by Lee Duigon

March 3, 2022

There’s a Spanish expression, “Viva yo!”, which means, literally, “Long live me!” But it means a little more than that. “I come first! I’m the king. The rest of you, out of the way!”

There’s a lot of “Viva yo” going around these days.

For instance, there’s a Guardian article about what to feed your pets, especially your dog or cat. “Owners worried about the climate cost [?] of traditional pet food are switching to crickets, mealworms, and black soldier fly larvae…”.

The Masters Of The World are always trying to get us to eat bugs, and occasionally threaten to take away our pets. Because ClimbitChainge. That doesn’t go down too well at all, so they’ve shifted gears: now they want our pets to eat bugs.

Cats will indeed eat insects when they get the chance, but a steady diet of crawlies would not be beneficial. But this is “Viva yo.” It’s not about the cats. It’s about you, parading your obnoxious virtue, your profound commitment to climate justice, blah-blah. It’s a loud prayer in the middle of the marketplace, meant for everybody else to see and hear. And admire. “Oh, wow, there’s somebody who’s really fighting climate breakdown! What a great lifestyle choice!”


Then there’s an actress that I never heard of, Motormouth Somebody, who, when Russian armies invaded Ukraine, hit the Twitter circuit with a poem she’d written to Vladimir Putin, the cold-blooded ex-KGB guy now calling the shots in the Kremlin. This “Viva yo” even nauseated a few liberals. It was all about “If I were your [Putin’s] mother…”

Somebody open a window! Boy howdy, this really is too much. Gooey, syrupy, suffocatingly awful—and on top of it all, this 34-year-old wench has never been a mother! Never had a child. But this is “Viva yo”—“If I were Mr. Putin’s mother, none of this bad stuff would be happening!” Can we have a chorus of “Tiptoe Through the Tulips”?

The war in Ukraine has really brought out the “Viva yo” crowd, big-time. John Kerry, the annoying stick-figure who almost became our president in 2004, now serves as Slojo Biden’s “climate czar” and whines and whinges about a shooting war in Europe “distracting” the public from the all-important, albeit imaginary, “threat” of ClimbitChainge. “Hey! Whatsamatta with you peasants? Look at me, look at me! My issue is the one that matters! Who cares about some stupid little war, when Topeka is going to be underwater by 2015 unless we DO SOMETHING???” Gigantic, impersonal natural processes of the sun and moon and planets have got to be controlled (!) by pygmies in the government. “And that’s a global government, you silly slobs!”

That’s a “Viva yo” on steroids.

Nevertheless, the microbe brain and towering ego of “The Views’s” Joy Behar has a “Viva yo” to match Kerry’s. She’s cheesed off because she wants to go to Italy for a vacation and is afraid that World War III will break out and scuttle her plans. Dammit! “Don’t these people know who I am? How dare they interfere with my vacation plans?”

It’s “Viva yo” all over the world, it seems. Honk if you think The Smartest People In The World are doing a bang-up job of running the show.

Can a civilization survive such an abundance of babbling, self-centered, abject stupidity?

God only know where we’ll be a hundred years from now.

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