I am one of the deplorables who worked to get President Trump elected. I voted for him. Yeah, there’s an ocean of criticism out there regarding some of his decisions to date and believe me, I also have my list and one at the top is why, Mr. President, haven’t you sent James Comey packing?

If you didn’t read my July 7, 2016 (2016 is the correct date even tho’ the date on the article says 2013), Comey Hearing, Criminal Referral Coming Next Few Hours, please take the time to do so as well as my second column: Indict James Comey – Obstruction of Justice and Conspiracy, October 3, 2016.

Both of those columns are the back story on why Comey should have been removed five minutes after Trump was sworn in and believe me, I’m not alone in wanting Comey gone. The outrage over Comey’s actions regarding career criminal, Hillary Clinton, and her email crimes has not gone away.

The FBI Director is not above the law and can be fired. How independent is the FBI director and can he be removed from office?

“Under the Constitution, the FBI Director is an executive branch official and can be removed if needed. But only in one instance since 1908, after the FBI and its predecessor agency were formed, has a President removed an FBI Director from office.

“In July 1993, President Bill Clinton dismissed William Sessions as FBI Director after allegations were made that Sessions used government resources for personal travel and that leadership conflicts existed within the Bureau. Attorney General Janet Reno recommended the dismissal.

“Sessions, a Republican, denied the allegations and saw the firing as a partisan act. “Because of the scurrilous attacks on me and my wife of 42 years, it has been decided by others that I can no longer be as forceful as I need to be in leading the FBI and carrying out my responsibilities to the bureau and the nation,” Sessions  said at the time. “It is because I believe in the principle of an independent FBI that I have refused to voluntarily resign.”

“Sessions was fired just past the half-way point of a 10-year term as FBI Director. The Bureau has seen 18 people in the Director’s position (or its historic equivalent) since 1908. Its sixth leader, J. Edgar Hoover, headed the agency for nearly 48 years.

“Since 1968, a federal law has provided that the FBI Director serves a 10-year term in office.  But the Director’s ability to serve a full term depends upon retaining the confidence of the President. And the FBI Director, like all “civil officers of the United States,” can be removed from office if charged with “high crimes and misdemeanors” by the House of Representatives and removed by a two-thirds vote of the Senate, under the Constitution’s Impeachment Clauses.

“Removing an FBI Director, either through executive or legislative branch action, is politically risky. Back in 1993, Sessions’ dismissal drew protests from some members of Congress, but the lawmakers took no action to block the appointment of a successor after the firing.”

This being the key phrase: “But the Director’s ability to serve a full term depends upon retaining the confidence of the President.” How in the hell can Trump keep a straight face at this point and tell the American people he has confidence in Comey?

Serious claim: FBI’s Comey ‘falsely’ denied surveillance, March 22, 2017

“But that interview, “conducted and videotaped by Special FBI Agents Walter Giardina and William Barnett, occurred almost two years ago, and nothing that I know of has happened since.” Klayman wrote that it appears to have been “buried” by Comey, possibly because “the FBI itself collaborates with the spy agencies to conduct illegal surveillance.”He said he previously visited with a staff lawyer, Allen Souza, to inform Nunes of questions that needed to be put to Comey while under oath.

“My expressed purpose: to have Chairman Nunes of the House Intelligence Committee ask Comey, under oath, why he and his FBI have seemingly not moved forward with the Montgomery investigation while, on the other hand, the FBI director recently claimed publicly, I believe falsely, that there is ‘no evidence’ of surveillance on President Trump and those around him by the Obama administration. “Indeed, there is,” he wrote.”

FBI once planned to pay former British spy who authored controversial Trump dossier, February 28, 2017
Read Senator’s letter. Where’s the follow up as it’s now May?

diGenova on Politicization of FBI: Director Comey Took a Dive. Having been in the trenches for decades, I have the greatest respect for Joe diGenova. “This is becoming, now, one of the most disgraceful episodes in the history of the FBI,” said Joe diGenova, “and one thing is becoming clearer and clearer and that is that the FBI director took a dive.”

Former U.S. Attorney: James Comey Is ‘A Dirty Cop’

Fix Is In: Comey Praised DNC-Hired Cybersecurity Firm Even After Botched Report, March 20, 2017

The biggest FBI ‘scandal’ is James Comey still has a job, March 20, 2017

Wiretap Firestorm May Finally Sink James Comey

Well, so far it hasn’t. Comey is dirty and needs to go – NOW. Comey began his 10-year term in 2013. He doesn’t deserve to stay in as Director until 2023. He deserves to be indicted and tried for obstruction of justice and probably half a dozen other crimes smart lawyers would know more about than me.

Trump doesn’t have to fire him outright. He can simply and quietly ask for his resignation. Comey can do what the rest of the crooks do when bailing and say he wants to spend more time with his family. Comey is quite wealthy so he doesn’t need the paycheck.

But, that won’t happen without a very loud roar from we the people. I sincerely believe Attorney General Jeff Sessions would have no problem going after Comey or anyone else if there is evidence a crime has been committed, but first, Comey has to go.

Please take the time to call the White House comment line and let your voice be heard: 202-456-1111. Tens of thousands of calls WILL make a difference.

Politely convey: I am one of the deplorables who voted for you President Trump and I strongly desire James Comey, Director of the FBI either be fired or told to resign. He’s dirty and should not be allowed to remain as FBI Director. We the people have zero confidence in his honesty and integrity which he blew out of the water beginning with giving Hillary Clinton a free pass for her provable crimes. Comey’s actions continue to be unacceptable.

Make that call. Spread the word using social media but let’s get the word out. This is OUR government. Comey’s gotta go.

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