by Lee Duigon

September 1, 2022

What is StupidWorld? It’s the theme park to beat all theme parks, the global celebration of “stupid.” And here you were, thinking that “stupid” is stupid!

But no—“stupid” is smart! How could it be otherwise, when the world’s most smartest people are behind it?

Someday StupidWorld will be the whole world. It’s already spreading out in all directions. Someday it will swallow up the countries and put the entire planet under theme park management.

But first, a little peek at what’s to come…

Stan Van Whatsit, former NBA coach, now a color guy on TV, recently demonstrated his commitment to stupid by likening Our Lord’s miracle of the loaves and fishes to our stupid president’s order to “forgive” student loan debts. Yeah, uh-huh. A piece of cheap political theater is equal to the miraculous feeding of thousands of people on a few loaves and fishes. Someday we will all be this stupid. Our schools and colleges are working on it.

Yup—giving away taxpayers’ money, that isn’t yours to give… is a miracle? It always did seem magical, the way Democrats make public money disappear. At $10,000 a head (or is it going to be $20,000?), and millions of heads, the estimated cost of this caper runs from $300 to $600 billion. Hum-baby.

Now that kind of stupid doesn’t grow on trees. Some seem to be born with a gift for it; but by and large it has to be assiduously cultivated. How many years did it take to erase every grain of sense that God gave Coach Whatsisname? To see Christ’s miracle as equaled by SloJo Biden’s crass vote-buying scheme is imbecility of a very high order. We are truly getting there!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, a Sydney, Australia, nightclub has banned “staring” at someone “without verbal consent”.  Looking at other people, babbles the management, thwarts its efforts to turn their joint into “safe space.” If they catch you looking at someone else, they’ll not only kick you out—the bouncers are now “safety personnel”—they’ll also call the cops! And you’ll be busted… for “unauthorized staring”? Gotta say “May I?” first.

Gee—what if the bar’s, well, crowded—as unlikely as that seems? How do you look anywhere without “staring” at someone? And how does anybody know you’re “staring” at them unless they’re staring at you?

How do they prove you stared at somebody? And if some ninny of a judge finds you guilty, what’s your punishment? Really, it doesn’t look like anybody thought this through.

But then if things like this made sense, they wouldn’t be in StupidWorld, would they?

They want a global government. Fine. But that’s a big job and a hard one. Even for an itsy-bitsy government in an itsy-bitsy town, people are always doing things they shouldn’t do, creating one problem after another. They quarrel, they break laws they never knew existed, have accidents, lose track of things, and insist on trying to make their own decisions—which are all too often not the decisions that the government wants them to make. And that’s without purposely committing crimes!

Which is why we need StupidWorld—where none of the “useless eaters,” as the World Economic Forum likes to call us, will be psychologically equipped to make any decisions at all.

Let them just enjoy the rides, eat bugs, and do as they’re told because they can’t do otherwise, it’d melt their brains.

And welcome… to StupidWorld.

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