It’s hard to blame anyone for thinking liberalism is a mental illness. Hear what leftids say, see what they do, and you’re well on your way to thinking that.

Social Justice nincompoopery was on display recently at a recorded meeting of the New Brighton, Minnesota, city council. Note particularly the so-called men at the council table: not a peep out of any one of them. Are they dummies stuffed with rags?

The fun starts with one councilwoman piously jabbering about “white privilege” in a roomful of white liberals. Another councilwoman takes exception to this “You didn’t build that” twaddle, and dares to remark that she and her family worked for what they have and never got anything handed to them just because they’re white. At this point Mayor Johnson flips out and accuses the councilwoman of—you guessed it—racism. Any dissent from the party line automatically results in being called a racist.

In the ensuing verbal melee, the councilwoman resorts to an ancient formula to ward off criticism: “I know more people of color than you.” Whoop-dee-doo for you, lady. Let’s have a contest: whoever can borrow the most virtue from adjacent persons of color wins a latte.

At this point the mayor burst into tears and lamentations.

It’s distressing to think that there are actually places governed by such people. It’s monstrous to think they aspire to governing the country, and are very well represented in our Congress, our courts, and our bureaucracies. They own the Democrat Party, the nooze media, and Hollywood. They are the biggest racists around: everything, to them, is about race. Oh, and gender! And when argument fails—I was going to say “rational argument,” but then I remembered that there isn’t any—passion takes over. That generally happens rather quickly.

Meanwhile, back at the college, America’s universities are knocking themselves out trying to create a Christless Christmas.

Get a load of this memo to the staff at University of California, Irvine, instructing employees to “ensure that office celebrations are not indirectly celebrating a religious holiday.” That one little word, “indirectly,” opens the door to a whole fiesta of inanity. What can you possibly do that some moron cannot spin as “indirectly celebrating” Christmas—which is, in case you didn’t know, is a holiday making the birth of Jesus Christ? How indirect is indirect? Wearing red and green checked socks? Atheists are very touchy about such things!

To make sure there’s no hint of Christianity involved, and to guarantee “inclusiveness” by excluding Christianity, the university exhorts its peons to “display diverse symbols.” We wonder how much “diversity” would suffice, bearing in mind at all times that none of it shall in any way refer to—ooh!—“religion.” And what if you offend, indirectly, by leaving something out? With all the “genders” touted by academics these days, that would be pretty easy to do. “You dastard! Where’s the symbol of my gender? You left it out on purpose, just to hurt me!” Maybe it’s a gender no one else has heard of yet—but ignorance is worse than no defense at all.

Other colleges—and more than a few towns, for that matter—have shifted into full Druid mode, replacing Christmas with a generic “Winter Festival” that may excite a few hard-core New Agers, but means virtually nothing to nearly everybody else. They’ve already tried, with Kwanzaa, to make up a whole new, totally artificial “holiday” to take the place of Christmas, and failed. So they’ll move on to a Winter Festival: maybe that will take. The poor teachers’ unions pushed Kwanzaa in the schools until they were blue in the face, but it never caught on.

It’s all part of a comprehensive effort to fundamentally transform America into a Third World basket case ruled by imbeciles. God help us if we ever again let them take power over our country.

But if we do, why should He?

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