It won’t be easy but here’s why it will happen.

Life is a war between good and evil. The hero risks his life to make good prevail over evil. Joseph Campbell wrote about this in his “The power of Myth.”

Campbell said our popular myths derive from the meaningful stories of old. They survived hundreds of generations.

Campbell’s “Power of Myth” became the foundation of George Lucas’s Star Wars movies. That’s why we like Star Wars movies. Our hero, Luke Skywalker, led the war against the forces of evil.

Donald Trump is in a war for the presidency. Coincidently, Trump’s war occurs during the new Star Wars movie. Trump is the hero who leads America’s war against the dark forces of evil.

He will win some battles. He will lose some battles. In the end, like Luke Skywalker, Donald Trump will prevail. This end of the story is written in our genes and our culture.

Campbell wrote,

“The adventure matches the readiness of the hero. Follow your bliss and doors will open for you where they would open for no one else.”

The anti-Trump forces are split between Cruz and Rubio. The two-forked dark plan is to use Cruz to steal votes of the unwary from Trump while Rubio leads the forces of evil.

Behind the curtain of evil are the sinister men who control Cruz and Rubio and even Hillary. If their puppet wins, they will control America.

We already know two truths. Cruz cannot beat Rubio. Rubio can’t beat Hillary or Bernie. Therefore, Donald Trump is the only Republican candidate who can win the presidency.

Some will deny these truths because they support another candidate. Yet, the data clearly show these truths will prevail.

The Climate Scam

The puppeteers behind both Cruz and Rubio benefit from the climate scam. Therefore, no matter how strong Cruz may seem against the climate scam, he will not be able to stop the detrimental effects of the climate scam on America. Nor can Rubio.

Donald Trump is the only candidate we can trust to stop the climate scam, the EPA, and all the economic damages the climate scam does to our economy.

What happened in Iowa?

Des Moines Register/Bloomberg poll right before the caucus scored Trump 28, Cruz 23, Rubio 15, and Carson 10. The caucus produced the following differences from the polls:

• Trump went from 28 to 24.
• Cruz went from 23 to 28.
• Rubio went from 15 to 23.
• Carson went from 10 to 9.

These changes, especially the rise of Rubio from 15 to 23, are statistically out of range. Today’s polls typically have an error range of about plus or minus 3 percent. They are very good because today’s pollsters use good ground data and good mathematics to make their predictions.

Nate Silver, of FiveThirtyEight, predicted Trump would win Iowa and the next five elections. Nate’s predictions are never wrong unless something happened to mess up the elections.

Well, here are some problems with the Iowa caucus.

A minor point shows a GOP bias. There were a total of 186,874 GOP caucus votes. Cruz got 51,666, Trump 45,427, and Rubio 43,165 votes. Iowa has 27 delegates to distribute. The GOP rules read, “The proportional allocation shall be rounded to the nearest whole delegate.” Delegate means integer.

A simple calculation using the above data shows Cruz scored 7.46, Trump scored 6.56, and Rubio scored 6.24. These numbers round to Cruz 7, Trump 7, and Rubio 6 delegates each. But the GOP gave Cruz 8 delegates.

The truth is Trump tied with Cruz for 7 delegates each. Have you heard this from the news media? Or Rush or Hannity? Or Newsmax? NO. Even the so-called conservative news media tells us lies.

Some 250,000 people stood in line in the snow to attend Trump’s Iowa rallies. Do you really believe only 45,427 Trump supporters attended the caucus?

Rubio’s rise from 15 to 23 percent can’t happen. Iowa has twice the ratio of conservative to moderate voters as the other states. A moderate like Rubio can’t come close to Cruz in Iowa.

Rubio’s Iowa campaign was virtually nonexistent. His events had at most 10% of the attendees of Trump’s events. Do you really believe Rubio scored close to Trump and Cruz?

One caucus observer noticed the reported votes for Cruz maintained exactly 3000 votes ahead of Trump until near the end of the count. Every time Trump got a vote, Cruz got a vote.

An Iowa voter reported the GOP caucus turned away about 100,000 voters because they “ran out of ballots.”

Another Iowa voter reported the GOP caucus was unlike any before. Before, they went into rooms for their candidate. This year, whole crowds of 4000 went to any table they wanted and they could easily vote more than once.

Cruz was the only candidate who was against subsidies to make ethanol from corn. Yet caucus data show Cruz won Kossuth and Sioux counties. These are the first and fourth biggest corn-producing counties in Iowa. Do you really believe Cruz won these counties?

Who counted the votes?

“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin

The GOP contracted with Microsoft to count Iowa votes with new Microsoft software. Microsoft is the second largest direct donor to Rubio.

Rubio is a lead sponsor of a bill called I-Squared, which triples the number of H-1B visas. Big technology firms like Microsoft and Oracle support I-Squared. In 2013, they backed Rubio’s “Gang of 8” immigration bill.

Oracle’s Larry Ellison hosted a fundraiser for Rubio’s campaign. Ellison also gave $3 million to the pro-Rubio super PAC.

Why did the GOP allow Rubio donor Microsoft count the votes?

I am a software professional. One year, I won the “People’s Choice Award” in a Microsoft and Computerworld “Windows World Open Custom Application Contest.”

There are general rules when you implement new software. One rule is to always keep your original method for doing calculations until you can test and certify new software.

Yet, the GOP discarded its old vote-counting methods when it let Microsoft count the votes. It’s a perfect crime. Neither the GOP nor Microsoft has a paper trail to recount votes.

Microsoft even miscalculated the 8 delegates for Cruz when it Cruz really got 7. (Software, by the way, has different methods to round numbers to an integer. Microsoft did not use its own software properly.)

Why Rubio can’t win the presidency

Obama still has a 47 to 50 percent approval rating. That’s the famous “47 percent” Romney referenced in 2012. This means the only way a Republican candidate can win the presidency with today’s voter demographics is to attract Democrat voters.

Rubio’s “manufactured” third place finish in Iowa means he is now the consensus establishment candidate. However, Rubio does not attract Independent and Democrat voters. Rubio would be another Romney.

To further guarantee they win, the Democrats will file eligibility lawsuits against Cruz or Rubio, if the GOP nominates either of them. This political tactic will assure the Democrats win the presidency whether or not the Supreme Court decides later that they are eligible.

Why Cruz can’t win the nomination

Cruz is not the innocent, ethical, conservative evangelical candidate his supporters believe he is. My tweet about Cruz went viral:

“Cruz is worst insider. Owned by CFR. Ineligible. Lies. Cheats. Dominionist. Globalist. No ethics. Big $ Puppet.”

Cruz told thousands of caucus voters that Trump strongly supported ObamaCare.

Cruz mailed a false “Voter Violation” certificate to thousands of voters, a misdemeanor at minimum.

Cruz sent a false announcement that claimed Ben Carson had abandoned the race and told Carson voters to vote for Cruz.

In the debate without Trump, Cruz crashed. Here are some viewer comments on Cruz:

• When Cruz got booed, he said “I might have to leave the stage!” He barely got any laughter. Very awkward.
• Cruz started whining and was called out on his lies and flipflops.
• Cruz got his tail caught in Megyn Kelly’s cage on amnesty.
• Cruz appeared stiff & rehearsed. He was typical “Cruz”. No authenticity.
• Cruz is unlikable. Period. Not funny.
• According to CNN Trump won.
• Shapiro gave Cruz a “C” on the debate and he loves Cruz.

Cruz never “settled” his eligibility question after Trump challenged him. Yet, Iowa voters did not penalize Cruz on his questionable eligibility.

New Hampshire

A recent University of Massachusetts poll for New Hampshire has Trump at 36, Rubio 15, Cruz 14, Bush 8, Kasich 7, Christie 5, Carson 4, Fiorina 4, Undecided 7. We can use these data to draw some conclusions.

After Rubio’s fraudulent rise in Iowa, he will attract the votes for Bush, Kasich, Christie, and Fiorina. Using the New Hampshire data, Rubio would add 24 votes to his present 15 to give him 39 percent.

But Trump has a few cards up his sleeve as well. Carson voters may move to Trump. This would give him 40 percent. It’s going to be close.

About half the Cruz votes will eventually move to Trump. The other half will support Cruz to the end. They are the former Ron Paul supporters who would not support Romney after the nomination.

They booed Trump when he mentioned Cruz might not be eligible. They think they are pristine constitutionalists but they ignore the Constitution when it conflicts with their desires. Those who stick with Cruz really support Hillary or Bernie.


Trump is the only Republican candidate who can beat Hillary or Bernie because only Trump draws votes from Independents and Democrats.

Here are some comments by callers to C-Span after its showing of Trump’s fund raiser:

• I’m a Democrat and I am voting for Donald Trump. I have many Democrat friends who will also vote for Trump.
• Trump is authentic. He is not political. He does not have to do this. He is doing this for America.
• I’m a Democrat. I have never voted before but I am changing parties so I can vote for Donald Trump.
• This is the first time I have been excited about an election. I am voting for Donald Trump.
• I’m a Democrat. I voted for Obama and I now realize that was a big mistake. I am voting for Donald Trump.
• Every American must get out and vote for Donald Trump. Only Trump will make America great again.
• I have never voted before but I will vote for Trump.
• Trump is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for America. We will never have a chance like this again.

Some people criticize Trump for not spending more money at his campaign. He spent about one-tenth what Cruz spent in Iowa. That’s the kind of president we want. Trump knows how to get the most bang for the buck.

Some people criticize Trump because he used Chapter 11 for 4 of his over 500 companies. The other candidates have not started one company. Candidates with no real business experience should not be put in control of America.

I don’t trust a man who has never failed. We learn our best lessons from our failures.

Would you hire a pilot with 100 hours or with 20,000 hours? Unless you have a death wish you will choose the pilot with 20,000 hours.

Cruz and Rubio are like pilots with 100 hours. Trump is like a pilot with 20,000 hours. Trump can make America great again. Cruz or Rubio or Hillary or Bernie cannot.

Joseph Campbell has words of advice for Donald Trump and all those who wish to win life’s battles:

• Follow your bliss. The real end is the journey.
• We are all agents in the structuring of other peoples’ lives.
• Eternity is now. Time is our experience.
• “Use the force, Luke!”
• Later, we will ask: “Who composed this plot?”

© 2016 Edwin X Berry, PhD – All Rights Reserved

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