Venezuela, a country sitting atop the world’s largest known oil reserves that just a few decades ago was incredibly prosperous, thriving, and Latin America’s richest nation, is now plagued with chaos, starvation, and an oppressive police state. An economist calls it “the single largest economic collapse outside of war in at least 45 years.”[1]

Nevertheless, while most people see this as a disaster, at least some people see it as a total success, another example of the implementation of the New World Order in a former successful country. The first success was Cuba.

The lifestyle in Cuba under more than half a century of Castro’s regime has been disastrous. Cuba, a country that in 1959 was one of the most prosperous in the hemisphere, in many aspects just second to the U.S., is now way below Haiti. Nevertheless, in some ways Cuba still pales in comparison to the disaster unfolding right now in Venezuela as a result of the failed ideas of puppets Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro.

Venezuela’s economic collapse and the destruction of its oil production capabilities have contributed to the rise in the global price of oil. The Rockefellers cannot be happier. The deadly sin of economic competition has been eliminated.[2] But there are even more sinister reasons for their happiness that go beyond just monetary gains.

Soon after the Rockefellers became extremely rich, they reached the conclusion that planet Earth was overpopulated and that the rest of us were depleting its natural resources which, by natural law, belonged to them. So, they began developing plans to kill at least 85 percent of the population of this planet and reducing the survivors to pre-industrial levels of consumption. This medieval-like society they envisioned would have just two social classes: the super-rich and the hyper-poor. They euphemistically called it the New World Order.

To carry out their plans, they have been instrumental in fomenting wars and revolutions, by all means the best tools of population control, but also promoting abortion and homosexuality, as well as destroying the successful economies of countries such as Cuba and Venezuela. They have also been working had to destroy the economy of the U.S. The methodology to carry out their plan is exposed in detail in a document called Agenda 21.

During a recess in the meetings at the 1990 World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland, billionaire Maurice Strong, a Rockefeller stooge, declared that the goal of a group of billionaires like him was the collapse of industrial civilization. Then, Strong gave his own depiction of a sustainable society under the coming New World Order. It is very similar to Cuba after 55 years under Castro’s rule and Venezuela under Maduro.

Two years later, at the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Maurice Strong (CFR), Secretary General of the Earth Summit II, addressed the gathering, declaring that the only hope for the planet was the collapse of industrial civilization. According to Strong,

“It is clear that current life styles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work place air conditioning, suburban housing are not sustainable. … A shift is necessary toward life-styles less geared to environmentally damaging consumption patterns.”

The Conference produced the Biodiversity Treaty and a program called Agenda 21. Both provide the justification for the global implementation of what they call “sustainable development,” necessary to reach the Conference’s alleged goal of transferring the First World wealth to the Third World — actually to destroy the World’s wealth. President George H.W. Bush (CFR) and 177 other world leaders who attended the UNCED agreed to pursue the implementation of Agenda 21.

According to Agenda 21, population, consumption and technology are the primary driving forces of environmental degradation. It lays out what needs to be done to reduce wasteful and inefficient consumption patterns in some parts of the world while encouraging increased but sustainable development in others. The Agenda 21 plan openly targets private property. Its ultimate goal is the elimination of private property ownership, single-family homes, private car ownership and privately-owned farms.

It goes without saying that this is exactly what Castro did in Cuba and Chavez and Mauro did in Venezuela, and the Bushes, Clinton and Obama have stealthily done in the U.S. The Rockefellers and their minions are extremely happy with the successful results. Proof of it this that, in February 2001, a delegation of Wall Street bankers, led by David Rockefeller and including William Rogers, Carla Hills, Mark Falloff, James Jones and other CFR members visited Cuba, where they had several long meetings with Fidel Castro. All of them expressed their appreciation for Castro’s good job in destroying Cuba’s economy and culture.

During a visit to Cuba in April that same year, World Bank Director CFR Director Peter Peterson declared to the press in which he praises Castro for the high levels of education and public health in Cuba. And he adds: “I believe that Cuba is one of the best educated countries in the Western Hemisphere.” expresses his conviction that Castro’s Cuba is an example to follow. The Bank’s 2001 edition of World Development Indicators shows Cuba topping virtually all other poor countries in health and education — at least according to Castro’s official statistics.[3]

Some years ago, one of Castro’s mouthpieces, Juan Valdes, head of the Latin American Department of the Cuban Center of American Studies, explained in some detail the philosophy of his boss, the Cuban misery specialist.[4] According to him, “the goal of the Cuban system is not to give the same things capitalism gives — more houses, more cars, more suits, more videocassettes—, but to place the people on the same egalitarian level.”

In that sense, Valdes added, the rationing card [in force since 1962] should not be seen as a fault of Cuba’s economic system, but as a political and economic success. The reason for this is that rationing “places the population at the same subsistence level, unifying them in that egalitarian base.”[5] Valdes never mentioned, though, that Castro and the cleptocracy surrounding him were living way above the subsistence level of poverty imposed on the Cuban people.[6]

In another publication, Valdés explained in detail Cuba’s goal, “We are never going to have a consumer society.” Then, after making clear that this is “a Cuban position that has found opposition inside the socialist camp,” Valdés added, “We believe that socialism should not be oriented toward giving [the people] the same things capitalism gives; more houses, more cars, more clothes, more video recorders.”

Due to its intrinsic faults, communism was a social and economic failure. Nevertheless, the communists’ goal was never the destruction of their countries. Soviet leaders, particularly Nikita Khrushchev, always tried to make the Soviet Union an economically advanced country. Not even Stalin would have uttered such a statement as Valdés. But what we are witnessing in Cuba and Venezuela is not a failure as a result of unsound policies, but the success of the deliberate planned destruction of a country and its people.

This philosophical option, expressed in Agenda 21, was championed by Castro and his Rockefeller friends, and it still blessed by liberation theologizers, “progressive” Leftists and New Agers, all of them united in their efforts to force their New World Order upon the rest of us.[7] This explains why they are so nervous and infuriated by the presence of Donald Trump in the White House. They see President Trump, a person they do not control, as the major obstacle to carrying out their plans.

Nevertheless, as I mentioned in the first article of this series, if we want to solve this problem we need to go to its roots. Unfortunately, as Thoreau once said, “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.”

There was a saying in the ancient classical world: “All roads lead to Rome.” Well, just a little historical digging shows that in America all roads to treason lead to the Rockefellers’ Council on Foreign relations, the main source of evil in the U.S.[8]

As Roman statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero put it,

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.”


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