By Frosty Wooldridge

Wednesday night on national news, one of the top broadcasters noted that a United States Border Patrol official reported that 1.0 million, that’s 1,000,000 illegal migrants have passed into the United States since Biden took office.  That’s ONE MILLION illegal entries.

Guess what, Biden buses them and/or he’s flying them into cities around the country in our own military airplanes.  What he’s doing stands in violation of Article IV Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the Executive against domestic violence.” Article IV, Section 4 of U.S. Constitution

Additionally, Biden stands in violation of U.S. Code 8, Sections 1324 and 1325.  “It is in violation of Federal Law to transport, house or employ an illegal alien within the borders of the United States…further fines of $2,000.00 per illegal and up to 5 years in prison.”

Biden’s actions stand in direct violation of our laws.  He is liable for impeachment.  He has broken our laws.

“A person, including a group of person, business, organization, or local government, commits a federal felony when she or he: assists an illegal alien she/he should reasonably know is illegally in the United States or who lacks employment authorization, by transporting, shelter, or assisting him or her to obtain employment, or encourages that illegal alien to remain in the U.S. buy referring him or her to an employer or by acting as employer or agent for an employer or agent for an employer in any way, or knowingly assists illegal aliens due to personal convictions.” Federal Law, U.S. Code 8, Section 1324 (a) (1)(A) (iv) (b) (iii)

In other words, Joe Biden knowingly breaks our sacred laws that were passed to protect every citizen within our country.

My question: what happens if another 1,000,000 illegals enter the country in the second six months of this year?  What exactly are we doing to do with THAT many people?  How about next year and the next?   Because if you know they will continue!

Additionally, we import another 1,000,000 legal immigrants annually that we can’t handle, already.

Why in the name of common sense and standards of law are 535 Congressional Critters standing by and watching a sitting president  break our laws without a whisper.

What if this situation continues for the next 3.5 years of Biden’s term?  What about our welfare systems that those millions upon millions of immigrants will be siphoning off?

What about our schools? What about our rule of law? What about our future with unending illegal and legal immigration via Biden’s lawlessness?

You need to start speaking up.  We stand eyeball deep in a Constitutional crisis that could tear our country apart and/or simply break it down into a broken financial system, or collapse our laws into what transpires in Somalia or any other failed state. God help us, but we’re being led my man suffer from dementia and stupidity.

Dear fellow American citizen: WE ARE IN TROUBLE!

If you would like a free electronic copy of this book, please email me with your email address and I will send it to you.  Every American with children or any American who will live in this country in 2050, needs to understand what they face.

Published March 2021: America’s Overpopulation Predicament: Blindsiding Future Generations by Frosty Wooldridge, available on Amazon, and/or phone 1 888 519 5121.

As to what these videos report, do you want your children to face this kind of a future?  If you don’t, it’s time to speak up across this great country of ours.

This video graphically and dramatically illustrates America’s immigration-population crisis as well as the world’s. I wrote it and narrated it. Tim Walters of Cleveland, Ohio directed and produced. Please forward it to all your friends, networks and beyond. Place it on FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Parler, Tick-Tok, Curiosity, and more.  Just click the link below to see the video.

Immigration, Overpopulation, Resources, Civilization by Frosty Wooldridge

This video will scare the daylights out of every American as to what’s coming to our country, US Citizenship Act 2021 by Joe Biden.

Share these videos all over America:

“In a five minute astoundingly simple yet brilliant video, Immigration, Poverty, and Gum Balls”, Roy Beck, director of www.numbersusa.ORG, graphically illustrates the impact of overpopulation.  Take five minutes to see for yourself:

Immigration by the numbers—off the chart” by Roy Beck

This 10-minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a few words, “Mind boggling!”

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