Andrew C Wallace

November 3, 2022

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I say “Mostly Cowards” because only a very small percentage will fight, which is validated by history. Not to worry, there will be more than enough to prevail in Guerilla Warfare. No determined Guerilla force has ever been defeated in the field. I am advocating nothing, just stating facts.

I have learned from the last 15 years writing for NewsWithViews that it is impossible to inform the brainwashed left of anything. They will die as Communists from starvation or violence. My only objective is to give MAGA readers information they can use. I have pointed out important major issues and left out details that are not critical..

Most elected officials, bureaucrats, judges, FBI, DOJ, media, corporate officials, flag officers, etc are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. All of these corrupt people are bribed minions of the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC), wealthy families who control the corporations that pay them

The objective of the PSRRC is to enrich themselves, impoverish “We The People” and destroy the Constitutional Republic to make way for the One World Order ( Great Reset). How are they doing this? Let me list some of the schemes.

The major turning point was in 1913 with the inception of the Income Tax, Federal Reserve Bank, Tax Free Foundations and direct election of Senators (depriving states and The People of power and wealth). Every one of these actions was designed to empower and enrich the PSRRC while impoverishing “We the People”.

Most importantly the PSRRC works to concentrate all powers in the federal government contrary to our Constitution. This started in earnest with President Lincoln who started and fought a Civil War for centralization of power and it had “not a damn thing to do with freeing the slaves”. It had everything to do with power and money for the PSRRC of the period.

At the present time a majority of the federal government is Unconstitutional because they have Usurped most of their powers from the states contrary to the “Enumerated Powers” in the Constitution.

The legal system in our country no longer functions for the average citizen. The DOJ, FBI, judges and most government agencies are ant-American to the point of being criminal while ignoring the Constitution. The federal government operates under unconstitutional Administrative law. Judges follow made up case law and ignore the Constitution. A favorite ploy of the courts is to refuse to hear your case because of “Lack of Standing”. Americans are being deprived of all their rights from God and our Founding Documents.

Prior to 1913 our government was financed by tariffs, therefore no taxes. Tariffs also allow protection of American workers from cheap foreign labor, but ant-American corporations don’t give a damn about American workers.

When President Trump used tariffs again to return manufacturing jobs to the United States, the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) tried to frame and destroy him. President Trump did more for the American people than all the presidents combined in the last 100 years. He closed our border, made us energy independent, allowed food in the stores, ended foreign wars, instituted tariffs to return manufacturing jobs to America, etc. So I don’t care how President Trump talks or walks. Nor do I care if he beat some banks at their own game. I only care about what he did for our country.

The smooth talking charismatic presidents enriched themselves and the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) while impoverishing “We The People” and killing our young in wars for profit ( along with millions of innocents).

Our government is pretty much hated around the world for waging no win wars killing millions of people for profit of the PSRRC (Military Industrial Complex).

Putin may be a dictator, but he is ruthless in defense of Russia, The Ukraine war was caused by our government and fake media. Period! “We The People”, here and in Europe are being rapidly impoverished by the war. Millions are dying and the PSRRC is laughing all the way to the bank. Make no mistake, everything about the Ukraine War is fake (Based on False Flags and propaganda), except for the death and destruction.  Putin has every reason to defend Russia against NATO, the Great Reset (One World Order) and our corrupt government. If only our Government would defend the United States like Putin defends Russia. Before you take exception to my writing about Ukraine war you must avail yourself of the facts, and not from our lying government or media.

Our Military Flag Officers have not won a war in 75 years while the PSRRC profits, “We the People” pay for the wars that impoverish us and we bury our dead. So far as I know not one war in the last 75 years had anything to do with our national security, they were mass murder for PSRRC profits and power. Can you see how a “French Style Reign of Terror” could result as retribution?

Everything about Climate Change and Green Energy ( EVs, solar and wind power, etc)) are impossible fairy tales designed to impoverish “We the People”.

As one example, Electric vehicles (EVs) require more materials to produce than gas powered vehicles ( materials America does not have), EVs require fossil fuels to generate electricity, we don’t have generating capacity for an all EV fleet., or the capability to deliver the electricity. Most people can’t afford to buy EVs much less discard them when battery dies. These scams are simply designed  to destroy “We the People” and the Republic, there can be no other reason.

There is now no question that the Chinese and American governments collaborated in development of the Covid Virus. The so called vaccine ( it was not a vaccine) not only didn’t protect you from the virus, but it made you more susceptible to it with all kinds of deadly side effects. Masking, Social Distancing, Lockdowns, etc didn’t work and had very negative effects. Wearing a mask is only a sign of obedience, ignorance and cowardice or a damn Communist advertising his stupidity…

Latest reports are that the faux vaccines killed 200 million people and harmed another two billion. Death rates are soaring. This is only the beginning of a full scale effort at depopulation. The perpetrators should be hunted down, divested of their ill gotten gains, executed or sent to prison for life. How many more people have to die before there is serious retribution?  Reports are that it is a great devise for permanent birth control. If you are elderly and alive, thank God, chances are that you didn’t take the so called vaccine, if you got the shot it’s a miracle. There is no known way to restore your damaged immune system or get the poison out of your system, you can only pray.

Our government officials are following the Communist Manifesto, not our Constitution. Communists are anti-family, anti -religion, want you to live in apartments, abort babies, use public transportation, use digital money, hate “American Dream”, own nothing ,and be happy. FYI, more than half of black babies are aborted.

Democrat Communists are turning our cities into crime infested hell holes to destroy our Republic. No one should reside in, or visit a Democrat city unless you must, and can carry a firearm. But, if you should harm an attacker you will be the one in jail, so the prudent action is to stay out of all Democrat cities and let them kill and maim their own.

If the election in November gives power to the Republicans, it will only slow down the PSRRC and their Communist minions in corporations and government, because both parties are in the tank (corrupt).

Our Republic can only be returned to “We The People” when a majority of the federal government is disbanded in compliance with the Constitution. This will require a strong leader , a civil war or both.

God Bless America.

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