This weekend, baby Alfie Evans died in a British hospital. The world was watching, and much of it mourned him. Hospital authorities refused to allow the baby’s parents to take him home, rejected offers by hospitals in Italy and Poland to take over the case, and rebuffed the Pope when he tried to intercede. A British court backed them up, writing off the family’s rights as nonexistent.

Alfie was supposed to die “within minutes” of being taken off life support. Well, he did die—but only after they withheld food and water from him for two whole days. A spokesman for the hospital euphemized this cruelty as “redirecting care”. The law won’t allow them to shoot the patient or apply a lethal injection, so they kill by doing… nothing. I am told this is starting to catch on in America, where we first saw it in the Terry Schiavo case.

So much for reverence for human life. We may note that killing the patient does save a lot of money for the British government’s National Health system.

What do leftists revere? A lot of them will say “education”; but then we learn that college-bound British high school students—believe it or not—can’t tell time. Really, how hard can it be to teach a 16-year-old how to read a clock? So much for education.

What do they revere? For an answer to that question, we turn to a recent “Beyonce Mass” held at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. I mean, this is a church, right? You go in, and the teaching you receive is supposed to be, at least in some way, holy.

Some 900 people showed up for this church service “using the music and social philosophy”—yeah, they said “social philosophy”—of the pop star. I just wrote it but I still can’t believe it. The extravaganza was staged by the church’s “contemporary culture-themed ministry.” I am not sure I want to believe that any church, anywhere, rests any kind of ministry on the sprawling landfill fire that is our contemporary culture.

I guess they think that’s holy. Imagine needing Jesus Christ and having to settle for Beyonce. If they can’t starve your body in their hospital, they’ll starve your spirit in their church.

One thing we learn from news reports of the alleged church service is that race obsession, to the Left, is holy. They can’t get enough of it. Here they married it to feminism, so they could come up with such edifying gems as “female-centric interpretations of the Bible” and “how biblical texts reflect African-American female identity.” This stuff’s holy.

We are not told the service included any mention of the name of Jesus Christ, let alone His capacity as Savior of the human race.

It would be easy to miss the point that, by loading a church service down with considerations of racial grievance, feminist twaddle—oh! We almost left out the preaching against “heterosexual aggression”!—they subordinate the holy and righteous Lord of all the universe to the petty and inane politics of this present age: something they constantly accuse The Christian Right, whoever they are, of doing.

Be not conformed to this world, St. Paul warned the churches of his day (Romans 12:2).

But to the Left there is nothing but this world, and their own lust to dominate and control every aspect of it. To them nothing is holy but their own socio-political agenda which they strive to impose on everybody else. To them a pop diva is holy, because she gives voice to a “social philosophy” that matches theirs. They go into church to hear the same load of bilge they hear on MSNBC.

These are not nice people, and they want to rule our country.

Don’t let them.

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