Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aka AOC came on the scene after the general election last year like a lightening bolt.  A 28-year old bartender who miraculously beat a repeat incumbent: “Ocasio-Cortez, a community organizer and education advocate, is endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America and ran to Crowley’s left.” Of course, she was endorsed by them as AOC is a member of the DSA – something I warned about in 1996 and 2005.

Voters were so thrilled about their choices in that primary only a whopping 13% bothered to get out and vote; Queens & the Bronx. At this point in time I’ll bet those who didn’t vote now regret not getting to the polls.

Out of nowhere came this millennial superstar pumped up bigger than Angelina Jolie’s lips by the Democrat’s media.  AOC became a beauty consultant giving make up lessons on Twitter! I could hardly believe my eyes watching it. Miss AOC became a legend in her own mind. Well, if she had one, that is.

Since being sworn into office, little Miss AOC (at 5’4” she’s an inch taller than me) has been unable to keep her formidable mouth shut. That pie-hole in her face works non-stop but she does get good exercise excavating her foot from her mouth on a daily basis.  One of my favorite jokes about her – and there are so many to choose from: AOC says we can land on the sun as long as it’s at night.

According to Wiki: “She graduated cum laude from Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences in 2011, majoring in international relations and economics.” I was astonished when I read that. AOC knows absolutely NOTHING about economics except that capitalism is the enemy, socialism (the gateway drug to communism) is the solution.

AOC doesn’t have a clue about being a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

AOC Absolutely Clowns Herself in Hearing with FBI Official – If this weren’t so serious it would be funny.

“This woman is ignorant at a level we’ve rarely seen before on the national stage. She has no understanding of any issue at all.”

AOC Tries to Grill Wells Fargo CEO on Immigration, Fossil Fuel Issues…Ends Up Embarrassing Herself

After her father passed away, she moved back to the Bronx to help her mother. Her degrees apparently didn’t net her much as she ended up a bartender until her alleged primary win seven years later. Now, people make fun of her for that but I don’t. I believe an honest day’s labor should receive an honest day’s pay.

Garbage collector, lawyer, teacher, bank teller, school janitor. It doesn’t matter. I believe in citizen candidates as long as they know the history of our country, fully understand the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence and what made America great.

Sadly, Miss AOC is anti-American; hates everything that made America great, instead siding with her socialist buddies like that old fool, Bernie Sanders and perv, Joe Biden. She supports every destructive “social justice” agenda currently being shoved down our throats by special interest groups.

AOC’s middle name is free. Medicare for everyone! Federal jobs guarantee. Huh? Get rid of ICE so we have open borders and her crown jewel, the ridiculous, absurd ‘New Green Deal’. Marxism at its finest. Read: Ecology: can we survive under capitalism? by former General Secretary and Chair of the Communist Party USA and perennial Communist Party USA candidate, Gus Hall, known for his famous quote: “Socialism in America will come through the ballot box.”

AOC’s first blunder right out of the bullpen came when she took on monopoly mega-giant Amazon: Dems rip AOC for cheering NYC losing 25K jobs, $30B – The blow back was instant and unrelenting: New Billboard in Times Square Blasts AOC for Amazon Pullout: ‘Thanks for Nothing!’

Our economics major is so ignorant about things like a minimum age being the solution it’s sad.

AOC goes back to bartending to promote $15/hour minimum wage for tipped employees – AOC loves the cameras so she staged a photo op to broadcast her ignorance.

What she doesn’t understand: Raise Minimum Wage to $100.00 an Hour, my column

AOC and other empty-headed Democrats hate ICE. They want to protect murderers, rapists, drug runners, human trafficking and gang members who cross the border every day. Make NO mistake about that. Miss AOC once again caused an uproar as she vomited up the now famous ‘concentration camps’ comparison:

Ocasio-Cortez: Trump Running ‘Concentration Camps’ at Border

Fact-Check: Former Immigration Judge Debunks AOC’s ‘Concentration Camp’ Claim

Duh! Ilhan Omar Defends Fellow Democrat AOC, Says “There Are Camps and People Are Being Concentrated” (VIDEO)

Dems Consider $4.5 Billion Border Bill, All for the Care of Migrants & to Provide Lawyers – More borrowed debt slapped on our backs

THIS IS CRIMINAL! Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Calls on Supporters to Report ICE Sightings, Harbor Illegal Aliens in their Homes!

Angel Dad Tears Into Ocasio-Cortez Over Remarks: ‘Ridiculous Example of a Human Being’

“Angel Dad Steve Ronnebeck, whose son was brutally shot and killed by an illegal immigrant, slammed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over what he called her “ridiculous rhetoric about concentration camps.”

“Ronnebeck made a statement in Washington, D.C., in which he described in detail how his son was murdered, criticizing Democrats for not doing anything to combat illegal immigration.

“His son Grant worked a job at a convenience store, and after an attempted purchase of cigarettes, an “illegal alien shot my [Ronnebeck’s] son in the face, killing him instantly.”

“The grieving father proceeded to run off statistics on crimes committed by illegals. “How many more people need to die?” he implored. “How many more people need to overdose for [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi to come to the table and do her job?”

Concentration camps? Really? These freeloaders, many diseased and passing it to Border Patrol agents and from their kids to American children in public schools are being treated humanely out of YOUR WALLET WITH BORROWED MONEY: Migrants Border Agency Buying 2.2 Million Diapers to Help

They aren’t migrants, they’re illegal aliens.

She’s aligned herself with Jew haters, socialists and communists. Perhaps AOC should talk to some of our soldiers who liberated so many poor souls from real concentration camps over in Europe courtesy of evil bastard, Adolph Hitler.

They never ask to be rounded up, torn from their homes and starved on a daily basis vs those who voluntarily left their country to INVADE ours. None of them look under nourished:

AOC is good friends with the two heathens elected in November 2018: Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN). Both of them are Muslims who tout their fake religion, Islam, which is NOT a religion but a political party.

Muslims support pedophilia. Yes, they do and because AOC gushes all over Tlaib and Omar defending their phony “religion”, she also must support it:

READ: Islam: A cancer oozing across America, my column which brought serious death threats.

Yes, our troops were ordered to ignore Afghan pedophiles

Muslims practice female genital mutilation so AOC must also believe that’s a good thing:

Link same as above cancer oozing: “Think cutting young Muslim females only happens in the Middle East? Think again because it’s still happening here in the U.S.”

Muslims practice murder they call ‘honor killings’ so AOC must think that’s okay as long as it’s Tlaib and Omar’s “religion”: Jordanian immigrant sentenced to death for Texas ‘honor killings’ of son-in-law, daughter’s friend – He was referred to as a ‘conservative’ Muslim.

Mother convicted of killing daughters in ‘honour killing’ ordered deported – Her and the husband are Afghani Muslims.

Muslim Man Guilty of ‘Honor Killing’ in Daughter’s Death

Under Islam, sexual deviants are beheaded, beaten to death or thrown off buildings.  AOC supports what she calls ‘queer people’ but how can AOC then support her Muslim girl friends in Congress? Muslims are taught to lie through their teeth to achieve their ultimate goal:  A Muslim in the White House and America under the foul Sharia Law. Omar claims to support queers when her phony religion condemns it. Hypocrites and liars. (“Unless of course they’re only invoking religion to punish women + queer people.)

To say AOC has been a big thorn in Nancy Pelosi’s side is putting it mildly.  Also make no mistake about this: Pelosi still has major political clout and one day she will use it to throw AOC under the bus. The sad part is, AOC is too stupid to understand the game and will be shocked when it happens.

Pelosi will get help from AOC’s constituents: Democrat Darling AOC’s Polling Numbers at Home are in the Sewer

“She’s a star on the national political stage, but Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is viewed skeptically back in her Queens and Bronx 14th Congressional District, according to a new door-to-door survey.

“It found that she has a low 21% favorability rating, that just 11% believe she has their best interests in mind, and that only 13% would vote to reelect her.”

AOC also supports murdering an unborn baby. Once again, into her mouth goes her foot:

‘This Is a Lie’: AOC Gets Roasted Over ‘False’ Facts on Alabama’s Abortion Law

Where did AOC go so wrong in her thinking? She is a product of the government’s indoctrination centers, sewers they call public schools. Certainly, her parents might have had something to do with her indoctrination into socialism.  But, between schools, college, a community organizer and affiliation and activism in organizations that hate America, she is the end product.

I do feel sorry for her because she’s too stupid to know just how ignorant and stupid she really is.

When her downfall comes – and it will – she will be devastated. AOC is also very dangerous because of her appeal to (not all) young Americans and millennials. They’re wow’d by her antics and ‘thinking’ because they, too, have been indoctrinated in public schools and institutions of lower learning they call colleges and universities.

My advice to Alexandria: It’s time to pull over and change the air in your head.

Note: For a thorough, comprehensive education on the Fed, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more, be sure to order my book, Taking Politics Out of Solutions. 400 pages of facts and solutions.

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More than I have: Illegal Aliens From Ebola-Stricken Congo Pouring Across Southern Border Have “Rolls of $100 Bills” – Who’s bankrolling them? Worth reading.

ICE raids by court order rounding up ILLEGAL aliens is underway. THIS is why AG Barr needs to set up a task force as I outlined in a recent column:

Mayors of major US cities say they will not cooperate with planned ICE raids of illegal aliens – “Our law enforcement officers will never participate in these actions”

AG Barr: Indict And Prosecute These Governors And Mayors

This is the kind of sickening nonsense going on in schools:

High School Mulls Spending $600,000 To Remove George Washington Murals Because They ‘Traumatize’ Students

Here in America: Christian School Hit with SWAT-Style Raid, CA Demands They Allow Sexual Exploration or Be Shut Down

Major homeschool resource sneaks LGBT agenda into lessons

Founding Fathers Would Abhor #MenForChoice Fathers Day Perversion

And the stupid tube. My daughter had her share of Little Pony toys. Today, they wouldn’t get a penny of my money. Entertainment my arse. It’s brainwashing and indoctrination.

Same-Sex Couple Featured on Discovery Family’s ‘My Little Pony’

This in America: Rooftop Snipers Protect LGBTD Grooming Children

Radical Feminist On Abortion: It’s ‘Killing We Need To Defend’ – “We tend to say that abortion is “Indeed very bad, but,” or we say “Luckily, it’s not killing, luckily it’s just a health care right.”

AOC defends regulating cow farts – I like this person’s response: “You can take my hamburgers when you take them from my cold dead hands.”

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