etc.

Do We Love Violence And Will We Continue To Teach Our Kids Violence?

Is Uvalde’s massacre America’s sociological December 7th “A date that will live in infamy”?

Will we change the way we rear our kids by incorporating a loving home and wholesome future?  Do we engage parenting classes for newlyweds to give that child the very best upbringing? Ramos lacked that home. Do we go into the Chicago inner-city (or any city) to build GOOD schools, after school activities, beneficial clubs, solid and fair discipline, positive expectations and wholesome community events?  Are we going to pay the best teachers a decent salary to keep them?  Are we going to clean up and stop the drugs at the border?  Are we going to award disciplined academic success with good jobs, a living wage and decent neighborhoods?

Instead of spending $6 trillion on two—20-year wars in the middle east that accomplished nothing, shouldn’t we care of our country and our jobs, and our families?  What about enacting stiff laws to prevent rampant crime, irresponsible gun sales to youth and solid jail consequences?  Who thinks selling an AR 15 automatic weapon to an 18-year-old makes common sense?

The Uvalde, Texas massacre will live on as a date in infamy. What are your thoughts on stopping the next one?

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