By Paco the Toad

(Servando is on vacation visiting friends in Rwanda and Burundi. This article was written by his colleague Paco the Toad. Paco is Pepe the Frog’s twin brother. He lives in Commiefornia.)

Humor and satire are the second-best tools to fight tyranny. — Servando Gonzalez.

I really liked Donald Trump. I never doubted his intention of making America great again. Nevertheless, after knowing that John McCain, a real American hero who never told a lie and a true conservative who has never found a war he didn’t like, is accusing Trump of being a secret agent of the Communist tyrant Vladimir Putin,[1] I have to confess that now I have some serious doubts about Tump.

Moreover, after doing some research on the Internet I found disturbing facts that have compounded my doubts. Why does Trump refuse to show his birth certificate? Is it true that he never drives because he doesn’t have a valid driver’s license? Why has he ordered to seal all his student records? Why does he have a Social Security card from Oklahoma, a state where he has never lived?

The idea that Donald Trump is nothing but an impostor and Putin’s secret agent may seem a little difficult to accept, but actually it is the only one that can fully explain why Trump won the election. Evidently, Trump stole the election from Hillary Clinton thanks to an anti-democratic feature called the Electoral College. Some people suspect that it was introduced in the American electoral system by Putin’s agents. Adding to the suspicion is the fact that, as I found in WikiLies, the term “electoral college” is actually the literal translation of the Russian term “electaralnya callegya,” a concept introduced to the Soviet Constitution in 1929 by Communist leader Vladimir Lenin.

What if McCain is right? What if, as some Liberal progressive CIA officers suspect, Donald Trump is actually Ivan Ivanovitch Trumpovsky, a KGB sleeper[2] who has been pushed to the White House by Putin’s KGB hackers? What if agent Trumpovsky’s true goal is not to make America great again, but to destroy America as we know it and turning it into a Communist dictatorship?

These are very serious concerns we should consider.

Now, if agent Trumpovsky wants to destroy America, how he will do it? What measures he would take? His KGB controllers most likely have already given him a cell phone and a pen. What Executive Orders he would sign?

Well, the very first thing he will do is to destroy America’s integrity as a sovereign country by opening the borders to a veritable invasion of illegal aliens, some of them people who don’t share America’s values and some who are outright criminals. Another thing he may do is bringing to the country thousands of “refugees” from Muslim countries.

Then, to guarantee that eventually the alien invaders take control of America by sheer force of their numbers, he will promote abortion among American women. To this effect he will create a pro-abortion organization he will duplicitously call Planned Parenthood.

Moreover, to guarantee the destruction of the family, he most promote feminism and the right of women to work. This will leave the children in the hands of Communist militants to be educated as anti-Christian Communists.

In coordination with the above, agent Trumpovsky will turn our schools and universities into centers of Communist indoctrination. In order to avoid criticism from American patriots he may also create the concept of “palitichesky karrectnyesni” [Russian for political correctness]. Also, under the false idea of multiculturalism he may encourage the substitution of American values for other values [or lack of them]. This is very dangerous, because, as John McCain and other conservative patriots know, Vladimir Putting has turned Russia into a Communist anti-Christian nation. So, Christianity is one of the things agent Trumpovsky will try to eradicate in America.

Also, if he wants to destroy the American middle class and the U.S. economy as a whole, Trumpovsky may encourage big corporations to close their factories here and outsource the jobs to lower-paying countries such as Mexico and China. He may also pass laws allowing the corporations to avoid paying taxes for earnings abroad.

In order to force Americans to lower their standard of living without being blamed for it, he may use the mainstream media and corrupt scientists to convince the people that the planet is warming up, the Polar bears are dying, Miami will soon be under 30 feet of sea water, and the only way to stop the catastrophe is by eating less, driving less, and becoming dirty poor.

One sure thing agent Trumpovsky may try is to impose on Americans an ineffcient system of public health. He may call it the Affordable Communist Care Act — which will prove to be totally unaffordable for most Americans.

Also, following the principle of “divide and conquer,” agent Trumpovsky may foment racial hatred and discontent among minorities. He will easily accomplish this by allegedly fighting against racial prejudices and discrimination.

Another thing this KGB agent will surely do is change the U.S. military, a fine-tuned fighting machine, into a lab for social engineering. Soon after we will see gay flags flying at the Pentagon.

If agent Trumpovsky really wants to destroy America’s love for freedom a sure thing to do is to create, under the pretext of protecting us from terrorists, a KGB-operated Transportation Security Administration. The TSA would be an efficient tool in turning Americans into sheep. In a short time we will have generations of American sheeple who cannot conceive boarding a plane without taking their shoes off and being groped by a commie pervert.

Communists detest freedom, so, a thing agent Trumpovsky most likely may try is to create a false flag attack on a big American city and blame foreign terrorists for it. This attack may justify his creation of a Stasi-like organization he may name the Officialnyi Homelandsky Securichestvy (Office of Homeland Security). After this, he may militarize the police and change America into a police state very similar to what a country occupied by the Russian Army would look like.

Also, in coordination with the Communists-controlled CIA, agent Trumpovsky will launch a disinformation campaign to make Americans believe that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by Muslim terrorists, not by members of the anti-American organization Communists for Revolution (CFR) infiltrated in the U.S. government. People who questioned this will be called “conspiracy theorists.”

Last, but not least, one thing agent Trumpovsky surely will do is ban guns in the hands of law-abiding Americans.[3] Guns are the people’s last line of defense against tyranny, so the Russian Communists will try to deprive Americans of their guns before invading and imposing their Communist totalitarian dictatorship upon us.

Well, all of this is very scary.

I don’t know about you, but as a true Liberal progressive I am awash in frustration, anger, hopelessness, confusion and fear. It seems that agent Trumpovsky’s goal is to destroy our cherished democracy and force us to live in fear without even a semblance of honor, dignity and safety in a communist representative Republic guided by a Constitution written long ago by white male rich Communists.

Finally, one of the things that will give us a clear indication if agent Trumpovsky is pushing America into the road of Communism is the composition of his Cabinet. If his Secretary of State, National Security Adviser, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Treasure, CIA Director, UN Ambassador and Chief of Staff are members of the dreaded Communists for Revolution (CFR) organization, this would be a danger red flag. The CFR is a treacherous anti-American organization whose ultimate goal is turning America into a Communist country.

So, if you see any of those things I have mentioned above beginning to happen in America, it would be a clear signal to run for the hills and rebel against agent Trumpovsky and his evil master, Communist atheist Vladimir Putin.[4]

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