One of the reasons that the left supports illegal immigration, DACA, or dreamers pouring into America is the effort to drown out our American heritage.  In fact, the deferred action on childhood arrivals (DACA) was devised by former president Obama to force his successor to make a very unpopular decision.  But what Obama did not calculate was that someone with the thinking skill set of president Donald J. Trump would emerge and correctly put the responsibility on congress to do their job and legislate on the matter.

Of course, the leftists and rinos are salivating at the prospect of illegal immigrants being allowed to drag their offspring into the United States indefinitely.  Why? One might ask.  Are leftist activists who run around beating up people for praying in city parks and standing in support of many good aspects of American culture, are so concerned about the horrible conditions many illegal immigrants escaped from?  Or are the suddenly scared straight over confederate era statues originally erected by democrats like Nany Pelosi’s father did when he was mayor of Baltimore?  Are the leftists authentically concerned about the blacks, particularly black men whom they say receive a bad break being born in America?  If you said yes to those questions, I question your ability to discern truth from fiction and the condition of your thinking cap.

The obvious truth is, the collection of societal complainers for the most part, do not, nor have they ever truly cared about the condition of black Americans, particularly black men.  If they did, the economic policies the leftist politicians foisted upon cities like Detroit when they assumed power during the 1960s would not have been modeled after Marxist or Keynsian economic theories.  Those policies literally killed off much of the steel, auto, textile, clothing, shoe and other industries in inner cities years before NAFTA and GATT wiped them out even further.  To this day, the overall economic upwardly mobile track of black Americans is a fraction of economic advancement since before the full influx of leftist economic and regulatory policies that crippled urban economic engines.

To add insult to leftist injury, the leftist infiltration of the government school system totally obliterated the good quality of education standards. As a result, Americans were in many cases purposely rendered unqualified to enter college, get a decent job or start their own business.  That and other developments such as a steady media diet of distortions concerning current events and issues such as race relations, and economics has caused uncalculated damage.

For those blessed to receive a collegiate education, what really transpires is well coordinated indoctrination against God, America, the Founding Fathers, capitalism, the traditional family, the constitution and now democrat party Confederate era statues that now freak out snow flake and embittered students.  So now, after decades of indoctrinating students against reality, morality and high intellectual development, we are witnessing a generation or two that places more emphasis on emotion than setting a goal to seek and do what is right.

Leftists in academia and the dragon media fully understand that in order to destroy America from within, many people have to be focused emotionally on the issues.  For example, DACA was designed to skirt around our laws against illegal immigration.  “Oh how cruel it would be to boot the little dreamers out of the country,” they say.  But yet, no concern about harm of allowing illegals to bring their offspring into the country and not even instruct them to appreciate being here or to assimilate.

The emotional leftist DACA lovers like trained seals go yelping noisily in the streets in support of every single idea, issue and government decision that is detrimental to our republic.   The promoters of DACA believe the “DREAMERS” should not be punished for the actions of their parents. So why should Americans today be punished for the actions of their great grandparents, or even their European ancestors?

It is said that the beginning of knowledge begins with the fear of the Lord, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.  Proverbs 1:7

As long as the leftists are allowed to control education, the media, major Christian denominations and elsewhere, America will remain a fools paradise and a haven for self-destruction.

Wake up America and seek righteous wisdom, before it is too late and you sink to oblivion.  I would that you choose life.  Look forward to choosing to listen to the best radio commentary in America “The Edwards Notebook” weekday mornings during AM News on AM 1180 KCKQ Reno, Nev.  7:30 AM PT, 10:30 AM ET.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:15 AM ET, 7:15 AM during MoneyTalk with Melanie via SHR media and as well as regularly during the weekend edition of the Captain’s America show nationwide via flagship WGUL AM 860 The Answer and

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