Dr. Laurie Roth, Ph.D.

The Dizzy maker machine of Joe Biden and the press

It’s all part of the Democrat, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris plan.  Throw out lying soundbites whirling like tornadoes bashing us in the head over and over again.  Once the voters on all sides are at the least distracted, annoyed and emotionally exhausted from it all, Biden and the DEMS focus again on the ‘nothing burgers.’ “Look at all the people with COVID-19 that Trump has killed with his horrible leadership.”  Look at Trump’s gruff style…Trump is racist, xenophobic, homophobic, hates women and is Islamophobic.  Of course, how can I forget the ‘nothing burger’ of global warming the evil Trump ignores.

Trump didn’t massively fix and repair the economy, creating record amounts of jobs and opportunities, especially for women, blacks, Asians and Hispanics, but Obama and Biden did.  The opposite is true. Oh yes, Joe Biden also reminded America in the 2nd debate of the horrific cages Trump put little illegal alien children in.  Just think of it.  Who would put little kids running for freedom across our southern border into cages but a monster…or Trump?  The only problem is that record shows that Obama and Biden are the ones who put illegal alien children in cages.  That was their DEMOCRAT empathy hard at work.  Trump had nothing to do with it and is the one who has shown and is showing kindness and empathy in all his policies.

Remember as the DEM-Biden dizzy bombs try and hit America in the head – confused Americans, independent Americans, horrified DEMOCRATS and sell out REPBUBLICANS, Trump- Truth bombs are responding and overwhelming the lies and corruption of Joe Biden. Real Americans also have a few truth bombs on election day to throw back at Joe Biden’s lies and corruption. It will soon be ‘humility day’ for the mass media, pollsters and DEMCRATS yet again.

Biden and Obama didn’t keep America safe.  They instead shredded our military and did dangerous, expensive deals with Iran. Joe Biden promises again to destroy with pride.  He will destroy our energy independence, oil and fracking. He will crush our military again, bring back high taxes, stand with the rioters and not the police. He will put into place new draconian regulations, energy controls and bankruptcy creating demands on businesses.

Remember the other ‘get rich’ part of Joe Biden’s real and emerging legacy.  It is clear now from a whistle blower, Tony Bobulisnky, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, that Hunter was the front man in a family enterprise headed by the ‘big dog’ Joe Biden, taking in millions and billions of dollars from China, Russia, the Ukraine and other countries.  This was classic and criminal influence peddling, so that dangerous foreign countries could extort, blackmail and threaten Joe Biden for favors as the Vice President.

A formal investigation is now underfoot and a credible whistle blower has gone on the Tucker Carlson show on FOX revealing the truth of Joe Biden’s lies and that he did know about Hunter’s dealing and made 10% from these foreign deals spear headed by Hunter.

Ever so mysteriously, damning documents proving even more corruption, lies and crimes against the Biden regime, mysteriously were opened on route to L.A.  The package was found, opened with nothing in it.  Upon, massive searching, interviews and an investigation by the carrier, nothing has been found so far.

Joe Biden is the 47-year gift from hell that wants to keep on giving.  Don’t let him give anymore to America.  Vote for life, freedom, achievement, safety and a real future.  Vote for Trump.

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