by Lee Duigon

September 15, 2022

We have never been closer to losing our country than we are today.

The Biden regime has launched a purge of President Donald Trump’s associates and political supporters. It’s not just former government officials now at risk. This week Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, attempting to buy a meal at Hardee’s, suddenly found himself surrounded and blocked by three carloads of armed FBI goons. They confiscated his cell phone. That’s what you get for being an avid Trump supporter. It makes you a suspected “domestic terrorist.”

So far they’ve raided the homes of at least 35, and maybe as many as 50, citizens who exercised their inalienable right to vote for and work for their president. The raids occurred amid a near-total nooze media blackout. The regime didn’t want America to see this.

But Tucker Carlson discussed it on the air, Monday night. I was impressed by his presentation and posted twenty minutes of it on my blog,

Just hours later, readers let me know that YouTube had censored Carlson’s broadcast. I went to YouTube and the video was gone. If you clicked to see it on my blog, you got two minutes of babbling Biden. And now that’s gone, replaced by a black screen and a notice that the video had been pulled for “violating” this or that YouTube protocol. Someone had decided that we must not be allowed—yes, I said “allowed”—to see this video.

Later a reader found it on Rumble and sent me a link. You can see it here.

Do we see a pattern emerging here? “Justice” Dept. has the FBI spy on parents who don’t like their local school boards promoting transgender propaganda and racial strife. FBI goon squad—armed!—raids President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago. Next, a news blackout for FBI raids on several dozen “Trump allies.” Then they go after Mike Lindell. The FBI has turned into the kind of gangsters they used to chase.

How far in advance was this all planned—and by whom? Tens of millions of us voted for Donald Trump in 2020. Tens of thousands of us worked in his campaign, one way or another. How far down the hierarchy does The Regime mean to go? Is this a coup? A putsch? An organized, determined effort to take down our republic and replace it with an authoritarian one-party state? I know it sounds like crazy talk; but I’m not used to seeing my country run like a banana republic, and I don’t like it. Democrats to this day question the validity, the integrity, of the 2016 election and others. We question 2020—and that makes us criminals? Is there a First Amendment in the house?

Am I afraid? You’re damned right I’m afraid. And someday Democrats will be afraid, too, when our self-anointed elites and the powers of darkness decide that some of their people aren’t Democrat enough. But it may well be too late by then.

Step by step we are walking away from liberty. How many more steps must we take before we can’t find the way back?

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