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Last week while driving home from Lubbock, TX, almost a two-hour drive, I was listening to the entertaining Rush Limbaugh.

A caller came on the line and vented his robust frustration that despite all the hearings, all the truth that comes out – more than enough to put people like Hildebeast Clinton, Comey and many more in federal prison– no one is ever indicted. No indictment, no conviction. No one serves jail time.

None of them lose their lofty status out there in the corrupt swamp called Washington, DC. If anything, they all go on to lucrative book and speaking deals.

Judicial Watch gets a ton of documents suing under the Freedom of Information Act. One committee after another for years produce more than enough evidence, not hearsay, for federal grand juries to indict.

And yet, there is no justice for the families of Benghazi. No justice for all the criminal wrong-doings by so many players it would take 100 pages to list them all.

Now we have this phony manufactured Ukraine BS.  Durham and Barr working to undercover the truth about the phony Russia collusion but at the end of the day, will even one of those rotten, corrupt players ever be brought to justice?

The caller lamented this is what is driving Americans to fever pitch anger and outrage.  Millions and millions of us feel the same way.

Where Are the Indictments of Those Implicated in the Coup Attempt Against Trump?

Limbaugh’s response was we have to keep winning elections. That’s how we win! By getting the majority in the House, Senate and White House. If the corrupt get indicted and convicted, that’s nice.

As I was listening, I thought to myself, do you really believe that crap, Rush? Do you really want to tell your 20 million listeners, well, this is the game out there and the only way we win is to win elections?  If the guilty go free, eh.

Well, we did give the majority to the House, Senate and White house in 2016, didn’t we? So, how did that work out?

Did the GOP majority immediately fund the wall to stop the human invasion crossing our Southern border? No.

Did the GOP majority introduce and pass Dirty Harry Reid’s old 1993 anti-illegals bill that includes blowing the whole anchor baby myth right out of the water? No.

I sent letters to House members and Senators about that bill then and did so two months ago. Not a peep.

Did the GOP majority pass Rep. Thomas Massie’s bill to stop double taxing social security? No.

Did the GOP majority stop funding the sickening undeclared ‘wars’ in Iraq and Afghanistan so our soldiers would no longer have to protect their opium crops? No.

Did the GOP majority stop spending trillions of borrowed ‘dollars’ on unconstitutional cabinets and agencies running us into unpayable debt and enslaving our children and grandchildren? No.

Instead, the GOP majority continued to defecate on the Constitution and spend us into unpayable debt.  Abolishing the head of the beast, the unconstitutional privately owned “Federal Reserve”, never even whispered.

So tell me, Rush, what the Hell good is getting a majority if you keep re-hiring the same corrupt parasites who have destroyed this country? Winning elections will only bring change when you bring in constitutionally grounded individuals with guts to get the job done.

When a coach has an 0-16 season he’s fired. When players don’t perform their contracts are not renewed. When an employee fails at their job they’re let go. What do the American people do? They reelect the same corrupt incompetent incumbents instead of fully qualified constitutional challengers in the primaries.

They do it out of ignorance of the Constitution or they don’t care just as long as their bank account is rewarded or just because they like the incumbent.

All bills of expenditures must originate in the House and then reconciled with the Senate and passed. Then the bill goes to a sitting president to sign. With the exception of a handful of House members and Rand Paul, the whole damn bunch of them from both parties need to be thrown out in the upcoming primaries.

In the senate, keep Tim Scott, Rand Paul, Martha McSally, Marsha Blackburn and Bill Cassidy. The rest need to go. On the house side, keep:

Andy Biggs,  Mo Brooks, Matt Gaetz, Louis Gohmert,  Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Devan Nunes, Steve Scalise.  And, Rep. Thomas Massie from the great State of Kentucky. If I had my way, Trump would put Massie as his new VP for 2020 and Massie would go on to win the presidency in 2024. That man is for America and the U.S. Constitution.

Massie is the most constitutionally grounded Rep. in the U.S. House. He continues to introduce constitutional legislation that dies every damn session – even when Republicans held the majority.

I’ve written about this ‘til I’m blue in the face.  If YOU don’t get out there and help elect a challenger, the same incumbents are going to win their primary and go right back to DC and continue destroying our republic.

Of course, constitutional challengers are beat by two things: (1) Money – they are shut out by the GOP establishment. (2) Vote fraud which is how the shadow government makes sure the Band Aid pushers get reelected or in the case of a retirement or incumbent going on to the Senate or a governorship, that only more Band Aid pushers win primaries. Please read these two important columns as they definitively prove my point:

Re-electing the Band Aid Brigade, 5-18-10

Electing New Band Aid Pushers, 5-23-12

As for the oh, well, if the corrupt don’t get indicted and convicted, boy that burns me up. If members of Congress, the FBI & CIA do not have to follow the law then why the Hell should the rest of us? That kind of attitude is driving America to an even more lawless banana republic.

Perfect example is this garbage impeachment circus. There is no impeachment inquiry. Pelosi is playing her own game and has simply decided the Hell with any rules or procedures. We’re going to do this and we don’t care if Trump or the country like it or not.  That dementia addled hypocrite believes with the help of their trained dogs called the mainstream media, her and Shifty Schiff are going to get away with it.

As I said in a recent column, We the People must keep the heat on the House and Senate: This impeachment is a set up.  A politically driven and sickening effort to remove a legally elected president.

Keep flooding your House rep and Senator, DemoRAT or Republican and tell them:  Stop this political horse and pony show you’re calling an impeachment inquiry. It’s all a set up against Trump and it is war against We the People who elected him in 2016. If you can’t get through on their DC line, always best to call their district offices where you generally get a cheerful voice who listens – except DemoRATS.

Two targets (calm down Secret Service, this is just about making phone calls): Trump hater, Willard Mitt Romney and socialist RINO Susan Collins.

Below are yet more from this past week I consider credible and full of more facts proving Trump did not commit an impeachable offense and the DemoRATS are guilty of this set up.  For your convenience and interest.

THIS SHOULD END IT: Politico Oped by Sen. Inhofe on April 4th Clears President Trump from Pelosi and Schiff’s Garbage Allegations:

“In the op-ed — back in April — Inhofe supported President Trump’s statement about why he delayed (not “withheld” in quid pro quo) the military aid for Ukraine— a decision made long before his phone conversation with the Ukraine president, on July 25th, that started Pelosi’s latest garbage impeachment inquiry.

“This excerpt clearly proves that President Trump delayed aid to Ukraine for the Trump-signature reason: to demand other affected countries contribute their share to the military aid needed to help Ukraine resist Putin’s aggression—just as Trump said recently.”

Gregg Jarrett: Ukraine is just the latest ploy in ‘witch hunt’ to drive Trump from White House:

“It is ludicrous to argue that President Trump’s telephone conversation with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky was an impeachable offense.

“Trump had every right to ask Ukraine to cooperate or assist in an official Department of Justice investigation into the origins of the Russia “collusion” hoax. His request was pursuant to an official probe being conducted by U.S. Attorney John Durham and initiated by Attorney General William Barr. In fact, Ukraine is required to comply under a binding treaty with the U.S.

“The Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters obligates Ukraine to provide, upon request by the U.S., assistance “in connection with the investigation, prosecution, and prevention of offenses, and in proceedings related to criminal matters.” This treaty was negotiated by then-president Bill Clinton more than 20 years ago and approved by the U.S. Senate. Among other things, Ukraine agreed to furnish “documents, records, the taking of testimony or statements of persons” relevant to any U.S. investigation.”

Because one of the individuals under scrutiny happens to be the son of a former illegitimate VP and current candidate for President does NOT nullify that treaty.

Ex-CIA analyst: Pelosi, Schiff colluded in complaint – ‘Working together to gin up this impeachment inquiry for a long time’

“A former CIA analyst whose job included editing transcripts of presidential phone calls, believes House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff colluded in the production and promotion of the whistleblower complaint alleging President Trump engaged in a quid pro quo with Ukraine.

“Fred Fleitz, who now is the president and CEO of the non-profit Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C., said it was “pretty apparent that something was wrong when I saw this whistleblower complaint.”

“It was just too perfect. The legal references is not the way an intelligence analyst would write,” he told Lou Dobbs Thursday night on the Fox Business Network.

“Fleitz noted that Schiff didn’t tell the other committee members of the complaint, which the rules require.” (Emphasis mine)

Democrats’ Trump-Ukraine Narrative Continues to Collapse: Their Leaked ‘Smoking Gun’ Text Message BLOWS UP IN THEIR FACES

(Former Assistant U.S. Attorney) Andy McCarthy calls out Dems’ ‘Kabuki theater’: There are no subpoenas and no impeachment inquiry

Files: Giuliani learned of Ukraine issue 3 months before Biden became candidate:

“The State Department’s inspector general confirmed in documents turned over to Congress on Wednesday that Joe Biden’s activities in Ukraine were part of an ongoing investigation by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani three months before Biden officially declared his 2020 presidential candidacy — more evidence this wasn’t a new matter or one that was touched off by President Donald Trump’s July call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.”

Watch: Mark Levin Hammers FNC’s Ed Henry over Allegation of Trump ‘Illegal’ Behavior During Call with Ukraine President

Texts Show U.S. Ambassador Defended Trump over Ukraine Call: ‘No Quid pro Quo of any Kind’

GOP Lawmakers SLAM Democrats After Ukraine Envoy Kurt Volker’s Testimony to Congress IS A BUST … (VIDEO)

Another Trump hater: FNC’s Chris Wallace: Kurt Volker’s Testimony Is ‘Quite Devastating to the President’.  FOX News is not news from people like Wallace.

Volker to Congress: Texts Show ‘At No Time’ Did I Take Part in Effort to Probe into Biden

“Prepared remarks by the first impeachment inquiry witness indicate House Democrat leaders cherry-picked and mischaracterized texts he provided during testimony Thursday to fuel their effort to remove President Donald Trump from office.

“Former U.S. special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker provided evidence in the form of texts to show he was not trying to push Ukraine into investigating former Vice President Joe Biden.”

Ex-Ukraine prosecutor said he was told to back off probe of Biden-linked firm, files show

Ukraine Mystery: Schiff Staffer Made August Visit for Think Tank Backed by Hunter Biden’s Old Employer

Four Ways The Ukraine Transcript Nukes The Media’s Impeachment Narrative

Former Government Directors, Attorneys and Agents Livid with Deep State CIA Whistleblower – “He Should Be Fired and Brought Up for Treason”

Schweizer: Joe Biden ‘Was Steering Billions of Dollars of Western Money to Ukraine’ for Access, Influence

“And what were the Ukrainians expecting to get in return?” Schweizer stated. “I think when you overlay the financial payments with the fact that Joe Biden as point person on Obama administration policy to Ukraine was steering billions of dollars of Western money to Ukraine it becomes crystal clear exactly why they were paying him money. They wanted access and they wanted to influence Joe Biden. And Joe Biden has been around a long time here, and he had to know exactly why his son was being paid.”

This is why Pelosi and the gang of miscreants want to protect Biden and his son. They have have dirty hands. They also want to keep protecting career criminal, Hildebeast Clinton.

MUST READ: Ukraine Burisma Story is Massive – Involves BILLIONS of IMF and US Funds Looted and Lost by Bank Connected to Burisma Holdings!

WSJ’s Freeman: 2017 Politico Investigation Puts Hillary Clinton in Ukraine ‘Spotlight’

BREAKING: Author Peter Schweizer Drops Biden Corruption Documents – Shows Hunter Involved in Sale of US Company to China with Potential Military Applications (Another pay-to-play scandal. I guess Biden figures if his good friend, Hildebeast Clinton can get away with it so should his family.)

Gregg Jarrett: Trump did NOT commit an impeachable offense on call with Ukraine’s president – Here’s why: “Biden isn’t entitled to a “get out of jail” free card simply because he is now running for president. Hillary Clinton coveted such a card, and it should never happen again.”

Phony Australia Freak-out Proves Ukraine Hoax Is Running Out of Steam

BREAKING UPDATE: SPEAKER PELOSI AND ADAM SCHIFF Connected to Prominent Ukrainian Arms Dealer

Limbaugh: John “Brennan Went to Ukraine with Fake Passport” to Collect Dirt on Trump

The judge having another temper tantrum because Trump did not nominate him to the Supreme Court:  Napolitano: Trump’s Behavior is ‘Criminal and Impeachable’ — And His ‘Allusions to Violence are Palpably Dangerous’

Trump Impeachment Like KGB Operation – Kevin Shipp

“Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says the so-called whistleblower the Democrats are using to try to impeach President Trump is part of another Deep State hoax.

“Shipp says, “This is not a whistleblower. Let’s just start with that. This is a leaker. This person did not have anything to blow the whistle on. Everything written in this document is written not by this leaker, but by attorneys, and it is hearsay. There is no evidence in it whatsoever. It is not a whistleblower complaint. He did not go through proper channels. He went directly to Congressman Adam Schiff, and people have got to understand this is another shadow government Deep State operation actually trying to remove the President. What they did was real sly…

“Shipp says one of the first to be charged in the Russia collusion hoax, in his opinion, will be former CIA Director John Brennan, and he will roll over and sing like a bird. Shipp says, “Brennan has been known to be spineless. . . . I think John Brennan will roll over on James Clapper. I think John Brennan will roll over on Jim Comey. I think John Brennan will roll over on the coup itself when he’s looking at the rest of his life in prison. . . . He’ll roll over on Obama. This comes down to saving his own skin. Does John Brennan, former Director of the CIA, want to be in a cell with Billy Bob for the rest of his life? Heck no. Self-preservation will always come first with these people, and, yes, he will roll.”

WHOA! PELOSI ACCIDENTALLY TELLS THE TRUTH! Admits Earlier Today Everything They’re Doing Is Attempt to Stop Trump from Being Elected (VIDEO):  “Speaker Pelosi: “What’s more serious is that he can’t win.” (Panic over the 2020 election.)

Sound familiar? FBI Texts Reveal “Insurance Policy” To Prevent Trump Presidency

I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office – that there’s no way he [Trump] gets elected – but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk.” writes FBI counterintelligence officer Peter Strzok to FBI lawyer Lisa Page, with whom he was having an extramarital affair while spearheading both the Clinton email inquiry and the early Trump-Russia probe…”

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Mueller probe docs to be released – over 7 years! – DOJ to unveil only 500 pages each month

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