Everywhere you look, just now, it’s riots, protests, celebrities and Democrats asserting that President Donald Trump is mentally ill and mentally unfit to lead the country, yelling, cursing, name-calling, and, of course, violence. One tumor on the Internet remarked, “Donald Trump wants to burn the world so he can make a profit.” I’d like to know how anybody makes a profit by burning the world. But then to liberals “profit” is a dirty word.

I don’t put much stock in conspiracy theories; but to me, today’s crop of current events looks like a concerted effort, by Democrats, to create the illusion that no one in America wants Donald Trump to be president and that his election was an aberration, a thing that should not be. As another clown remarked, “Everyone in the whole world hates him!”

How does all this look like something that’s being done on purpose?

Look at all the professionally printed signs carried by the protesters. Who paid for that? And the fact that there always seems to be plenty of transportation on hand to get them on time to whatever it is they’re protesting—well, that suggests organization. And money. Can you say “George Soros”?

The organization was already in place, provided by teachers’ unions, universities, Democrat Party funds and special operations—as revealed by assorted videos released during the election campaign—left-wing advocacy groups, and other reliable sources. All they had to do was pump a little more money into it. And there’s always the nooze media, solidly in the bag for the Democrat Party, to magnify it with selected coverage.

The fact that Trump won the election anyhow, in spite of all this, indicates that the American people really did want him for their president, and that they really, truly don’t want to be bossed around anymore by liberals. The electoral map, showing results by county nationwide, is a sea of red marred by a few small stains of blue.

But the most dramatic proof that “Everybody hates Trump” is an illusion was provided a few nights ago—at the Grammy Awards.

A singer named Joy Villa showed up wearing a dress emblazoned with Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.” Within hours of her appearance on TV, sales of her album increased by more than 18 million percent. Her album’s sales ranking on amazon.com went from 543,202… to three!

Whoa! Hold on, wait a minute! That’s not supposed to happen! I mean, everybody hates this—right? That’s what they’re telling us. How in the world could that have happened?

Hmmm… The Russians hacked the Grammys? Trump himself bought all those albums? It must’ve been racists! Or Climate Change deniers. Or maybe it didn’t happen at all: Steve Bannon and Fox News just cooked up that story. Oh, for a double wad of Play-Doh!

Liberals have a gift for saying things that are patently untrue, and then believing them after they’ve said them. It’s called lying, and it has served them well. They are also good at denying things that clearly are true. One liberal, on the telephone, declared to me that a certain book did not exist. “But it does,” I answered. “I have it right here on the table, right in front of me.” He still insisted to me that it did not exist. He also believes in Man-Made Global Warming.

So… they’ve tried everything, and now must fall back on a whopping great lie because everything else they’ve tried has failed. The nooze media has failed them. Hollywood has failed them. Left-wing billionaire money has failed them. Even the riots have come up short. So there’s nothing left to do but lie.

Sorry, liberals—but Joy Villa has well and truly kicked your butts.

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