It is a national, legal and moral victory that Judge Bret Kavanaugh was confirmed and will serve in the Supreme Court of our land. After 7 FBI investigations, countless female friends and colleagues validating his respect for women and moral character, the Me-Too movement and Leftist female voices grow smaller and smaller as they scream ‘I’m melting, I’m melting.

Everyone looking for a cause for stupid people should listen to the misguided tantrums of many national TV shows, singers and movie stars standing on the ‘hallowed ground’ of the ‘Me Too Movement.’  They have now become their own mob of de separate and many times violent absurdity as they believe they are the Mother Theresa of causes.   Indeed, they are the champion of all women saving them from the terrors of Trump and Kavanaugh.

What about endless FBI investigations, dozens of female witnesses supporting Kavanaugh’s character with women, his own sworn testimony of innocence and that simple little thing in the law, ‘innocent until proven guilty’ do they not understand?

When I look at the mob infested mouths of the left, they are pushing the epitome of racism, denial of free speech, lifting up and worshipping the reversal of law and moral ground – ‘Guilty until proven innocent.’  All rights, decency, fairness and law are eliminated if you are a Christian, and or conservative and accused of anything.  They have one goal, seek and destroy.

No one can open their mouth and offer any concerns about gay marriage, abortion, special rights for all kinds of sexual expressions, and putting illegal aliens and Islamic radicals on pedestals.  Those who remind the masses that we are a Christian and sovereign nation following our unique Constitution that points to God and freedom, are to be shunned and destroyed.  Truth and guilt rarely matter to the Democrats and leftists of today.  They are passionate about one thing only, demanding power and shutting down anyone standing with God and The Holy Bible, what is right and Constitutional.

In just a few weeks we have a massively important Mid Term election.  Polls are everywhere as people speculate and wonder if the Republicans will come out with passion, numbers and force and keep the Senate and House.  Others think the ‘Me Too’ movement and ‘mob style’ Democrats will rush to the voting houses to get revenge on white men, God, Christians and the GOP.

What will it be for you?  Will you vote thinking you must vote Democrat to defend women who are victims?  Will you vote Democrat because you think yet again, another evil white man got put into power like Trump?

Women of America listen to me, also a woman, achiever who hosted and produced a national radio show for 15 years and  a national TV show for 2 years, who is a Mom, wife, survivor of a near fatal motorcycle wreck that destroyed my life, health and career for many years,   no one will ever come to help and support in your pain and losses  if you throw your heart and soul onto the false dung heap of lies in  the Me Too and Democrat movement.

Help, victory, success and hope for women, especially those who have been maimed, raped and hurt in many ways, is to run to God not away from Him.  He loves us all and offers up real strength, direction and healing in the Holy Bible.  Women also get the power and help they need by supporting real law and Constitutional basics like ‘innocent until proven guilty.’

As it is now, the leftist Democrats and media whores sought to destroy without pause Bret Kavanaugh, his wife and two young daughters. No one cared about the truth, only recreating the ‘Salem witch trials’ again while burning as many as they could at the stake.  That spirit from hell makes no woman safe in America so don’t be a fool and vote for that in the Mid Terms.

Women aren’t protected and represented in this ongoing madness, only sold into slavery and a cult of evil misdirection with the angry Me Too and Democrat crowd. This Mid Term election represents good and evil, freedom and slavery and hope or hopelessness.  I beg all of you, especially you women and Independent types, vote like your freedom and lives depended on it because they might.

‘Me Too’ is bad English anyway.  Why don’t you join me in an ‘I Will’ movement for people like you and me who intend to survive from our losses, pain and disappointments.  We are women of courage, character and fair ball.  We are woman who WILL stand for God, Freedom, our Constitution and the truth.

Real women vote ‘I WILL’ not following behind some moron spitting out ‘ME TOO.’

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