By Paul Cappadona

They would not be called parties without being united in opinion in opposition to each other. The party system is used to divide, conquer, and make merchandise of us.  It was spoken against with a warning from George Washington as well as many others. Parties are the tools of the money powers.

When Parties disagree, it is sometimes good and sometimes bad for the nation but it is when they agree that it is going to cost us because the fix is in.  Just last Tuesday the U.S. Senate confirmed Janet Yellen successor Jerome Powell as the head of the Fed.  Senate voted 85-12 to approve the 64-year Powell as the next four-year CEO of the privately owned Federal Reserve.

Powell was initially nominated for the Fed board by then President Barack Obama and now by President Donald Trump, Keep moving nothing to see here, as the choice to lead the Fed’s central bank.  Powell having never dissented on a monetary policy decision during his nearly six years at the Fed was the safest choice for the owners of the corporation.

There was an add placed in Computer World, wear the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco was looking for a programmer. In this add they state “Some people still think we’re a branch of the government. We’re not. We’re the banks’ Bank.” They go on to say, even more revealing, that “The Fed is where all banking regulation begin.”  Hope this shows you where the real powers lie.  The Fed tells their servants in the Senate what is needed and their command is obeyed.

Idaho Republican Mike Crapo said on the Senate floor that Powell would be “central to ensuring a safe and sound financial system while supporting a vibrant, growing economy,”   “He will play a key role in rightsizing federal regulations and alleviating unnecessary burdens.”  Meaning he will do anything and everything to support the Fed. Powell said himself that he would “respond decisively,” if necessary, to future problems.  Not our problems but the Fed’s problems.

So, you see that it’s not when the parties disagree but when they agree that hurts us.

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