If you failed on Election Day last week to vote straight Republican, it’s time you got a closer look at what you voted for.

The night after the election, a mob of “protesters,” protesting nothing in particular, surrounded the home of Fox News conservative commentator Tucker Carlson, vandalizing his driveway, making lots of noise, and scaring his family. Said Carlson, “They weren’t trying to change my mind or advocate for a position. They were threatening my family to get me to stop talking.”

Of course the hooligans were all gone by the time the cops arrived. Washington, D.C., police are investigating it as a hate crime—ya think? I thought it was already against the law to terrorize a family at home, but it’s just so much nastier when such behavior is motivated by “hate” instead of, say, love. Or inability to find anything else to do.

But despite two years of rioting, tantrums, and even attempted murder—they shot Congressman Scalise, almost killing him—America last week allowed the Mob Rule Party to get back control of the House of Representatives.

You wanted the Democrats, folks, and now you’ve got them. I hope you have a good appetite for all the mischief that will follow.

Despite recapturing the House, and stealing a Senate seat in Arizona, many Democrats went into an emotional decline over the Party’s failure to win the Senate, too. At Elmhurst College—yeah, “college”: as in “higher education”, LOL—students traumatized by the results of the election had to be given “space” to “process” the bad news which threatened to unseat what little sanity they still possessed. Complete with cider, coffee, hot chocolate, and treats. Welcome, next generation of Democrat voters.

What are these students going to be when they grow up? Assuming they grow up at all. We are at liberty to doubt that that can ever happen. “Education” has done its work only too well.

Here’s something that happened six months after the 2016 election, but they’re only talking about it now: Facebook fired one of its top executives for supporting Donald Trump for president instead of Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt woman in the world. The powers at Facebook were appalled that this 26-year-old zillionaire donated $10,000 to a political action group opposed to Clinton. They tried to force him to shift his support to a Libertarian joke candidate, but he wouldn’t play ball. So they canned him.

He did receive a rather gigantic golden parachute to ease his transition to unemployment. A janitor or mail room clerk wouldn’t have been so lucky.

Really, it’s gotten to the point where I would hold myself bound to vote for a bad Republican over a good Democrat (if there’s even such a thing as a good Democrat, anymore): the Democrat Party has gotten that evil. Not that the Republicans are plaster saints; but at least they aren’t mobbing people and chasing them out of restaurants.

Are there really that many Americans who are in favor of repealing tax cuts, trashing our national borders, making it a crime to disbelieve in Man-Made Imaginary Climate Change, and pushing “transgender” as if their lives depended on it? Is the Democrat De Luxe Fun-Pack truly that appealing? Because if you didn’t vote Republican, you voted for all of the above… and then some.

There is very much that can be achieved by fanatical minorities who never rest, never compromise, never keep an agreement, and never accept defeat. The Democrat Party is owned by such persons.

All of us, we really do have to work harder to put a stop to this. Much, much harder.

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