What Did Churchill Fight For?

In 1931, while visiting New York, Winston Churchill was hit by a car and very nearly killed.

But he recovered, and returned to Britain, and for the next eight years, stood virtually alone against a ruling class that refused to see Adolf Hitler as a threat. They mocked Churchill, banned him from the airwaves, kept him out of the government, and purposely refrained from re-arming their country for self-defense. Their idea was to appease Hitler, work with him, buddy up with him. And all the while, Hitler prepared Germany for an aggressive war aimed at the conquest of Europe.

Throughout these years, reports poured in from foreign correspondents, embassies, and other sources—true reports, sometimes delivered at great risk to the reporter—as to the terrible things that were being done in Germany. Britain’s political leaders, business leaders, and news editors and publishers suppressed those reports. Only Churchill took them to heart.

The storm broke late in 1939. As the leaders of the West watched helplessly, Hitler’s war machine steamrolled over everything in its path: including the French and British armies in May of 1940. Finally, when all seemed lost, when certain of the rulers actually contemplated surrender to the Nazis, as a last desperate measure Churchill was made prime minister. It would be no exaggeration to say that for the next two years, it was only Churchill’s indomitable spirit, and the bravery of the young men of the Royal Air Force, that kept Britain alive until, with the arrival of American forces and the resurgence of the Russian armies, the tide turned; and the world began to emerge from the darkest crisis it has ever known.

Fast-forward to 2018.

A Churchill-themed coffee shop in London—a great city that was nearly erased from the landscape by German bombs and rockets—was attacked recently by “protesters” led by the “president” of something called Equality and Liberation at the School of African Studies, University of London.  There were only 14 of them, but they had already done some vandalism and they may yet come back with more. They want the Blighty Café to change its tone, and dump Churchill, who, like everybody else, these days, was supposedly a Racist. The Churchill-haters showed up with scripts so they wouldn’t forget what they were supposed to say. But one thing they did say was, “You will never make colonialism palatable!”

Uh, the only colonialism we can see going on anymore is these “students” from assorted foreign countries colonizing Britain and demanding that it wipe out its history because they don’t like it.

Had Churchill died in that car accident, there would not be any Churchill-themed cafes in London. There would be Hitler-themed cafes. Lots and lots of slave labor. And death camps. The National Socialists were big on death camps.

Did he lead Britain through those years of hell for this? For totally inane complaints, and a tantrum against history?

Don’t sneer, America. Right now, your college students are being “taught” that for white people to do yoga is “cultural appropriation,” which makes you a racist—according to some jidrool of a professor at Michigan State University.  She has come from a Third World country to colonize America, live off the fat of the land, and complain about it. That’s what they’re being taught and you, poor schlubs, are paying for it.

You don’t get out of being a racist by not doing yoga or any other kind of cultural appropriation, like learning judo or Chinese cookery. See, if you don’t do any of those things, that gives you away as a White Supremacist—rejecting all this wonderful stuff that other cultures have to offer, and not living a multicultural lifestyle. You’re a racist if you do it, and a racist if you don’t.

For this—we fought for this? So that people could pour into our countries, collect free stuff, and call us racists? And teach our next generation to loath their own nations? And, by refusing to assimilate, by attacking everything about the host country, turn it into the same kind of Third World hellhole that they ran away from in the first place? Like, dudes! If your own cultures are so shriekingly off-the-charts wonderful… what the blazes are you doing here?

It was a mercy to Winston Churchill that he didn’t live to see this.

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