Canada has recently come up with two left-wing schemes which ought to engage our close attention in America—because our own leftids would just love to do the same. It should remind us why we must never again allow Democrats to take power in our country.

The Canadian government has a Summer Jobs program, making grants available to some 70,000 young people each year. But there’s a catch to it.

If you want a grant for one of these summer jobs, you have to check a box that says that your church’s “core mandate”—or your own, if you don’t belong to a church—must include support for abortion as a “right”. If you don’t approve of abortion, you can’t have a summer job grant.

Remember when tyrants used to be content with telling you what you couldn’t say? Well, that doesn’t float their boat anymore. Now they want to tell you what you must say. In Canada a lawsuit has already been filed, contesting this. But don’t hold your breath waiting for any Canadian court to rule in favor of personal liberty and freedom of conscience.

Please don’t think this is a uniquely Canadian aberration; and if they get away with it, don’t think it’ll stop there. They’ll surely think of other things you must say, too, if you want to earn a living. Why should they stop at summer jobs?

Our own Supreme Court is about to rule on whether the government and “gay” activists can dictate the content of a work of art. Today it’s only—“only”!—a wedding cake. But why stop there? Think of all the novelists, screenwriters, and other creative people who won’t be allowed to create unless they create what they’re told. In Britain they “investigated,” and fired, the creator of “Midsomer Murders” for not including enough “diverse characters,” whatever those are, in his scripts. And that was back in 2011.

Meanwhile in Ontario, a new package of labor relations laws staggers the imagination. These, say critics, would result in “a wholesale shift of power to the unions” and create “the most radical business environment in the Western world,” scaring away potential investors and quite likely wrecking the province’s economy.

Among the provisions of this Far Left fun-pack are: unionizing “almost everybody,” allowing a workplace to become unionized without a vote by the employees, requiring employers to hand over lists of their employees to the unions so that the unions will know where to find them, and “convince” them to support the union—Jimmy Hoffa knew how to do that—and forbidding employers to hire replacement workers in the event of a strike. The legislation writes off marginal and struggling businesses as not worth saving. And hiking the minimum wage, very quickly, to $15 an hour. It’s bound to do wonders for the province’s job market.

My question is, How does a civilized, decent country like Canada wind up being governed by all these Josef Stalin wannabes? Is this what all these wacko “leaders” learned in college? Tell everybody what they can’t say. Tell everybody what they must say, even if they don’t believe in it (‘cause it’s much more fun that way). Don’t let anybody work unless they’re controlled by a labor union. I mean, what is this—the Soviet Union? All they need in Ontario is for a handful of crony capitalists, to whom these crazy rules do not apply, to climb into bed with the unions and the government… and they’ll have textbook fascism.

Where do they get these crazy leaders? Probably from the same place we got Jerry Brown and Michael Moore. Do they have no understanding at all? Time and time again, especially throughout the 20th century and on into the 21st, these lunatic and wicked notions have been put into practice and failed spectacularly. As in Venezuela. As in all over the world.

They are leftids and will never, ever learn from their failures.

The thing the rest of us had better learn is to keep them out of power.

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