Leftids in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia are trying to organize a mass scream-in for Nov. 8, marking the election of Donald Trump as president by getting together, thousands of them (they hope), to “scream helplessly at the sky”.

All right, it’s funny. Sort of. Thousands of liberals in a collective tantrum. To me that sounds like victory. They think they can scream their way into our hearts, and make us profoundly sorry that we didn’t saddle ourselves with Hillary. Lots of luck with that, folks: it’s just bound to do your cause a whole world of good. But I think we have to look deeper than that. It’s not really all that funny.

They have not accepted the results of the election.  President *Batteries Not Included was well on his way to that glorious Fundamental Transformation of America and Hillary was supposed to put the capper on it—and now she can’t. America is not all that eager to be fundamentally transformed, and that makes the transformers mad. How dare we reject them? Can’t we understand how smart they are? Peasants! Deplorables! So they’re going to scream helplessly at the sky.

But that’s not all they mean to do.

Last week a church in Alexandria, Virginia, founded and supported by George Washington—remember him? “First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen”—decided to remove a plaque honoring the father of our country. The plaque had been there since 1870 but now, suddenly, it’s a great big problem.

What problem? Well, Washington owned slaves, didn’t he? Never mind that it was the 18th century and slavery was lawful everywhere. He owned slaves, even if he did set them all free in his will. According to the church, the plaque that honored him made some members of the congregation feel… “unsafe.”

Unsafe? Like, George Washington is going to jump out from under the pew and drag them off in chains? Like, honoring the man who kept our Continental army alive through that dreadful winter in Valley Forge, who fought with all the odds against him, and won, who presided over the Constitutional Convention and served as our country’s first president—he has now become a menace to society? Do they get the heebie-jeebies every time they see a dollar or a quarter?

Again the impulse is to laugh. But really it’s not that funny.

If the founders of our country, because some of them owned slaves two hundred years ago when it was lawful, are no longer fit to have their names displayed in public, no longer deserving of our honor and our gratitude, and are reconfigured as moral reprobates who make us feel unsafe in church—well, then, what becomes of what they did, what they wrote, and what they said? What of the country, our country, that they founded? If we must reject them, then how can we not reject what they created?

But that’s the whole point of it.

Just because they’re helplessly screaming at the sky doesn’t mean the Left has given up its dream of transforming the United States of America into something entirely different. I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel unsafe.

Discredit the founders, and then you can go on to discredit the Declaration of Independence and then the Constitution. And then you can replace those documents because they were the work of evil men, some of whom owned slaves. The fact that slavery no longer exists lawfully, outside certain corners of Islam, doesn’t faze the leftids.

What kind of America do they want? Pray you never see it. What do they want to put in place of the Declaration and the Constitution? Pray you never see it.

Pray we have the good sense, the decency, and the instinct for self-preservation never, ever, to let them take power in this country.

Because their dream will be our nightmare.

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