By Alice Byrd

Nasty Legosi, more commonly known as Nancy Pelosi, recently declared that a wall of security at our southern border was/is/would be “immoral.” Personally, I find 98% of our “CONgress” and it’s extended institutions, immoral…and getting worse every single second.

There is no MORALITY, nor any accountability, anywhere, for the Cretans who live and work in Washington, District of Corruption currently, or have, within the past 30 years; I can count on one hand the good people who have tried to reign in this manically out of control Faustian circus act and the sociopath actors engaged therein; yet I won’t want to name them for fear the federal gestapo will show up at their doors with guns drawn and brown bags for their computer hard drives.

Without any scent or whiff of hyperbole whatsoever, I declare the very worst example of what I am trying to convey, in the entire history of America, to be Barry Soetoro’s diabolically heinous Marxist objectives, with his “hope and change” mantra of death and destruction to our national heritage, to our virtue-seeking rule of law and the very firm foundation our nation was constructed upon, our United States Constitution. Every chance he and his hedonist worshipers got, they proudly flew their middle fingers at our long held traditions and our historical national fabric. The intent of the vile Socialists and Communists who are now breeding neophytes and acolytes in the halls of our national capitol (as well as our state houses and public schools/colleges and universities) is to completely dismantle the Constitution and the US as a sovereign nation. There is a concept that everyone who still has a functioning brain in their cranial expanses should get intimately familiar with:

The not so privately stated intention of the globalist elites who now have their hands FIRMLY around the throat of the country we live in, is to strangle her freedom to death…and their grip is getting so tight, that our states are turning “blue”. The infection is killing the patient and the “doctor’s” are all standing around with Appletini’s in one hand and coke spoons in the other… as the blood drips from their fingers. It is beyond malevolent, malignant and wildly pernicious; it has become an incomprehensible moral cataclysm.

NO ONE in the Washington hierarchy is innocent; they are ALL heretics and evil doers. I include the pantyhose wearing progressive Republicans along with the toxic waste infused brains of the Communists in the DSA who are actively participating in the decimation of our Constitutional protections: life, liberty and the pursuit of property, ie ‘happiness’. The most recent example of this is the state sanctioning of infanticide. Living children born of the most horrific procedure imaginable, late term abortion, can now be left to die an unconscionable death…they suffocate on their own fluids, as the doctor watches from his/her elevated view, hands tied willingly behind their backs. The people who endorse such a demonic act should be made to witness the live birth of a failed abortion, and watch as the infant dies it’s unwanted death. Who protects the CHILDREN?????? Certainly not the abomination of desolation called the US Government!!! They now sanction outright murder of living children. I am waiting for the wrath of God to descend from on high and sink us like Atlantis. BOOM!

This might end up being the straw that broke the public’s comatose condition of complacency. MAYBE, but I know better than to hold my breath when it comes to the public’s inability to recognize the death of morality, even when it smacks them square in the kisser!

We, who cherish life and righteous law, who have made long, loud efforts to awaken the public to the protection of our freedoms, liberties and rights as they are institutionally enshrined in our Constitution, WE who have warned constantly of the dangers the infiltration of The ENEMY into our government institutions and extended bureaucracies presents, including the insidious vampire institution which gleefully facilitates all this madness with it’s insatiable financial witchcraft, the international wizards of Wall Street and the utterly immoral Federal Reserve (with it’s revolving door of gov’t manipulating puppeteers)…WE THE PEOPLE who weep for the loss of our safety and security from the invading international marauders coming through our southern border, are FED THE HELL UP!

The WALL is immoral? I’ll tell you what is IMMORAL!! : Infanticide and abortion at will is IMMORAL!!

Stealing the hard earned income from American workers to feed, water, house, medicate and sanitize half the planet, while there are homeless military veterans sleeping in tents on feces lined streets in San Francisco is IMMORAL; (send all your thank you memos to Nancy, Jerry Moonbeam and that other cow, Maxipad Waters)

Immoral” is supporting and protecting drug barons, so the wicked wizards of Wall Street can party like rock stars (which they do on a VERY regular basis, according to sworn testimony from one of the most notorious madam’s in NY who facilitated “beautiful escorts” and uber-luxury modes of transportation for these tycoons of financial terror…not to mention the myriads of debauched politicians who frequently enjoy the services of such purveyors of licentiousness)

Immoral” is when politicians protect their own incomes and assets in and behind off shore accounts, conglomerate/corporation stock portfolios, municipal/federal bonds, foreign investments (like Slithery’s facilitation of Russian control of US uranium), and dozens of other creative financial hocus-pocus activities their extremely well paid CPA’s, tax attorneys and corporate counselors provide, while the American middle class carries the burden of the earth’s voracious appetite for “equality” on it’s back:

Immorality” is sending thousands of billions of American workers’ dollars to dictators who do NOTHING for their oppressed, starving masses, but instead, watch their bank accounts expand off the creamy fat of American “humanitarian (or) foreign aid” provided from “US Tax Dollars”…what it REALLY is, is an international financial laundromat for corrupt criminal enterprise junkies, usually called US politicians and their fat cat funders/bundlers, corporate lobbyists, their uber wealthy owners/controllers…and of course, their friendly foreign luminaries. The magic money machine prints $$$, the politicians send it overseas, it ends up in fat foreign bank accounts and We The People pay the piper his due…in this case, the Fed, through the IRS. It’s a really slick set-up!!

Taking a bunny trail here, I almost puked when I heard the latest silicone covered poison from that noxious juvenile twit, Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez, when she put out her satin covered speech about taxing the highest earners to the tune of 70% or more percent. If that donkey’s backside fell and cracked her head open, nothing would flow out except fortune cookie slogans and losing lottery numbers. “AOC” is the new glorified “Obama” (not his real name) produced by the ever more hideous Open Society operation of destroyers and hyper inflated media flatulence. THIS time, they have a plastic savior who sits down to pee…the Feminazi’s and morally bankrupt, toxified, emasculated pretenders, who shamefully, must still stand when they take a leak, must be rejoicing like the inhabitants of Animal House at homecoming. I wonder if some of those toxic males have taken up sitting down to eliminate, just to feel like they have atoned for their “maleness”.

But, one of the MOST immoral, unaccountable, uncontrolled, completely corrupted entities in the entire universe is the MEDIA, who spews the non-stop, regurgitated BS straight from hell itself: THE PROPAGANDA of the Communist Leftists in our own damn government!

When Paul wrote to the Corinthians, he said, “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.” (1 Cor 15:33) In studying the chapter, I found that he had paraphrased Menander, a heathen poet. There was some consternation by the citizenry about quoting a corrupt writer, but Paul’s intention was to show how dangerous the conversation of evil people has on the lives and practices of those who listen, and the influence of bad principles thus communicated are when such ideas are absorbed by the populace. Paul was reminding the Corinthians (who weren’t all that enlightened or principled) that wicked communications and writings would lead people into the pits of hell if they weren’t warned of the dangers of such writers.

Attached to Gill’s commentary was a nod to Titus  1:10-12, which says, “For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers… Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre’s sake. One of themselves, even a prophet of their own, said, the Cretians are always liars, evil beasts, slow bellies.” The “prophet” spoken of here was Epimenides, who was a Cretan by birth, from Gnossus; as a ‘fortune teller’ and soothsayer, he was considered a prophet of sorts. The Grecians would say that to lie was to “cretize”…. nothing makes a man more like the devil, or more infamous among men, or more abominable to God.

So next time you speak or write to Nancy or almost ANYONE else in our abysmal morally bankrupt government, federal or state, remind them that WE THE PEOPLE voted for the person we believed would provide for our safety and security, BECAUSE HE SAID HE WOULD, and we KNEW he wasn’t “one of them”. Hillary Clinton would have turned us over to the Communist UN in less time than it takes to write her another check for that OTHER criminal enterprise, the fake humanitarian Clinton Foundation. (I’m gonna barf)

We The People voted for a wall, be it cement, steel or electrified concertina (which I favor) with technological surveillance and deterrence wherever necessary because of terrain. So when those mush head politico’s who lollygag and loiter around Washington do NOTHING but soak up The People’s money for themselves, their evil kiss-up sycophants and their innumerable misanthropic foreign dependents, say the “wall” is immoral, what they are REALLY saying is that WE THE PEOPLE are INMORAL…The “people” running our “government”, fighting OUR duly elected president every inch of the way, kicking and screaming at the top of their lungs, through the mouthpieces they have anointed in the “Preferred Media” to do their bidding, hate us, our freedom and mostly our audacity, to elect someone THEY didn’t approve of…We The People must be punished for going against “The Global Directive”…the Enemy within.

Well, we’re sick of them and their dreams of turning our country in a Socialist/Communist nightmare. We declared independence from the last dictatorship which enslaved us to their aristocratic whimsies, 242 years, 6 months and 24 days ago. We will NOT be cowed or shamed into surrendering our virtuous Constitution and Bill of Rights because “they” are having a crisis of identity…

The ENEMY WITHIN is the definition of immorality and we reject him and his operatives of misery completely. He was a liar in the beginning and he is still a liar today.

Lies = deception=delusion=death. God is watching and He is taking notes. As a Christian I am not called to violence, but to prayer. People say prayer is a weakling’s way out of taking action. Believe me, I AM taking action…with every breath I can, when a door is opened for me to bear witness to the consummate Evil killing our country. A bad tree cannot bear good fruit, but it seems that it’s parasitic worms have infected our Good Tree with the intention of murder…like they do to unborn human babies in New Y0rk.

May God forgive our poor use of His blessings and gifts in this nation of plenty. But may He also, provide for our protection from the Adversary who slinks about, stalking the weak and downtrodden, seeking whom he may devour…Make no mistake: Satan has stood up and shown his face in America.

[BIO:  A.M. Byrd is the granddaughter of Italian and Dutch immigrants who came to love and revere this nation and it’s opportunities. She is the daughter of an USAF Lt Col (now deceased) and the mother of an honorably retired Army SSgt, 2 men who served this country with distinction. Coming of age in the 60’s, contributed by living in the nest of the anti-war fervor of the San Francisco Bay Area, Berkeley in particular, she is a first hand witness to the ravages of the Viet Nam war on her classmates and racial upheavals born in Oakland, Ca. with the Black Panthers.

Having worked in both the professional world and the medical field, she has come to see the vast unbalances between classes of people and the political pressures applied within those fields. A student of history with a particular interest in psychology, the events of the past 6 decades have left an indelible impression on her sense of honor and virtue. The darkness of such events has only strengthened her faith in God, that all things work together for the eventual supremacy of His will for this world. The Good wins.]

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