A few days before Thanksgiving, a man who has represented Texas in Congress for 32 years, sixteen times elected to the House of Representatives, fell into hot water when an outlandishly lewd photo of him wound up going viral on the Internet. I will not attempt to describe the photo. Let it suffice that my wife said it made her ill to look at it.

But the dirty old Congressman is only one of a multitude of rich, powerful men now being called out for sexual harassment. The list of offenders includes political sluggers, entertainment moguls, and journalistic titans like Charlie Rose. And the list has been growing every day: it is a very long list.

Rich and powerful men have been chasing girls and women since wealth and power were invented. It’s not something that only started happening this month and is somehow Donald Trump’s fault. We can find examples of it in the Bible. God made laws against sexual predation, but many don’t obey His laws. I mean, what’s the point of being rich and powerful and famous if you’ve still got to obey the law?

And it’s not just men who do it. Powerful women abuse their power, too. Remember what Potiphar’s wife did to Joseph, when he was a slave in Potiphar’s house (Genesis 39). “Lie with me, lie with me!” she said. And when he wouldn’t, she had him framed and thrown into prison on a false charge of rape.

o you believe the current furor over sexual harassment will make it stop? Do you believe that sensitivity training, sexual addiction therapy, lawsuits, scandal, or public outcry will make it stop?

I don’t.

Washington, D.C., is a swamp, and it’s not just a swamp of sexual offenses. They sell the country out to lobbyists, they sell the people out to special interests, and nobody comes home from Capitol Hill poor. It seems something happens to otherwise decent men, once they’re sent to Washington. The place is like the Great Grimpen Mire in “The Hound of the Baskervilles,” where one false step by man or dog or pony means death: sucked right down to the bottom.

But Hollywood’s as bad as Washington, and then there’s Chicago. And a lot of other cities, too. Wherever you find wealth and fame and power, you find the Swamp. As nice as it would be, to be governed by sane and decent people, it seems all but impossible to achieve. Good intentions don’t seem to stand up very well to Original Sin. And bad intentions don’t even try.

One of the reasons we can’t drain the swamp is because we keep on filling it.

For instance: the Ontario Federation of Teachers has a real treat in store for elementary school children. They’re going to teach them a brand-new acronym that’s 14 letters long—LGGBDTTTIQQAAP. Each letter stands for a sexual aberration which the teachers think the kiddies ought to be conversant with. It’s all for the sake of “inclusion,” don’t you know. And you’d better be ready to affirm and celebrate each and every one of these, unless you want to risk being branded a Hater and having the local human rights tribunal send one of its witch-hunters to your door.

What we are talking about here is indoctrinating very young children into an ideology that declares any conceivable form of sexual activity morally acceptable—and then we are astonished and irate when they grow up to be swamp creatures. Really, what kind of shenanigans are they going to get up to, when, after a dozen years and more of being taught this stuff, they’re out on their own as adults?

Don’t bother to sneer at Canada, America. The same sort of thing is going on in our schools, albeit to a slightly less incredible extent.

You can’t even hope to drain the Swamp if you keep on filling and re-filling it. Our education system and our popular culture are hell-bent on doing just that; and they’re doing it with our permission. Sending our kids to schools and colleges that teach and preach corruption undermines any steps we take to drain the Swamp.

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