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Where is it written that our nation’s entire “education” system has to be dominated by left-wing loons trying to impose on us their weird vision of how things ought to be?

Wherever it’s been written down, the president of Brazil is trying to erase it—for which he deserves a standing ovation from us all.

President Jairo Bolsonaro was elected last year on his promises to do away with transgender teaching and “pro-gay ideology” in Brazil’s schools and universities (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/brazils-new-president-to-eliminate-transgender-pro-gay-ideology-from-school), and that’s what he’s been doing. His new Ministry of Education has abolished its “Diversity Department”—heaven only knows what that got up to—while Bolsonaro himself has pledged to clear out “all that Marxist rubbish.” The new Minister of Education has promised to fight “the crazy globalist wave.” Three cheers!

In his campaign, the president promised to “go into the Ministry of Education with a flamethrower” and wipe out the influence of one Paulo Freire.


Heading into the 1990s, Paulo Freire (d. 1997) dominated Brazilian education; but his influence was not confined to his own country: it metastasized and spread elsewhere. He achieved “near-iconic status in America’s teacher-training programs.” Well, of course he did: he was a socialist, a globalist, and a founder of “critical pedagogy.” He was acclaimed for his authorship of “Pedagogy of the Oppressed,” whose purpose seems to be to turn “the oppressed” into the oppressors. The goal of education, he wrote, is “political action and social critique.”

In plain English, he turned schools into round-the-clock indoctrination factories for the Left. This is what President Bolsonaro is working to undo. This is why he was elected.

So don’t wonder anymore when you see mobs of unionized teachers parading around in “Red for Ed” T-shirts and going off on junkets to Venezuela, as the Chicago teachers have done, to learn advanced techniques of Far Left mischief and come home to praise the dictator, Maduro. The “red,” of course, stands for communism.

Question: why on earth do we have to have these people “teaching” in our schools? Why have we, the public, no say at all in who teaches or who doesn’t, or what gets taught and what doesn’t?

The only thing “public” about “public education” anymore is that the poor defenseless public has to pay for it.

But Jairo Bolsonaro doesn’t think it has to be that way. He sees “LGBT collusion with state-sponsored education,” and he’s not the only one who sees it. Lately he’s branched out with a plan to cut the government off from education altogether, and privatize the colleges and universities. Can we please do that here? Why are we paying so much for our colleges and looniversities to crank out young leftists who think socialism, a la Venezuela—where they don’t have food, electricity, or toilet paper–will usher in utopia?

As might be expected, President Bolsonaro is the target of daily protests and tantrums thrown by the usual suspects—“students” who only know what their alleged “teachers” have taught them. The good news is that the president doesn’t listen to the protesters. He’s too busy working to keep his promises to the people who elected him.

He’s showing the world that this can, indeed, be done. We don’t have to take it anymore. It’s our money, that we worked for, and it shouldn’t have to be doled out to Marxist villains. We don’t have to live in dread and fear that if, by chance, we should say or write or think the wrong thing, we’ll be branded as “haters” and hauled up before some cockamamie “human rights” tribunal.

Normal people of the world, arise! You have nothing to lose but a lot of stupid fake pronouns dreamed up by babbling morons, and an education system that wants to wreck your country and your way of life.

Long live Jairo Bolsonaro!

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