For every human activity there is a root cause or established beginning.  For example, the uptick in thugs murdering police officers for sport or who seem to have nothing better to do.  When I was but a young lad, my Dad would often say, that if good is not taught or perused, then evil will most certainly be there to occupy your thoughts, words and eventually actions.  We were taught to respect our parents, police officers, the United States flag, America, our preachers, teachers and by all means God.  Other than God, none of them were perfect, but for the most part, they were very good people, who were capable of making mistakes.  But we did not condemn all of society and render ourselves as useful idiots to be used by others who had big plans to harm our republic from within.

When I saw or heard those horribly (in their own addle minds) oppressed multi-millionaire football players disrespecting our national flag because they say that racism and oppression are so pervasive in American society, I could not help but that “what ungrateful mental midgets and hypocrites they are. Recently, there was a photo released of Seale Sea Hawk football players and coaches cheering on one of their team mates who was burning an American flag.  Yet they will tell us they are not disrespecting the flag.

Those gumps know nothing about of oppression.  Those self-proclaimed victims should have studied a bit of history. Or maybe check out what happens to people in real oppressive societies.  At the very least since the plight of Black Americans is their “concern” seek out older Black Americans who suffered authentic racism and oppression.  Maybe then those self-anointed NFL victims of today would wake up to the reality of the blessed life they have.

Little do they know, that they are perfect useful idiots to the political elite class who seeks to dominate “We the People.” The elites have always understood that an informed and moral people cannot be fooled, dominated, or used to help destroy America from within through politically motivated discord.  That is why they utilized the one size fits all government school system to gradually wean generation after generation of students away from the onetime steady diet of high quality education, patriotism and Christian/Judeo ethics.

As each generation was pushed further away from high quality education and Christian/Judeo ethics, the acceptance of leftist amoral philosophical leanings became more and more acceptable.  On top of being stupefied, generations of Americans have also been brainwashed into becoming embittered against American society.  Many are so conned into believing that the United States represents nothing but evil, yet they themselves support evil practices like sharia law and illegal immigrant brutes having free reign in America.  It does not matter to them that citizens from around the world would give a limb to legally immigrate to America and trade lives with them.

Gone from American education are the positive stories of great Americans like Frederick Douglas, who overcame brutal slavery long before Lincoln freed the slaves.  He worked became an abolitionist, a highly successful businessman and arguably the greatest orator of the nineteenth century.  But despite the racist motivated hardships Douglas faced, he never hated America or hoped for her destruction.  In fact, after he took time to read the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Bible for himself, he quickly learned that those writings were nothing like what his former democrat party slave masters falsely described to him.  Madame C. J. Walker, the first female millionaire in American history overcame immeasurable odds to achieve such a high degree of success, not through bitter hatred of America, but the vehicle of setting goals and obtaining them, fostering a great example of beating the odds, despite some small minded people.  Neither she or Frederick Douglas used their success to convince others that they are only victims and that America is only a racist society.

Those great Americans and many more overcame tremendous trials to secure great success in their chosen vocations.  To the grumbling gripers of the grid iron, if Madame C. J. Walker who lived during tough times for Black Americans, could out achieve most people living today and never developed a hatred of the United States or try to persuade others that they were just victims, what is your pathetic problem?

The truth is, our country is plagued with far too many incurably ignorant and bitter individuals who would rather see America destroyed than get past problems, both real and imagined.  This pattern was recently played out in the fall of Venezuela right into the hands of dictatorial elites who have rendered a once prosperous and vibrant nation to be nothing but a dying hulk of starving people.  Also, the communist/globalist inspired Antifa brutes here in America are allies of bitter leftist blacks and brainwashed leftist whites in the unholy mission of bringing about the downfall of this great republic.  According to World Net Daily, Antifa mobs may attempt to cause mayhem in the streets of America on November third in their wicked effort to get president Donald Trump removed from office.  I happen to know that their sorry effort will fail.

The ANTIFA mission is a representation of the true focus of NFL kneelers and other leftist who use bitterness, ignorance and misinformation to try and duplicate the downfall that happened in Venezuela, because they think so lowly of themselves.  Again, their warped mission of destruction from within shall fail miserably.  For those who think that the odds are heavily against the United States, I say so what.  Never forget, the odds were dramatically against the founding and establishment of this beloved republic, the United States of America.  But those great men and women founders did not allow their vision to be thwarted.  As a result, America the beautiful became the envy of the world where God shed his grace upon her.

We shall soon witness a true rebirth of our republic as one blessed nation under God with justice, liberty and opportunities for all Americans and legal immigrants.  God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.  Be blessed by a page from The Edwards Notebook commentary weekdays at 6:29 AM PT, 9:29 AM EST on KCKQ AM 1180 or anywhere via  The Ron Edwards Experience is now holding court and sharing the good news on, and AM 1180 KCKQ Reno, Nevada Friday afternoon at 1:00 PM PT, 4:00 PM EST.  Your weekends are also made better by a page from “The Edwards Notebook” nationwide at 4:30 AM Saturday via flag ship station WGUL AM 860 The Answer and everywhere else via during Captain’s America talk show with host Matt Bruce.  You can also enjoy The Ron Edwards Experience weeknights at 9:00 PM EST 6:00 PM PT on the

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