I am presenting the hypothesis where a point may be reached wherein the “Law,” having been perverted, and is therefore no longer the Law, or it no longer has authority, but only force.  It may still be perceived to be what was previously considered to be the Law, but has now, in reality, overturned the real and legitimate Law, and by doing so…has rendered itself illegitimate, i.e., a bastard entity.

Such is the case in the current situation with the lower courts overturning President Trump’s executive orders banning travel of those coming from countries that are known to support terrorism. The MSM reports the that the reasons for this action is because the directives are discriminatory against the Islamic religion.

So, what these lower courts are restricting is the President taking any form of action to protect Americans from possible terrorist activity.  The action by these liberal justices in the lower courts results in a perceived discrimination against Muslims, which is total B.S.! This is, of course, a despicable lie. I prefer another word here, but it might be considered in bad taste so I will refrain.  Our president’s supporters certainly understand my dismay at these judicial tyrants who are refusing to allow our President to protect America’s citizens.

Some 30, or 40 years ago, I opined to some of my friends, that if and when people became sufficiently informed that a movement might surface which would began bring us back to our original American Principles of Government.   I believed that especially if what we came to know, later became accompanied by someone like a Donald Trump, then we’d have a chance.  The minions of the Conspiracy for World Government, i.e., the New World Order, are going to pull every dirty trick they can, legal or not, to prevent success of this grassroots movement. And this is what has happened.

The following is a quote By Arthur Thompson, CEO of the John Birch Society.

“What we are witnessing today is a tactic being implemented once again to shut down anything that would prevent the Conspiracy from being successful in destroying America as a free country and as an example to the rest of the world.”

The reason for this action by these tyrannical justices is to prevent the President from taking any protective endeavor that could be an inconvenience to the Conspiracy’s Agenda for World Government. So, it necessarily follows that since the courts have become saturated with those who are little more that harlots, or whores, of said agenda, then it is a given that they are going to act in accordance with how they have been instructed.  I remember reading where Lenin, in instructing his followers told them that when they encountered difficulties – to use the courts. And so, they have.

I think he must have known, even then, that the courts were already compromised, and totally perverted. Instead of being keepers of the Law – it appears that they were only partially doing so, and through the courts, they were advancing their agenda by declaring something to be Law when it wasn’t, or vice versa.

When Obama came on the scene, he declared that he was going to “Fundamentally Transform America.” To practically everyone, he must have been speaking esoterically, for almost no one seemed to be prepared for what later transpired.  It appeared that most of the electorate who fell for his rhetoric and thought he was going to up-grade America – make things better. But that’s not what happened, is it?

When I first heard his statement, it was like hearing from Communist Vladimir Lenin. I knew that his intentions were to so alter our lives in the United States that we could be comfortably merged into the New World Order via a Socialist America.  Every single thing that he pushed, promoted, or did was to that end.  He practically made us borderless, and our sovereignty totally destroyed.

The agenda for the invasion had begun to be implemented by George Bush through restricting the actions of the Border Patrol and pushing for the North American Union with the help of many high-level Republicans – most of which are still there and embedded in the Trump Administration. They are the ones who were working to help Obama push through the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Even though there were thousands across this land working to inform people about the TPP, if it had not been for President Trump and Senator Jeff Sessions, I am afraid it would have been ratified, and we’d have lost even more American jobs.

Had Obama been successful in his endeavors, and if Hillary had not been defeated, the TPP would have figured immensely in the drive to bring to fruition the goal of total Global Government…

I mention George Bush just to get the information out, concerning his contribution to the Globalist Agenda, but neither he nor Obama were initiators of the Agenda, they were only baton carriers in the race.  All other presidents, as far back as FDR, and then even farther back to Woodrow Wilson, along with his alter ego, Colonel House, have been fully involved in the desire to destroy America and her Constitution.

Due to various issues the past few months, and my computer being on the fritz, I haven’t been able to complete some articles, but hopefully, I am back on track and will pick up where I’m ending this article in just a week or two.

There are options for those who love freedom.  However, there are also options the Conspiracy might resort to in deploying all the refugees they have brought into the country not only by Obama and the traitorous courts, but also the illegal aliens who have broken the law by entering our country through our southern border.

© 2017 JW Bryan – All Rights Reserved

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