Readers familiar with my books and articles already know about my theory that Castro’s Cuba is actually a testing ground; a successful example of the implementation of the New World Order in a once-great country inhabited mostly by a people with an extraordinary sense of humor.

The first symptom, however, that things were going to change in Cuba happened in early February, 1959, just a month after Castro grabbed power in Cuba with the help of the Rockefellers and their beloved CIA. Zig-Zag, the humorous Cuban political satire weekly newspaper, tried to show through its cartoons that the Castro movement, like virtually every Cuban political movement before, was being high jacked by political hacks. It is pertinent to add that Zig-Zag enjoyed a well-earned reputation for letting the air out of gassy politicians. Its full front page cartoons were brilliant, and even President Batista, often the butt of Zig-Zag’s satire, let it pass with a smile. In this instance, the full-page cartoon showed Castro marching along, followed by a group of his soldiers and a multitude of civilians wearing derby hats. Derby hats are known in Cuba as bombines, an appellation for political turncoats, professional flatterers who follow every government in power.

But Castro’s unexpected reaction was an explosion of rage. Next day, while giving a speech, he accused Zig-Zag of employing “cowardly writers,” who, he alleged, had pictured him as “consorting with bombines.”  “Don’t ever,” threatened an angry Castro, “portray me in the company of bombines.” His threat proved not to be an empty one. A few months later he banned Zig-Zag, which that way won the dubious honor of becoming the first member of the Cuban free press in the long list of the ones destroyed by Fidel Castro.

After the banning of Zig-Zag,[1] just a few humor publications have appeared in Castro’s Cuba, but political satire in these publications was mostly devoted to ridiculing the “Yankee imperialists” and other Castro opponents. Caricatures of the Maximum Leader were conspicuously absent from their pages. But, despite overwhelming government vigilance, the ever-irreverent Cubans kept making jokes of Castro and his cronies behind their backs.

In 1987, however, a caricaturist known as Ajubel published probably the only caricature of Castro that appeared in the Cuban state-controlled press. It depicted a gigantic Castro walking through a field of desks and bureaucrats, destroying them with his feet. It was supposed to be a depiction of Castro fighting the government bureaucracy. After approval from the Ministry of Culture, the caricature was published in one of the magazines. But, almost immediately, the whole edition of was confiscated and destroyed when somebody realized that Ajubel’s caricature could be easily interpreted as Castro destroying the whole country. Soon after, Ajubel managed to escape from the Island to live in exile in Spain.

It seems, though, that the anti-humor techniques successfully carried out by Castro in Cuba are beginning to be implemented in America.

The current brouhaha created by comedian Roseanne Barr’s humorous tweet about former Senior Advisor to impostor Obama Valerie Jarred resembling a monkey from Planet of the Apes, created a frenzy of politically correct outrage.[2] Just a few hours after her tweet was widely circulated, CFR-controlled ABC [3] announced it was canceling her show amid a wave of backlash against the controversial star.

According to ABC’s President Channing Dungey, “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show.” The statement didn’t mention if jokes about President Donald Trump, including jokes comparing him with a monkey,[4] are abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with ABC’s values.

On the other hand, according to the lefties’ and progressives’ idol Charles Darwin, humans and apes descend from a common ancestor, ergo, we are all monkeys to some extent. So, why is it now so offensive when one of them (the leftists, not the monkeys) is compared to an ape? Well, only when the butt of the joke is a progressive leftie. Making fun of President Trump by comparing him to the most awful things, as it appears in every single issue of The New Yorker, or every Saturday Night Live show, is okay, but making fun of Valerie Jarret, Michelle and Barack Obama or, God forbid, Hillary Clinton is anathema.

The progressive Left’s attack on humor is not new. In 2015, comedian Jerry Seinfeld said that political correctness was hurting comedy[5] and that comics were “up against a mighty generation of culturally sensitive people who can’t seem to take a joke.” Seinfeld was right, but what we are seeing now is the culmination of a trend. Currently, you cannot make a joke about women, Muslims, immigrants, illegal aliens, people of different skin color or nationalities (no more Polish jokes), much less about people with different sexual preferences. Practically, in today’s politically correct America you can only joke about President Trump.[6] But political correctness limits the comedians’ field of action so much that it actually marks the end of the profession.   The firing of Roseanne Barr as the result of her joke[7] has sent a clear message to everybody in the comedy profession: the days of humor and laughter in America are gone. Welcome to the humorless New World Order — and this is not a joke!   So, please, no more abhorrent, repugnant jokes about anti-Trump progressive liberals … or else!

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  1. Eventually, Americans gained with the closing of Zig-Zag. One of its most noted caricaturists, Antonio Prohias, escaped to the U.S. and created his successful comic strip Spy vs Spy for MAD Magazine.
  2. I personally consider the joke, including jokes comparing Michelle Obama to monkeys, very offensive … to monkeys!
  3. For Rockefellers’ control of the media see, Who Controls the Media?,
  4. During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2013, Bill Maher joked that Trump was “a love child between a human woman and an orangutan from the Brooklyn zoo.”
  5. Amanda Mikelberg, “Jerry Seinfeld Says Political Correctness is Hurting Comedy,” CBSNEWS, June 8, 2015.
  6. If you are a politically correct progressive liberal, you can also joke about members of the Trump family. Just recently, Samantha Bee, on her TV show called Ivanka Trump “a feckless cunt.” Was she fired? No. Actually she got an award for “advancing change.” Obviously, there is a double standard. See Steve Watson, “Samantha Bee Awarded By TV Academy for “Advancing Social Change,” InfoWars, June 1, 2018.
  7. At least, until the time I am writing this article, Roseanne has not died during a simple medical procedure, as it happened to Joan Rivers a few days after she joked that Obama was gay and Michelle a tranny.
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